black moon space

(Ontario, Canada)

I think it was electronic with a space feel. Saw it first in a movie at the end when credits were playing. I think after 2010 but before 2014. And then I looked it up on YouTube but all I remember that the title of the song was the same as the band name. Thing is, the band name was letters and numbers, like 1337 speak. And it looked like eletroskeleton or something like that. I think it is a group but it is hard to tell by the song alone.

Now the music video, all I remember prominently was black and white and showing the moon, some astronaut and a weird creature along with a small rocket. It was a strange mixture of reality and animation.

It was mostly fast tempo, but there would be a long high pitched shriek that fit in with the rhythm and it would slow down a bit. It would go from high to low.

Didn't see the artists, just an astronaut. And yes, it was mostly in black and white with that old film feel.

Yes, some animation. I remember swirls.

I saw the movie in Canada, which was how I found the music video at the ending credits. No but I just remember associating the song with some sort of Prom movie. It has been haunting me for over five years now (2017)

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