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2000s top music videos include Hey Ya (OutKast), Say My Name (Destiny's Child), 99 Problems (Jay-Z), Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz), Get Ur Freak On (Missy Elliott), Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand), Can't Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West), Californication (Red Hot Chili Peppers), The Real Slim Shady (Eminem), Toxic (Britney Spears), All The Love In The World (The Corrs), Goodbye Earl (Dixie Chicks), Meet Virginia (Train), Music (Madonna), Who Let The Dogs Out (Baha Men), All Star (Smash Mouth), How You Remind Me (Nickelback), Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me (Keith Urban), Here For The Party (Gretchen Wilson), Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood), Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day), Don't Cha (Pussycat Dolls), Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall), I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Scissor Sisters), London Bridge (Fergie), Disturbia (Rihanna) and Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis). 

And how about 2000s videos such as Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson), Hey Baby (No Doubt), All The Small Things (Blink 182), Crazy (Gnarls Barkley), Weapon Of Choice (Fatboy Slim), Here It Goes Again (OK Go), Hurt (Johnny Cash), House Of Cards (Radiohead), I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry), Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Beyonce), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes), Can't Fight The Moonlight (LeAnn Rimes), Kryptonite (3 Doors Down), Lady Marmalade (Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil' Kim), Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake), Soak Up The Sun (Sheryl Crow), Bring Me To Life (Evanescence), Hero (Enrique Iglesias), Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy (Big & Rich), Boondocks (Little Big Town), Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani), Kerosene (Miranda Lambert), Lips Of An Angel (Hinder), Picture To Burn (Taylor Swift), Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne), Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy), Mercy (Duffy), See You Again (Miley Cyrus) and Battlefield (Jordan Sparks).

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Power range video?? 
An early 2000 pop punk (ish) music video where they are all doing a proper routine and look kinda like power rangers, or at least wearing the solid …

Black and white guy running around with mannequin heads. Rap song 
Had a black guy and white guy running around with mannequin head wigs. Many still video shots at mannequin head wigs.

Back and White Guy singing 
music video, where a white guy with a white shirt and a blck guy are singing. there was a black sports car they werent in it all the time. it was …

help - window 
Black guy singing a sexual song. There is a black girl in lace and they end up in a car kissing and there is foggy windows and the girl runs her …

A Fast dancing song prob from the mid 2000 
A black guy walks into a castle to a maskarade ball of some sort. There is a girl also with a mask. It is a fast popie song with a goos rythm.

A song from mid 2000 
A black guy walks into a castle with a mask. It is a maskarade ball of some sort. There is also a girl with a mask. It is a fast tempo song.

Early 2000s song, 3 girls  
gymnast with 3 girls singing

what music video is that - kids 
two kids watching a girl bake and dance in the kitchen room

Green garden a willa and a pair running thru  
The Singer was a małe. The woman was running and the Man was following get. Very green garden, possible labyrinth. 2000s, around 2007

bald (or bad-ish) rock singer with band singing in ice cave? 
rock band, singing cool rock song in ice cave i believe. saw it on much music in canada a lot growing up

3 women dancing as a circle of 70s dresses like muses 
the song was kind a funky and its around 2000s the clip goes with 1 girl dance and line up her moves with neons later....

Video in a winter lodge  
I remember that it was a dj and the video started with the girl sleeping in this house and that he came and they had Christmas party. Another thing …

raining inside room can't light cigarette 
raining inside room can't light cigarette

Music video 2008-2009 
white, blonde woman sings this song,. in the music video she walks between homeless people who are dancing around in an alley. the song is i think …

Red dress boy parents headphones 
The boys parents were fighting when he was little and ge become an adult and is walking on the streets with headphones on and the people around him …

Music video with two girls in snow 
Two girls are singing in snow the background is cold and dark and song is soft

Music video with two girls in snow 
Two girls are singing in snow the background is cold and dark and song is soft

Latin-inspired dance hit 2007-2010 
It's an electro house-ish song with a flute as the main hook. The video shows a man dj'ing in the corner of a rooftop, as well as walking in the …

What song. 
Woman dies in car wreck shortly after kicking her boyfriend out of the car. I know the song is rock.

Music video : guy (prolly black) singing in a high pitched voice with girls in the desert 
hi i have a song stuck in my head with this dude in the deseet singing in a high pitch with girls wearing really warm clothes in the desert and i …

Music video in hallway 
male singer with a female chorus signing in the hallway infront of a door

Song with hands/gloves with mouth singing 
The song start with radio singing on it own or sort of, then the guy playing and singing on the piano and having gloves or hands sings together with …

Display river 
In music video singer is shown in display that is floating down the river and all you see is that.

can't remember the video - piano 
there is a guy playing the piano

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japanese, girl singer 
japanese, girl singer, white background, butterflies

Nature walls falling down 
Water girl black hair close up

Breaking walls 
Breaking walls, hanging paintings, going to lake house

Music video of guy playing music for wedding guests and they all die 
music video of guy who plays music for wedding guests? all dressed in white. He's going at it and they all end up dying

Drug? Medicine? instrumental alternative rock. 
I'm not sure if this video I saw on MTV is from the 2000's or from the 90's. All I remember is that it's an instrumental alternative fast playing …

Music Video - Kids who drink love potion in school and everything goes mental. 
Music Video Its in a school where un-interested kids in science make a pink potion that causes them to go crazy and in love with each other. This craziness …

Hot girls dance video 
Think the song was a dance cover of an 80s song. Sexy girls dancing. Maybe red n white shorts/top Dancing behind a pane of glass Think the …

Music video about a sad voodoo doll that leaves (animated) 
t was a music video about a voodoo doll that followed a girl around by a red string. The doll had a red heart on his chest. The background was mostly …

sad loss 
Guy family unhappy daughter plush rabbit fighting clown trailerpark loss broken sad

