dark(ish), maybe 90s or early 2000s song

by bob

I can’t remember all too much about it, other than it containing either exactly those, or similar sounding lyrics (am not a native speaker and was very young at that time):
“… a thousand miles away …”.

It was sung by a male and one other thing I can remember is that there was a segment where he sung “heeeeeeey” in a very high pitched voice.

I can also recall a violin or a similar sounding instrument playing a short melody like: dudu du duduuuuu.

I might be mistaken, but I seem to recall that in the music video (it might not have been this song’s music video), there was a sunset at a beach and a car (on the beach) or maybe it was cliffs.

I heard it sometime in between 1994 – 2005, but me having lived in Austria, the song might have come out way earlier.

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