Classic rock song I heard at a BBQ a few years back, loved a song and can't find it been looking for 5 years now and just can't find the right lyrics

by DMarie
(Santa Cruz California )

Classic rock song played in a mixed CD that also had classic rock from 60 70 possibly late 50s.

Some of the other music that was mixed on this CD were CCR, Steve miller band, John Forgerty,Santana, The Rolling Stones etc..just to give you an idea of the genre. Oh those songs from the bands I mentioned above were definitely from the 60's and 70's because I am very familiar with most of that music that was's just that one song that I loved soo much . Figures right? Ha!:)

The song was by a male artist, it was very up beat..He is singing about a woman that loves him and now he is feeling great or good or excited or great happiness,maybe even so high? It's a word he says many times like "I'm feel so high" or "I am so excited or happy" something to the effect. Also he he says he is feeling like he was 17 or 19 years old again. The whole song is just about with her love he tells her holding hands that they will dance, like dancing in the clouds holding her hand .. it's a very happy up lifting song .

I've searched lyric web sites for years and all the songs that do come up are not the classic rock song I'm looking for.. so I can tell you now that it isn't blood sweat and tears song "you made me so very happy" isn't it..
it isn't rock and roll like AC/DC, not like Elvis either ..

Songs that would've played in that CD were like "stuck in the middle with you" and "black magic woman" that type of classic rock.

I'm apologize in advance for the annoying lack of searchable information but that's why I'm here hoping one of you fine folks that love music will think the story sounds familiar... I know this is a long shot..

Here a few bits more about the lyrics..
Talks about taking her hand in his or holding hands and how when she said she loved him he Felt so high or happy or thrilled or wonderful, her hand in his they would dance from cloud to cloud or dancing on cloud 9 or cloud something? He also says "I feel like I'm 17 years old again"
or he something to that effect ... it was some youthful age.. the song feels like he was singing fast and excited ..
okay well that's all I can remember .if

Anyone has any clue I would greatly appreciate it and will even say a little prayer for you and also send you good thoughts and positive you will get tons of good karma for it too. :)
Thank you.

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