Country Music Video - Sepia 
So this may be an older video 1996-2000 video. -Sepia Coloring -video has three stories in it. A little kid missing their friend A young pregnant …

Music video: song style soft punk i guess? 
Can't remember a lot about the music video but ill try to explain it best I can, for reference, I think its a more obscure song, found on youtube initially …

Girl has brown hair is walking down the street and possibly wear a hair ball suit 
This girl with brown hair is walking down the street and her outfit keeps changing and she like jumps and i think she is wearing a big round suit …

cartoon style disco ish girl group song 
five cartoon girls singing, they come out of a rocket and dance on a disco dance floor and it's colourful

Want to find a music video I remember watching as a kid. 
All I remember is it was sung by a girl or girl band and they get turned into a cartoon and are singing in the air of a big purple city.

Animated Video where singer goes to war 
Singer gets enlisted and has to join the military and there is posters of uncle sam. All animated and he goes to war.

Song about guy and teacher 
I remember the video and tha song were about a guy i think falls in love with his teacher (she's pretty), the twice aapear in the video and it start's …

Music video - Human mail 
So i have a pretty foggy memory about this one, and i remember only the music video. This is about a boy and a girl, they live far away from each other, …

rock song in front lawn 
I don't remember what the song was about or who sang it, but the videoclip was on a front lawn in the US, I guess it was something with f*** or …

emo band 2000-20101 
i remember it being a mixed emo band i’m thinking two girls and three boys and it was a full white room and a drum kit was in the back and i’m pretty …

on a cliff guy in white 
Love song Man singing dressed in white Woman in wedding dress

DJ using decks to turn back time and prevent accidents 
A dj is playing in a park and witnesses a few accidents happening around him. He uses his decks to reverse time and prevent them. I think, a few times …

I’m stuck on you 
Train ride

music video guy walking down the street 
the guy has short hair, the colours of the video are a bit redi-ish. he wears a red jumper. the song is nice and happy but not upbeat. he smiles while …

two girls sisters twins beach 
two girls sisters twins beach

the guy sounds like Blake Shelton but it is not him 
in the video the guy is in the city and has black hair and is on the phone with his girlfriend or wife and is seducing her over call. he is singing …

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woman walking through a tunnel in the qhetto. empowering, fast tempo. woman was black and singing the song. 
she had a powerful voice. the song was uplifting and powerful. the tempo was fast. the was in a neighborbood in the city then i think was walking …

what is this song? - coming home 
the country song about coming home to his wife/girlfriend he is walking in the video and she is on the phone with him and he has her lay on the couch …

man follows woman who is travelling to grave 
It seems as though the woman is angry at the man. He follows her outside and even in a cab. Every time he tries to touch her, she pulls away. In the …

A blonde girl floating on a mattress in a room of water 
The clip was in colour, but had dark/blue tones. She had blonde hair, possibly curly, and the room/house may have been degrading as she sang.

Basement dance party  
Dance party in basement strong baseline grown dance after young people clapping older black woman dances

Early 2000s Country song video 
Teen girl singer, really thin, short shirt showing belly. Running through the mall

Truck Neighborhood 
There's a dude with black hair driving around in a pickup in what looks like a florida neighborhood singing a pretty uplifting song, it was in the …

kpop song 
kpop, white room, hearts, shirtless, individual

Skinny blonde hair girl goes to club with small dancefloor. About going home with someone. 
Video starts with girl going to a club. She meets a guy and she either does or does not go home with him. She also sings about getting drunk I think. …

Rock music video 2000s 
This rock music video had 4 to 5 band members and parts of it showed a girl wearing red. Unfortunately cant remember any lyrics. There was a big fan …

Girl in a big house 
There was a young girl in a large house. There was also other children, but they were dirty or something.

(Korean?) man in a glass box 
It's a k-pop song (I think) and it has a man who gets trapped in a glass box, but he has women around him who turn into animals and try to attack …

Fairies MV 
Believe it was a 2000s mv. Cannot remember genre. Country or punk/rock maybe. Had a fairy in it, wasnt an animated fairy but rather a actual person …

Small movie theater 
It's a rock group i believe and in the music video they are all sitting in one of those small private movie rooms and then the movie projector whirrs …

Bule diner 
In a bule diner men wiv black slick back hair

Music Video with magical sneakers 
A guy found magical sneakers in the street and starts dancing and making flips... in my memory, the end of the video was 3 dancers in front of a Chinese …

Music Video - Hard Nerd Rock 
The music video was 5 adults dressed as Live Action Role players, with the lead singer looking like Hiccup from How to Train a Dragon, and then one young …

Slinning bed couple 
Saw it on tv. Couple is on bed making out and camera spins around the bed

Looking for a music video that features a Jive or Old Style Dancing competition, which features people dancing for hours until they get tired and have to drop out. 
I believe the music video is from the 2000s, and the lead singer is male. The video is in colour and features couples in retro clothes registering …

Funny song about a guy chasing a hot girl 
I think it was a collegehumor song, but I can't seem to find it. I know it started off on a park bench or something, where the guy saw the girl and …

Guys were dressed in suits and there was a vial of poison 
Rock or alt emo band at party and people get poisoned. There's like a big marble staircase and the one of the guys has gauges. I think it was from …

A boy betray this girl so her mom who have problem with alcohol come to hit him 
A girl dates a boy and her mom have problem with alcohol and them fight a lot so this boy cheates on the girl and the mom come to hit him,the song …

