Club type song. Guy ends up in wheelchair in video, Its not Rudimental - Waiting all night.

The genre I think was house, proper club type music.

I saw the video on youtube, maybe a Vevo channel.

I saw the video a years ago could be between 2009 - 2015.

Not a clue who made the song could be a female singer or a male Dj or both together.

What I remember of the video is a guy comes out of a building at night with some friends, I think the building was a night club. I think he says bye to them, goes on his phone, goes to cross the road then gets hit by a car.

Then I remember his friends going to visit when he's at home in the wheelchair at this point and looking really uncomfortable around him but I think they were laughing at one point. Then I think there's a point were he goes a bit crazy throwing things about his house, wreaking the place.

Then at the end of the video it gets revealed that one of his friends hit him with the car which was a girl. He might of been texting her, I'm not to sure. There may have been a scene in a skate park.

I can't remember how the song goes at all, I just remember i liked it.

So no clue about the tempo, if i was to get from the way the video went, melo, then built up to the catchy chorus.

the video was live action and in colour, maybe some bits in black and white

I saw the video in the uk

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