Blond female singer, upbeat song, outdoor, animated creatures

by Mandy

- What is the music video's genre: the music is upbeat, kind of summer-ish, I'm not good with genres.

- Did you see it on tv? Or did you view it on YouTube?: Saw it on a music channel on New Zealand tv.

- How old is the video? If you don't know, then when did you see it?: Not sure how old it is but I saw it around Feb 2016.

- Where does the video take place?: Outdoor, daytime, the place is quite sparse, no other actors except ANIMATED animals although the setting is realistic. Scenery includes wire fences, graffiti, (singer dancing on) cars...

- What are some of the lyrics?: Can't remember the lyrics but it has a positive, you-can-do-it kind of vibe.

- Is the music slow, fast or mid-tempo?: Fast. In major... I think.

- What do the artists look like?: Blond Caucasian(-looking) solo female in her 20-30s, wearing tank top and army pants (or at least something like that).

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