Trying to find a french video clip with 3 guys and 3 girls in a street 
3 guys and 3 girls in a dark street meet Sexually suggestive French song between 2000 and 2005

rock song on kerrang. lots of teens lip syncing in their bedrooms 
lots of short scenes of teens lip syncing. one is of two asian guys one is of a little kid maybe 4 yrs old on a set of plastic drums used to see …

Song drawed tears and trumpets at the end 
I remember some things about the song. I saw it more or less 10 years ago and not only once. I think it was dance style but don't take it too much …

Looking for a song with a man rolling a boulder through woods and up a hill 
I remember that it was a music video with a man finding a boulder and rolling it up a hill and through woods along the way more people joined in to …

Music video CG motorcycle pursuit. girl character. black/purple 
I believe the song could be from the years 2000-2005. Thats when I used to watch music videos form TV after school. The main character is beautiful …

Couple on stairs 
Musoc genre prolly RnB or pop Sad song From the 2000s The main singer male was with a female, they are on the stairs i think fighting Most of …

Song and video - car 
The video is a rock genre song, there's a man who I assume is the singer, who jump off a cliff in his car at the final of the video. Also there's …

dinosaur airplane 
Rock, Dinosaur, airplane, hangar

Drunk guy 
Office tie walking to club

artist (she) is singing and dancing in subway while she is walking 
As far as i can remember she has short hair and a little gap between her front teeth. Song has a catchy bass line starting from the beginning of the …

Rap / hip hop music videos (With ghostface from scream) 
This music video is either from the late 90 or early 2000’s. I saw the video on a top 20 DVD with songs like “freestyler". To my best knowledge the …

A love song where the guy collects old lights and sets up a roof top romantic setting 
A love song where the guy collects old lights and sets up a roof top romantic setting

Rap ana RnB song, came out in the 2000s probably. Or that's when I heard it 
Rap and RnB, it's about a relationship between some young teens, the girl gets together with another guy, and the boy visits her house with friends, …

Weird Foreign Dance Video 
Fast tempo sort of electro/techno song with old sounding piano, foreign and not in English, video is black and white and old-timey with a guy with …

Video where they keep rockin’ as they fall thru building floors?? 
What is the music video where a group (band) is in an apartment building and the floor goes out from underneath them and they are still dancing …

Looking for a song I listened to a long time ago.  
It had a guy who I think was a preacher or something taking this woman to his house in the desert where he spikes her drink as shes in his room. …

Girls Dresses Fly Up - Electronic Sound 
Music video where it shows 2 guys walking by women and a gust of air will pass by and blow their dress / skirt up. It’s got an electronic / synthesizer …

name of the song? 
the vídeo starts with an animation of two friends sitting on the couch and turning on this kind of gamebox. They place the virtual reality glasses …

Help me find an indie rock music video please 
The lead singer walks under the snow, a young boxer trains inside the gym and at times the whole band is seen playing, should be some indie rock band …

club japan motorcycle delivery guy 
club japan motorcycle club delivery guy dance or house music

Music Video - Man pushing ice cream cart in the old west? 
I have vague memories of this music video, as I saw it once or twice between 2004 and 2006. It was shown on Fuse. It was either black and white or …

Music Video - Beach, model girls, unatractive guy, boat, dream, dog 
Music Video Its a guy on a beach in a speedo. He finds beach ball that belongs to 3 girls in bikini's on a boat. He goes to the boat and they dance …

Music Video - Screamo band with creepy little girl running 
Music Video This is a rock/screamo band like Atreyu or Bullet or someone and the whole band is in a factory type building. These guys are energetic …

Couple at party 
Its was a music video related to route 64 and afterglow. Its was eletronic/house genre and the video clip was about a couple falling in love in …

Classic FM music video 2003? 
I'm trying to find the name of a Classic FM music video i used to like. It was out around 2003 and was set in a circus and shot in black and white, …

Music Video Couples dancing competition, singer playing piano 
Music video The premise seems to be there’s a sort of competition between couples of who can dance the longest, eventually couples start dropping (I’m …

Red car, Blonde, shower

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acoustic young band in early 2000s 
there's an acoustic guitar intro that sounds like break out lol

The artist is black and he was crying in a bathroom

metal instrumental 
just a guitarist and drummer playing melodic metal. No vocals. They're in the woods while its snowing. 2005-2007.

French animated black and white sad love song 
The singer is female, the language is french and you dont see the singer at all. The music video is animated in black and white. t tells the story …

The one with the always-dancing guy 
There is a music video which is pop or dance pop, in which there is a guy who dances doing everything (eating, working, doing anything) and then one …

2000s electronic music dark themed video 
I am looking for a video which takes place in a dark alley or something like dark wherehouse, there is a woman, later a man singing and she is walking …

Music video - Short Haired Singer in a kitchen and I think there was Black Paint 
I remember years ago that I was sitting in a Hard rock Cafe and I spent most of the meal just looking at the music videos. There was a song that came on …

Animated video 
This is an animated video played on fuse tv in the US in 2007. From what I remember, the video was in black and white and the character is either …

a music video of a man singing in the desert and playing piano with a little girl Who is flying in the sky

Band members' faces on ball of toys and clocks flying through space into the sun 
This is definitely from the early-mid 2000's. I saw it as a kid and it stuck with me but I have never been able to find it. It's kind of any indie/alternative …

Pop song brunette singer with purple suitcases 
Girls in a hotel with white walls having a pillow fight

4 female vioiline players are beng chased in the jungle 
4 female vioiline players are beng chased in the jungle

Has lyric "I should have stayed in perth" 
This is well produced video of a rock group with a sound similar to the cult but slightly less edgy Has a little blond girl alone in the street and …

Rock Song set in old days with a hanging 
It was definitely before 2012 I watch a music video where a group of towns people where hangin a woman off a bridge and dunking her in the water below. …

