“Boys” – UK pop song from late 1990s/early 2000s with male and female vocals

by Xandri
(Croydon, UK)

Pop song with male and female vocals that all sounded like they were British. The boy(s) would sing almost all the words of a line and then a chorus of girls would sing “Boys” at the end of the line

e.g. Cause no-one told you about “Boys”

I remember seeing a music video for it on Box TV/Smash Hits in the UK in either the late 90s (97-99) or early 2000s (2000-2003).

All I remember of it was that part of the video included a generic-looking white young man with dark hair running down a corridor/hallway nude and using white bedding or a towel to protect his modesty and that I think the video took place in a university halls of residence or dormitory area of some description.

I want to believe the title is “Boys” but I’m actually not sure. I just suddenly got it in my head a couple of days ago and it won’t go away

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