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All She Wants Is (all she wants is, all she wants is) – 1988/1989 – Duran Duran

Burning The Ground – 1989 – Duran Duran

Careless Memories – 1981 – Duran Duran

Chauffeur – 1982 – Duran Duran

Come Undone – 1993 – Duran Duran

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Do You Believe In Shame? – 1988/1989

Drowning Man – 1993 – Duran Duran

Electric Barbarella – 1997 – Duran Duran

Falling Down (because I’m falling down with people standing ‘round) – 2007 – Duran Duran


Girls On Film – 1981 – Duran Duran

Hungry Like The Wolf (I’m on the hunt, I’m after you) – 1983 – Duran Duran

I Don’t Want Your Love (I don’t want your love to bring me down; I don’t want your love so turn it around) – 1988

Is There Something I Should Know (please please tell me now) – 1983

Meet El Presidente – 1986/1987

My Own Way (‘cause I’ve got my own way, I can find my own way – 1981

New Moon On Monday (I light my torch and wave it for the new moon on Monday) – 1984

Notorious (I heard you say it but I don’t believe it that’s why I did it again, no-no-notorious) – 1987


Ordinary World (I won’t cry for yesterday) – 1993

Out Of My Mind – 1997

Perfect Day – 1995

Planet Earth (voices without a sound, can you hear me now? – this is planet earth)– 1981

(Reach Up For The) Sunrise (reach up for the sunrise – put your hands into the big sky, you can touch the sunrise – feel the new day enter your life) – 2004

Reflex, The (every little thing the reflex does leaves me answered with a question more) – 1984

Rio (her name is Rio and she dances on the sand) – 1982


Save A Prayer (don’t say a prayer for me now, save it ’til the morning after) – 1982

Serious – 1990

Skin Trade (would someone please explain – the reason for this strange behaviour) – 1986/1987

Someone Else Not Me – 2000

Sunrise (Reach Up For The) (reach up for the sunrise – put your hands into the big sky, you can touch the sunrise – feel the new day enter your life) – 2004

Too Much Information (destroyed by MTV, I hate to bite the hand the feeds me so much information) – 1993

Union Of The Snake (give me anything even sympathy, there’s a chance you could be right) – 1983

View To A Kill, A (from “A View To A Kill”) (and so we dance into the fire) – 1985

Violence Of Summer (Loves’ Taking Over) – 1990

What Happens Tomorrow – 2004/2005

White Lines (Don’t Do It) (get higher baby and don’t ever come down; white lines blow away) (cover version) – 1995

Wild Boys, The (they tried to tame us, looks like they’ll try again) – 1984

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