Rock music video where a guy walks down the street avoiding near death experiences  
I saw this on tv on a music video channel sometime in the UK in the mid 2000s probably around 2004-2005. It’s a rock band with a male volcalist similar …

Country music video traffic jam 
This music video was from 2000-2003 at the latest, and featured a country band on a tour bus. The tour bus gets caught in a traffic jam, and the …

Male singer - car racing 
car racing in love with a waitress Nd invited her to watch the car race. He wins and they kiss

I'm trying to find a music by the video clip description 
It's an electronic music.In the video A few girls are dancing around a robot who sits in a chair.Maybe it's from Benny Benassi, but I didn't find …

music video - I remember the setting in a hospital  
I watched it when I was a kid and I can't remember what song it was so I can't find the music video. All I remember was, it took place on a hospital. …

Looking for an indie rock song I used to listen too. 
The music video I’m looking for was from the late 2000s. I believe it was an indie rock group. In the music video I remember that it was a boy and …

Emo Band Playing on a office building roof.  
I want to say it was the early 2000s when Emo was big. There was a music video of a band playing on an Office Building rooftop the majority of the …

Girl driving in a subway, waking up old woman music video.. 
Hi, like I allready wrote in a title, I'm looking for a song from early 2000's.. genre would be some sort of electronic but mellow like Massive Attack …

Man wakes up naked (animated music video) 
Man wakes up naked. Man got a bottle. Cat appeared.

Song that played on RAGE a lot in the early to mid 2000s 
there was a girl wearing purple lipstick, and a very sensual, almost S&M vibe, all in undertones. I remember very little

Female band walking through house talking about revenge 
Female band walking through house talking about revenge. One of the girls had black and white fingernails

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Song from approximately 2002-2005, Enya like sound with Monks 
There's this music video that I cannot seem to remember for the life of me. I used to hear the song on the radio all the time. The details I can …

Husband gone missing, wife in wedding dress on bed, wife turns out to be killer in the end 
Husband gone missing, wife in wedding dress on bed, wife turns out to be killer in the end.husband has tattoos from what I remember. Husband ended …

Animated dance some featuring a little aboriginal guy running around and playing instrument 
Little Australian aboriginal guy running around and playing a didgeridoo. It was a popular dance song in the US for a bit.

House Music video?? 
Ok so I can’t remember the artist but I think Nelly Furtado was featured in it. But it’s a music video where the house is either slowly burning …

Guy tries to run away with his girlfriend  
The video is from the mid 2000’s I think. It’s about a guy in a gang or something and him and his girlfriend are trying to leave town but before …

For the ladies 
Snow chalet couples cars diamonds fireplace timberlands rnb song ft rapper early 2000s, starts by saying for the ladies

Help me find this song!! Men  
Ok I don’t remember the song but I remember the video of the song but i cant find it anywhere I think its two men song because in the video there …

Early 2000s song 
I remember there being girls in brightly coloured bikinis like orange and lime green being on a ship and at the beach and that's it

Korean music video 
There’s only one singer which is woman. I think she wore short blue dress. There’s one part of the video where she’s in a somewhat dark room. There …

woman singing in a theatre 
there was many women dancing in gold and silver dresses in a theatre. I don't known is it 2000s or 2010s music video but i really would like to know …

need help in finding the hip hop rap music video  
i saw this on youtube. the videos is name "40 years of hip-hop in 4 minutes" theres a clip on 1:30 and 1:31 they are from the same video and i really …

Noose in a field  
Filmed in a field and there was a nooss

Can anyone find this video?? 
So, I remember seeing this music video on like MTV or VH1 when I was just a kid, but I remember it vividly. It was for a latin rock song, and it …

Guy walking down sidewalk or street. Not Bittersweet Symphony.  
The guy is walking past a line of traffic and looking towards the camera to his right singing. He eventually gets into the back of a box truck where …

Stop motion with what may be felt. 
Has a man digging his way underground with a shovel. I think there may be a red string that he's following. I believe the music was slower, a male …

i saw this music video when i was like 10 and now im 17 i know it was a pop song and it was kind of cheesy too the m.v started off with her coming …

Ned help identifying a song from late 1990's or early 2000 
The film clip is animated. It is sung by a bird and the song is possibly about a bird. It was in the charts, pretty popular song

Couple running through a city 
A rather famous song. Very energetic music. A man and a woman escaping a building, are running down stairs and then across a city. They have a bag …

pop music 
what song has a man dancing in the street with a long hat and that resembles the one for a magician and a walking stick

British one hit wonder? 
Red white black theme. British female singer dark hair f*** you lyrics

Song lyrics "No I'm his teacher" female singer 
Female singer with long blond hair (not Dolly Parton), around her 30's with an raspy voice. She sings "No, I'm his teacher" and it's a slight country-feel …

song with music video with lead singer in underwear and singing 
I am looking for a song where in the music video it looks like a party just ended and the lead singer is in his underwear and singing to the camera. …

Pop punk song from the early 2000s 
Ok so all I remember was this song was on kerrang sometime between 2002-2005, it was an upbeat pop punk song where the band were playing in a busy …

Early 2000s-not well known girls group?? 
Girls are at a slumber party, playing with a Ouiji board?? They then sneak out and their clothes transform and they go to a party with a dance floor …

Please help. Rock song - places 
I think it's a rock song aimed for 18 - 28 year olds or young adults about some girl and a guy and the video just switches from places to places from kitchen …

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Slow Mo music video of guy getting dragged into car and it then explodes 
In the music video which is somewhat slow mo a guy is seen getting dragged through a field and then is dragged into a car. He is bound and is unable …

Rock song each band member is shot of a cliff by lightning 
Rock song where the band is playing atop the edge of maybe a cliff. One by one each member is shot off the cliff by strikes of lightning.

