Can Not Figure Out What Song This Is - came out around the 50s - 80s

by Travis

hi yeah i cant seem to figure out the name of this song i would hear come on the clasical 50s- 80s I believe music channel through my version tv channels. The song defiantly came out around the 50s- 80s somewhere in between.

The song has a nice calm melody that plays softly through the whole thing, and the singer in the song sounds almost like Brenda Lee from that Christmas song (Rockin Around The Christmas Tree original version. ) but in the song I've been thinking about. The singer has a calm voice and she sings about dancing all night or something like that, and how she doesn't want someone she loves to leave. With the chorus She sings ("La. La. La. La La. LaLa" )x a few times played back while there's a soft guitar single string note in the background or some kind of instrument going along with her voice. But yeah she sounds like the singer (Brenda Lee) but with a soft quiet voice singing the (LALALA) chorus.

I'm trying to figure out.
Any help would be a life saver

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