Black and white music video in the woods asian girl wearing a white dress I think with a red blood stain??

by Tyler

I believe it’s a music video from the 90’s or early 2000’s. it’s black and white but at some point or another they show red,

it’s an Asian girl in the woods wearing a white dress, she’s like leading the camera, the drummer used to be from a different band

I remember reading a comment on YouTube about it when I knew what song it was. I don’t remember much, this will be hard lol,

at some point they mention something about a cigarette…. I know that probably doesn’t help. It’s kind of a mellow depressing type sad song, pretty sure the lead guy has a mushroom type cut wears glasses….I don’t know what else I just hope someone remembers.

The part I remember the most is it’s black and white, Asian girl in a white dress in the woods leading the camera (maybe it’s a red dress that’s why I’m remembering red) and it’s from the 90’s (possibly early early 2000’s.

If anyone remembers or finds this video/song please help!! Thank you, hope this works!!

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