Early 2000s Female pop song

by Connor ConnConnor c
(Manchester glossop ENGLAND UK)

I first heard this song back in about 2002-2004 sang by a Female it was on the radio I live in Doncaster Yorkshire United Kingdom in England.

All remember are the lyrics and it was something like this “Now hear the bass of the drum” or it might have said “Now hit the base of the drum” All I know is It was something like Now ……… of the drum it was apparently by A young woman and she had won a talent show and had this single and was never heard from again that’s what I’ve been told I could be wrong like

but all remember was the lyrics went something like “Now hear the bass of the drum” I think and I heard it around the years 2002 to 2004. I hope someone could please help me been bothering me for years THANKYOU…..

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