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Can’t Break Me Down (your gun went bang bang bang, you shot me to the ground but you can’t break me down) – 2014 

Catch My Fall (if I should stumble, catch my fall) – 1984 

Come On, Come On (no one’s gonna make you cry for your love life tonight) – 1982

Cradle Of Love (rock the cradle of love, yes the cradle of love don’t rock easily it’s true) – 1990 

Dancing With Myself (if I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance and I’d be dancing with myself) – 1982 

Don’t Need A Gun (when the other man has none, you don’t need a gun) – 1987

Eyes Without A Face (eyes without a face got no human grace, your eyeswithout a face) – 1984 

Flesh For Fantasy (face to face and back to back you see and feel my sex attack) – 1984 

Hot In The City (hot in the city, hot in the city tonight tonight) – 1982/1988 

L.A. Woman (cover version) (are you a lucky little lady in the city of light or just another lost angel, city of night) – 1990 

Mony Mony (here she comes now say Mony Mony; you make me feel…so…good) – 1981/1987 

Postcards From The Past (it’s like a memory that will last like a postcard from the past) – 2014 

Rebel Yell (in the midnight hour she cried more more more, with a rebel yell she cried more more more) – 1985 

Scream (make me scream all night, all night long) – 2005

Shock To The System (like a shock to the system, I feel good well alright) – 1993 

Speed (from the movie Speed) (blast me to heaven for loving you; let’s speed on speed on wheels on wheels) – 1994

Sweet Sixteen (I’ll do anything for my sweet sixteen, and I’ll do anything for little run away child) – 1987 

To Be A Lover (when I realized that you need love too, gonna spend my life makin’ love to you) – 1986 

White Wedding (it’s a nice day to start again, it’s a nice day for a white wedding) – 1982/1985 

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