Red Cloaked Women and String Monster 
So I saw the music video early 2000s, though it might have been late 90s. The music video is a woman (who is also the singer) travelling through …

Animated Alt Rock song 2003-2010 
This song played on fuse tv a lot I remember that it was definitely alt rock or pop punk There was a party in the music video where the guy met …

The guy in the videos thinks he is controlling people at a bar type setting. The end of the video shows a man controlling him 
I want to say it's a 2000s video. Rock ish themed, there is a guy at a bar type setting, as he is doing things (reaching for a glass, moving around) …

Music video with some teenagers who sing on a field 
There are like 6 couples in the video and the song it’s pop, they are on some field and they are laughing and kissing and they have a car and also …

French alt/rock band, lead singer song about fallen angels and demons 
French band that sings in French Lead female singer with black hair Male instrumentalists Real crazy music video She's like a demon or something …

Young woman singing in a studio  
Pop song, video filmed in recording studio, short black-haired woman singing at a microphone

Rollercoaster going into mouths 
It was like first person view of a rollercoaster ride which was going into people's mouths. The song goes like "na na na naa naa naa naa naa na na …

arabic song 
a man is chasing a hot girl in a party, and she keeps running away. In the end, they both get to the hotel room of girl and sit happily on sofa. …

Country music video in mist covered forest 
Slightly eerie, melodic love song. Female singer(brunette), but group song. Floor length dresses (maybe a veil?). The video is shot in deep colors, …

Old memory song that i am trying to find  
2 guys who multiply over time Looks like they are on the moon Yelling sort of and hard to understand but catchy

I’m looking for a slow sort of pop song, I’m pretty sure it’s a band, lead singer is white with brown hair. I have distinct memory of the video clip I just can never remember the song or singer  
So the music video starts off with the singer walking on a sort of side walk area, then begins singing, and walks into a building. The singer is a male, …

Car music video 
I cant find a music video where 2 dudes and 2 girls are riding in. But the car breaks down and there is the point where the song begins. The 2 …

Music video, house under renovation, female singer 
Not sure if it's a 2000s song. The music video's theme is a house under renovation and the singer seems telling that she don't like the relationship …

man walks around handing a heart to women 
cardboard heart. man is white. it's slightly black and white, except for the heart, which is ruby red.

school uniform 
school uniform

Electronic music, a couple at the beach 
Electro house song maybe. Kinda from the 00's. A part of the lyrics say ''nice to meet ya''. There is a couple at the beach having some fun time. …

Motel setting 
A music video where a couple are in a motel room and he leaves and backs the car out and I think a pick up smashes into the side of it. The time …

R & B 90's/00's woman with dreads running next to train 
The music video i believe is an R & B song from either the 90's or early 00's. It features a black woman with dread's running next to a train.

Animated video 
It was a video from the mid 2000s, I think 2004-2006ish. I saw it on FUSE. I can't remember any lyrics or band name or song name but i liked the …

Reggae r&b song 
In this video there were 2 guys in the group. The song was similar to a Sean Paul type song. In the video the two are shown dancing on rooftops. …

riding bicycles on dock or boardwalk 
it's kind of a sad song. Kids riding bicycles through a swampy area? on the dock or boardwalk

UK Dance song?? 
Hi I'm looking to find a UK dance song from the 00s The music video had two young kids going to school but bunker off to an empty building. They …

Alternative rock music video from late 90s to early 2000s 
The band is playing on a stage in a totally white room. The crowd below them is wearing g dark blue jumpsuits and wearing masks of 50s sytle boy …

Red hair girl I the back of the cab 
Red shirt hair female singing in the back of a taxi

Music Video - The song about a man leaving his woman and sells all her stuff when she comes home 
I cannot remember the song title or the artist or even how the song goes. All I remember is that in the music video this country singer was playing …

Little boy Building Spaceship to go to dad who has died on spaceship 
Little boy Building spaceship out of cardboard boxes. To go to dad who has died on spaceship in space. Made around 2004-2006. Country singers

Music Video where gym floor splits into pool 
I remember seeing a music video for some older punk boy band where they had a dance in the school gym ad the gym floor split in half and there was …

rock video, band was being hung from tree with old truck 
rock video, the band was being hung from tree with old truck

The video features two guys who are controlling life sized, humanoid robots and racing them around an empty building or warehouse 
I think it was shown on Kerrang! or MTV2 in the UK. The video ended with the two robots crashing into each other leaving them in a heap of parts …

looking for a lovesong from 2007/08  
love, summer, island, girl with black hair, singer with brown/black hair, not in english, perhaps european

Hot woman gets into muscle car after prison 
Theres this video where this dark brunette beautiful woman gets released from prison and gets into a black muscle car with her knee high black boots. …

2000s Korean pop music video 
Woman walking on a beach loves a blind man and gives him a red scarf and the woman is the singer.

