Fast Paced Rock song with a Girl (High-Pitched)

by Cristian G

The main singer is the girl, who has a slightly high pitched voice. She uses the high-pitch in the chorus, and in the chorus she says something along the lines of “give me all your looove”, and this last word, love, is elongated and high-pitched. These may not be the exact lyrics, but this is the general direction. The song ends with the chorus repeating and fading out.

During the song, there is a constant change in rhythm and pace: in the verse, the girl starts with a low-pitched aggressive whisper, and she might say “all up in your face,” and in this part, the drums are hitting the high-hats. The music in the verse is relatively calm, though the bass is present.

There is another verse where the girl starts with “dont break me,

The bridge between verse and chorus is very apparent: the music speeds up dramatically, with the drums, electric guitar bass picking up exponentially; a guy simultaneously joins in screaming but using what seems like autotune so that his screams do not consume the song but rather complement the chaos; his lyrics are fast as to make it hard to decipher what he is saying. At the same time, the girl begins the chorus with “give me all your love” and the guy keeps on screaming.

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