Blonde girl bar tending for an old man who is really her father

I can’t remember if this is rock or country or a crossover. I don’t think it was a mainstream band.

There is this beautiful young blonde woman bar tending. Night after night this old man comes into the bar, orders a little and gives her a big tip. His attention is a little creepy and she doesn’t seem to understand why he is fixated on her. She is a little rude but he keeps coming back.

He does something. Maybe drawing or giving blood. He’s basically homeless but he does something to get a little money. Any money he gets he gives to her.

The last scene they are in the bar and this guy is messing with her. So the old man stands up for her. She ends up kicking him out of the bar, but as he leaves she sees this distinctive tattoo on his arm. Then she glances at this picture of her dad when he was younger…same tattoo. She goes to find the old man but he is gone.

Anyone know this song?

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