Female Country/Folk Singer Walking Through Forrest At Night Playing Guitar

by Tim
(Nashville, TN)

In about early 2012, I remember seeing this country music video on the Heartland network. Well, I think it was Heartland. I didn’t have cable at the time and it was a country music network that aired music videos, so I would watch them sometimes before falling asleep. I live in Nashville, TN if that helps.

All I really remember from the video was a young singer/songwriter (nobody famous), with dark hair. She was strumming a guitar and walking through kind of an eerie foggy woodsy area at night. I could be wrong but I think one of the main lyrics was something like “she’s the moon and I’m the willow.” It was a beautiful, down-tempo country/folk track and I meant to look it up the next day but didn’t get a song title or artist name. I haven’t seen the music video or heard the song since and never could for the life of me figure it out.

If this sound remotely familiar to anyone, all info would be appreciated!

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