Early 2000s song, Definitely R&B/Soul

by dj

I saw the music video a long time ago while I was still young. I was listening to it via Much Music in Canada when they had those times they would play songs in the middle of the night. I'm having trouble remembering the song and video though and would like all the help possible because I really did enjoy it.

The video, if I remember correctly, was pretty generic. It was the singer (who is an older black male, no group) walking down the street, reminiscing (possibly?) And there are flashes of other things going on but the camera pretty much just follows him as he sings. There were a lot of yellow tones in the video that I can remember (like most mvs during that time). Very yellow tinted. It was definitely in colour though. I don't remember if there was a rapper, but I don't think there was.

The word "Go" always pops into my head when I try to remember the song, but I actually don't know if that's one of the lyrics or is part of the title or something. It just always pops up. I thought it was Can't Let Go by Anthony Hamilton but it isn't that song or video. It's a bit more happy? I think the flashes was of a woman, and I think I remember a payphone.

To be honest, at this point, I might be starting to mix up a whole bunch of videos. But if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful since I've been looking for this song for so long. I just know it's in the 2000s a little after the whole neo-soul/R&B surge in music.

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