Singer watching from window at his love? 
So its a long time ago I saw this video but it went somehow like this: the singer sits in his apartment looking out of a window. he sees a woman (can't …

Dance or House track from early 2000 
All i can remember is some parts of the music video. In the video there are a couple dancing very passionate in a building that i think was a hotel. …

Girl goes to prom,her date finds out she has super powers 
A girls goes to prom but her parents doesnt approve it. She and her date starts making out and suddenly her chest starts to glow like a red light. …

r&b love song 
the phone alarm rings and the video starts with the beat. the guy and girl in bed in the morning. girl has to go to work

Lonely song  
When’ I broke up with my boyfriend he sent me a song and I vaguely remember the video I remember the girl was sitting at home on their anniversary …

Heavy metal or alternative song video 
In 2006 I watched a video of the lead singer who if I remember had blood on him as He walked in a house and there was a girl hanging and he cut her …

I have this vision stuck in my head - clouds 
There is the woman with this weird yellow thing for a pet and shes really attached to it. One day she goes to work and her mom takes care of it while …

A young boys father is killed in the military and the video is of him training hard for a boxing match, dealing with his anger 
I remember the boy running in a field, breaking down, getting angry, punching things.. and I think at some point they show an American flag, possibly …

Please help me find this music video, it's a black and white paper figure stop-motion video 
So I found this music video a while back in the 2000's and I really enjoyed the music that went along with the video. It's an animated stop-motion video, …

Black man in a red tracksuit dancing to a blind musician in a metro tunnel 
Black man in a red tracksuit dancing to a blind musician in a metro tunnel

Rnb music video - car 
Um nearly sure the song is rnb but it could be dance. It is set in the UK and in a Scholl. In the beginning of the video they pull up in a convertible …

night skateboards 
night bad camera people shaky camera los angeles skateboards

uk rap artists 
Greek Cypriot rappers dressed as clowns invade a kids birthday party, boom box gets smashed in opening scene

indian music video 
it is having black and white video 3 men and 1 girl its rock band music video in india

Music video animated 
An animated video where the world has been flooded and people are swimming to houses and other things underwater?

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Earth Globe Head 
Hi, The only thing I know, there was this guy, with earth globe as his head, singing

Woman hat car pop 
Woman pop car

positive reggae music  
A guy smoking cannabis making people happy, a cat and dog stop fighting

Teens running in apartments doing something to lights and in the end you see a/some skyscraper/s with a message 
In the beginning of the video you are confused because you don't really know why the teens are doing something to the lights but in the end when the …

Switching between black and white rooms 
I'm not 100% sure it's a song from the 2000s; it's just my best guess. The singer is a solo male, and he reminds me of George Michael (how he's dressed, …

A video about a girl going to a club and getting with a guy but leaving with her girl friends at the end of the night 
All I know about the singer was that it was a woman from Keri Hilson, Medina and Ciara's style maybe? And the video was about how a girl is going …

Girl female lead singer 
Music video contains with a female singing with 2 or 3 man they are sitting while looking at the nighty sky

Kid walking through airport with headphones on and everyone is dancing around him  
Kid walking through airport with headphones on and everyone is dancing around him

Music Video - Bodies painted with black glitter paint that get cleaned by the end of the video? 
Hi, I’m trying to find a music video I remember visually but can’t remember the lyrics. It is electronic genre / dance music and I seem to associate it …

Takes place in an emergency in 70’s attire 
Takes place in hospital emergency room, the lead singer is wearing 70s attire

a guy singing in a car 
many colourful cars in a long row, a vineyard, a woman, a singing man, lovers

2000's rock, not a top name band  
The video has people mouthing the words. A guy pushing a dirt bike, a girl in a cage, other people bobbing their head while singing along.

Looking for a song - black and white 
black and white music video, men in black suit, women in a black dress

Looking for a rock song - black and white 
It was made in the early 2000s or late 90s, shot in black and white, they’re basically standing around in a sort of blank setting? I guess they were …

Christian Alternative Rock 
Male lead alternative Christian Rock band Medium tempo Lady in White dress dancing in desert at end of video Some footage played in reverse …

Shocked because she works as a stripper 
I remember that the setting was in highschool where a guy loves a girl he had a nissan 350z car and the girl he loved was working as a stripper and …

Food truck 
Cash register food truck woman black

short hair black woman entering a arena 
short hair black woman entering a arena

Music video on vhs 
when i was a kid i rented the VHS commando film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and before the film started it had a bunch of ads and a music video with …

edgy rock song from the 2000s 
cartoon animals rock song group

Guy runs through crowd 
So I think I saw this at a gym which means I didn't hear it but I do remember the image I saw. There was this white guy running through the city streets …

White room piano 
There’s a man in a white room I believe with a piano

music video on old nokia three girls bold singer bowling car wash 
music video on old nokia, bold singer?, three girls - one playing bowling, the second washing car

Music Video - Car transforms into submarine and drives into/out of the ocean 
Music Video Circa 2003. It was either r&b or hip hop. The artist was a black man. He drove a fancy sports car that transformed into a submarine. …

Alternative or Rock Video - paintings 
I think this was either a late 90s or a 00s video. I see it sometimes on MTV rock or kerrang at times. It's a thin light skinned black man in a …

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Music Video - Toy boat on floor 
I remember this music video every so often and I search for random phrases like "music video with toy boat" or "music video with toys on floor". I have …

Sepia toned, male singer, features an old man sweeping a cinema, 2006-2010 
Sepia toned, 2006-2010, male singer, features an old man sweeping a cinema

Punk/Rock video that follows a pair of chuck taylors 
I want to say it's rock maybe punk genre. I remember it being played on tv in the early morning on my local news channel just before the news actually …

3 girls, 1 photographer, Key, Pool, Boat 
3 girls, 1 photographer, Key, Pool, Boat

Man crashes a car on a dirt road and his ghost leaves the car. 
Man crashes a car on a dirt road and his ghost leaves the car. Basically not much more to add other than it’s an indie rock band for sure, and it’s …

black and white video, sad rock song 
Mainly black and white music video. Male Bald lead singer. Believe the songs about angels,. addiction, Video takes place in old house Other scenes …

Deep robot voice. Kids toys and a pair of shoes have honey/gold poured on them 
Slow beat song with a deep mans robot vocals. Theres various toys and a pair of shoes that have gold/honey like liquid poured on them

Girl beats up band in music video 
Music Video So it’s an early-mid 2000s pop punk song to the best of my recollection. Set in a blank or nearly blank/white wound stage. The guy is …

flapper girl themed mv 
girl of race sings and dances in flapper dress in a bar and sings about boys

hispanic performer walks onto a small stage 
hispanic performer walks onto small stage in a club. walks out in a suit.

