Caught Cheating Song

by KitMarin

When I was a teenager I would watch this one amv (japanese or korean I think), and I vagely remember the story line of the comic it was attached to.

Singer: Male
Genre: I remember it as a pop or rock song
Tempo: Fast-ish
When: I first heard it...probably about 8-10 years ago

A man answers a call on the phone from his wife/girlfriend while he has another woman in the house. He pushes her out so he doesn't get seen with her and starts cleaning up the house. I remember something about making sure the toilet paper wasn't torn, her hair wasn't laying around, and her perfume scent wasn't in the air. He cleans up and congratulates himself on the perfect crime. I also remember him rationalizing it as just a guy thing or that he was only human.

She gets home and finds a tube of lipstick or a scrunchie or something and he has this sinking moment of "oh crap that isn't hers, is it?" She yells at him, and he reassures her that she's the one he'll always come back to. Then he screws it up at the very end by pointing out that he has two more chances, right? (Like, three strikes you're out kind of way). The song ends with a serious electric guitar-like-riff as she punches him for it.

Please help me. It's going to be 1/8th stuck in my head forever at this rate.

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