Band video, They accidentally kill someone in a parking lot, shove the body in the car, bystander sees, they have to kill bystander too (funny)

by Anna
(Seattle )

Car pulls up to a grocery store parking lot late at night, I forget if the car hits someone accidentally, or on purpose.. anyway, someone dies and they load the dead person into the trunk, trying not to get seen.

An unsuspecting bystander sees them, they all give each other a look , the bystander waves smiles and gives them a *i’m gonna go now, didn’t see anything look* they have to kill this other person to make sure they have no witnesses,

at the very end of the music video after they load the second body in the car, a man walks by with a dog and stares at them, they realize there is a leg/arm hanging out of the car trunk. They give each other another look and start running after the guy.

Rock / band / indie

hosted on Youtube / Vimeo

Made by the band (good production quality but made by film friends)

– What kind of props are included in the video?
Car, shopping bags

– What are some of the lyrics? Or, are there no lyrics?
there are lyrics… I can only remember the music video

– Is the music slow, fast or mid-tempo?

– What do the artists look like? What are they wearing?
Band is never playing in the video (as far as I can remember)

– What do any other people in the video look like?
Dark jackets, hoodies, hats

– Is the video in color? Or is it in black and white?

– Is it animated?

– Does the video remind you of any other video?
not sure

– In what country did you see the video? (Please note that we have site visitors from many different countries so this detail could be important)

– Does it include clips from a movie or tv show?

– Any other helpful information.
Its some indie band probably from California

I saw it in 2013

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