Police officers were wearing mask rounding people up. 2008-2009ish 
Can’t remember the band or song, pretty sure it was punk.

Electronic sounding music, video set in a laboratory 
Seen on youtube, seem to recall the video being from 2002 or so. The video is set in a laboratory, with two people in white hazmat suits. lots of …

Music video on Fuze with small creatures scurrying around some kind of city 
Saw it on Fuze years ago. Was some kind of indie song with a catchy hook. Had small creatures dressed in grey scurrying around some kind of city. …

Girl on a taxi 
I am looking for a 2000' clip with a blonde girl singing on a taxi, see on MTV and french channel MCM.

Office, sad song, animated

Rock song. Singer singing on toilet 
A man is sitting and singing to a rock song. When camera pans out, we see he is singing while sitting on the toilet. He is not in a restroom but a …

A diigital/animated man just running throughout the video. 
The animated man runs through like arches. The place and the man is dark and more like a galaxy themed place. The video is like sang by the weeknd …

Girl laying on bed 
Girl laying on bed and man sitting on the bed. They take her. To a hospital ..a Angel feathers are falling everywhere

song I can not remember - orange 
girl paint orange line wall tunel change vibes pop rock alternative

Rock video with band in pink world. Girl with pink hair explodes into black butterflies  
Rock song where the band is wearing black and with a pink background. There is a girl with pink hair on top of a hill and I think she gets poked with …

white rapper with bikini clad girls 
im looking for a song with a white rapper who sings in a place near a water fall and a pond and he is sorrounded by bikini clad girls. one man is …

Detail of the music clip video - concert crowd 
A guy is singing alone,face camera in front of a concert crowd, the song itself is in English.

girl kidnapped on a beach drowns 
girl kidnapped on a beach drowns

Rap song? single take 
Its a camera shot which swings through rooms almost like a ferris wheel, and the video contains blood I think its a rap song?

Blonde Artist 2009 
Blonde Artist Slow song Sad 2009 Has the inside of a house in it

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I need a help to find a music video shot in a parking garage 
I need a help to find a music video shot in a parking garage. Girl is comming in garage by car and video was made there. I think that a song name …

Maybe Morgan Fairchild??? 
It could swear it was Morgan Fairchild but I cant find it when I Google search her... anyway, it's a blond lady, older (50s or 60s), shes wearing …

Looking for a "Screamo" video - clues 
It was a band from the United States I believe and mostly screaming I seen the video on YouTube in 2014 but I believe it was released in 2007 the band …

Light bursts through wall alt rock  
Being trying to find this for years I think alt rock definitely a band The music vid was in a room with light bursting through holes in the …

animated music video, rain, film noire style with slower music 
It's a guy singing and the video was very detective-style. I remember it was raining, the action was happening in a manor of some sort and there …

possible french music video stop motion animated, creepy, character has gun 
I came across this music video on youtube when I was really young, so I only remember bits and pieces. I remember the title being French. In …

Boy and girl on the dancefloor 
A woman sang that song, boy and a girl are meeting each other on the dancefloor, they are about the age of High School kids

Desert theme rock slow guys in chains band 
In the desert guys in chains. Rock slow tempo

Video with bed in the street 
In the video, I’m pretty sure it’s a guy lying on a bed with the bed moving down the road. I think it’s a UK band but I’m not sure about the era …

Scottish rock song 
It was a scottish rock song out around the time of tenacious d tribute on nme music station. The video had a girl walking around a city in a zombie …

Blue , figures

Music Video, girls are showering car 
Girls are showering cars, 3 girls i think, 2 of them were blondes (not sure) type of music, i think pop or EDM Music. I guess i heard that song about …

It’s a pop song in the 00’s or after 
It is a music video by a black artist on a motor cycle

Night time on water 
Nightime filmed, wooden pier, fans ran to band on water, band arrived by boat singer wore a hat

what is the song - dancing 
the video is about one guy that comes to coffee, and there is one girl, then they start do dancing a little bit funny. the song is with Hindi chorus, …

A guy in a white room 
Umm, there was a guy in a room but i don't remember a lot since it was a few years back. He sang or something but i don't know was it kpop or jist …

Black Guy in Hip Hop-Video in a Large Room out of Concrete @ Mic in Black and White 
Im searching a Hip Hop Video with a black guy, which is 'dancing' with his mice. Every 2 beats the base does 2 hits @ 4 +, and @ 1 afterwords (or …

Music video with people who are in a advertsing truck, the singer walks and multiple trucks drive by 
The song i got was from a harry potter fan made video, but i cant find the song or the video so i hope you guys can help me. The video is basically …

Little girls with cigarettes, housewife smashing plates  
Definitely from 2000's. Emo, or alternative rock band. Lead singer had short blond hair. Housewife wearing yellow dishwashing gloves gets angry and …

bold guy in a party 
so there's a bold guy with a hat, in a party, a lot of girls, the camera is focusing in a "drunk way", almost. there are confetti, its dark. it was …

a song in a rainy football field at night 
the music video clip i watched on TV she was a female singer and singing in a rainy football field at night amidst many football players running …

black girl cat ears 
black girl cat ears dancing reggae, there is another black girl also dancing but does not have cat ears. The video is on black and white. The video …

Mid 2000’s male band with crowd shots 
It’s a video from the mid 2000’s, all male band, there are shots of people in the background holding up cards that have sound bars on them.

