Black leather jackets men chasing another man in an arcade room

by Gab
(Paris, France)

I am looking for a particular song that my ex showed me.

The band isn’t very well known, but it wasn’t a super low budget production either.

The clip goes as follows:
Some men (probably the bandmates), all wearing black leather jackets and heavy eye makeup are playing video games in an arcade room. At one point I believe they start chasing another man as to beat him down, and the man escapes to the street and then to the metro as the bandmates chase him. From that point on I don’t remember much.

The music is rather calm, intense and sexy, with electronic drums and a very cool funky guitar riff (the very riff I am desperately trying to find).

If I remember well, the first line of the song is “You’re close to me”, and another line in the verse goes “You’re black and blue”.

Thanks in advance

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