B&W TV heads, faces on monitors, robot bodies. Rock song. Possibly electronic.

by John

Black and white video where the band is robots with television heads. Believe its a rock song.

Their actual faces are on the TVs. The TV head thing has been done hundreds of times. The tell tale sign is I remember tracking shots of the cables coming from the TV sets.

The shots followed the cables away from the band, and I believe they displayed the inside of the cables like a tunnel at some point. At some point I believe there was a stack of monitors, but don’t recall what was on them.

My mind may be mashing some videos up, or creating things that aren’t actually in the video. I found a reddit inquiry looking for the same thing, so I know I’m not making up all of these details. Its not Qtip and Raphael Saadiq. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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