Black and white musics video two young men singing


I heard it two years ago on a radio station, it was not a new song that year. I found the song on YouTube the video had two young men singing in it, it was shot was black and white. The video was shot at an expensive new house that had a swimming pool. One of the shots featured one of the men walking along the edge of the roof.

The song tells a story. It begins with middle aged man stumbling about in the rain. he’s lost everything and he’s depressed. A girl driving along the road sees him and takes him in. she’s been having a rough time too. She takes him to her house and dries his clothing. They begin an affair. the only line a I can remember is “she threw his back against the wall” then I think she kisses him.

I can’t really remember much else. I valley remember the chorus being about her telling him that everybody struggles

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