Asian song i heard years ago, main lyrics are Wo Ai Ni

now before i go any further, i KNOW there is a song called Wo Ai Ni, it's not the one i'm looking for.

the song it's self is a very up beat and energetic song.

the video focuses on a young Asian girl with a (i THINK) straw hat going around different locations and singing Wo Ai Ni, and if i remember right the english translation was more, i love you, i really really love you. the song it's self is a very up beat and energetic song.

i believe through out the video there are clips sent in from fans of hers from all around the world with couples and families showing who they love the most

it's been a fair few years and i honestly can't remember much about it, but i occasionally have the chorus tune pop into my head and drive me NUTS cause i can't find and listen to it again

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