Teenager gets jumped at a diner 
I remember seeing it on MTV late 2000’s or 2010-2012ish. I wanna say there were some younger kids in a bicycle gang that were riding everywhere. And …

Letters train 
Letters train love Post rain

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Flying beds  
Kerrang Q Scuzz 2000s beds flying through the air with couples having sex and feet hanging out the end of the bed

VH1 beach camp fire video 
There was a music video on VH1 around 2005 that I remember. It was one hit wonder, but not too much of a hit though it received a lot of airplay in the …

3 guys running through a city, one of them get drunk

White female singer with deep raspy voice, playfully tortures guys.  
I think the song had a playful chorus where you think she is saying something nice, then she ads a word to make it sinister and give it a different …

Video where mother fights with father is in a car crash 
This video is about lead singer of the band with his girlfriend, she gets pregnant and they argue, she gets in car, apparently she dies in a car …

Young female rapper 
Young girl is studying in her room and jumps Into a nightclub and is rapping at the end she is back in her studying as if nothing happened

silver man  
silver man eating russia

This is bugging me so much. Song in so many movies 
I may have written it all in the title. Lol. Its been in so many movies etc. I just can't remember the song name As I said it's set in the 50s …

Takes place in a pub and is a song by a band 
It takes place in a pub. It's a band that the song is written by. The lead singer doesn't play an instrument in the video and there are two guitarists …

musical cartoon video about the love of an angel and a demon, the group sounded like snow patrol 
I saw this video quite along time ago, and every time I'm listening to snow patrol music, i remember that other video that i did not find. Im …

diving board electronic 
in the beginning of the music video, the girl is dancing (more pop and locking) on a diving board. she's wearing face paint and feathers, this is …

Who song where women are trying to grab the singer but freezing 
They’re an emo band with two videos for the same song. 1 Video) Neon strip lights and females are trying to get close and grab the singer, but they …

Pizza delivery and then fight? 
I have a feeling this song was redman and method man but i’m not sure. The music video starts out with a pizza delivery and the guy ate a slice of …

Some kind of r&b & hip hop song which featuring kids 
This song remind me of chain hang low. I searched everywhere for this song, still can't find it. This song also feature female rapper. In the music …

Full purple trachsuited white guy dancing with cartoon special effects 
I’m pretty sure this is from this mid 2000s, it’s a dance song, possible electronic. The singer is a white guy wearing a full purple tracksuit and …

A band in fur coats with a black background and it’s snowing  
it was a song which was kind of slow and mellow, i just can’t remember who it was and i can’t remember the song it’s bugging me so much

Short music video clip of boy standing in front of museum mannequins behind glass with a sling shot? 
So, I saw a short clip of this music video in the YouTube video “EXTREME MEME MEGAMIX VI" at around 3:00 in. You can see a boy standing in front of …

Baseball video 
Alternative band shoots it’s video at a baseball field. Male female singer. High pitch voice.


In the beginning of music video from 2000s fat middle aged man in sweatband and kicks two kids off of ddr in arcade. It was a pop song or punk …

Cut long hair 
Rock song in the video clip we cut the hair of young men ... the clip is in black and white or in sade color and speaks of war.

Man and woman singing in the backseat of a car 
Man and woman singing parallel in the backseat of a car. They are singing about searching and missing each other

country song where girl is leaving the guy 
Male country singer playing the guitar and singing - looks like he is in a house. I think his girlfriend comes up and hugs him one last time, then …

A lot of bikini babes dancing on a yacht.

From the late 2000s, music video had a 3d robot in it. 
The only lyrics I can remember was "oh oh oh oh, the type that makes me feel-" and its a electronic alternative type of song. I have had this song …

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Rap song with a floating skull in space 
A rap song that has a diamond-like skull floating around in space (the skull might sing/rap along the song). Title might include "ride" or "rock" …

Music video with a girl walking in a pink wonderland 
It's a music video from late 90s - early 00s maybe, seen in Romania (on Atomic TV), sang in English. It starts with a music box from which a girl …

2004 emo blond girl ytv hit list 
To was a music video in like blue and silver from what I remember and the girl that sang it was bleach blonde. I think she was trying to be creepy …

Singing and dancing in a nightclub 
A black guy sang with a white girl group in a nightclub

Video where they find clothes around town 
It's a video where a boy and girl travel around the city finding articles of clothing that they left behind the night before

Who is the singer or song title - cars 
a female singer appears in a video, she is also standing on the top of driving car or a truck.In some scenes cars are driving past her, there are …

Music Video with people dancing in barber shop 
Music Video was filmed in the late 2000's (2007-2009), so it may have been released in 2010-2011? Video was filmed in a barber shop in the Western …

From 2000s, black and white video in a club 
From 2000s, black and white video in a club It would be much appreciated f you can help me to find this video and save me out of this misery cause I …

Woman in leather catsuit climbing a tower 
Came out in 1999 or 2000 but aired in Jan/Feb 2000. Blonde woman wearing a black leather catsuit. Climbing a tower. Followed by the singer (a man) …

help!! taking care 
its white female singer, in the mv she's taking care of a little black kid, but whose also a man? just in the way he acts around.

high school girl 
doodling toilet lipstick diary sunset school football field

Song about love. People im standoff against police and they all die 
I think the video starts off with a heist of some sort. They do the heist and a team of i think four people are in a shoot out against the police. …

What is the song... 
which has a music video of a young girl dancing on a beach?

latin music video 
Latin pop music video of girl at a trailer home singing, wearing a red checkered crop tied shirt and jean shorts. At one point she also has a pick …

Celtic Redhead sings in nature to her son 
The female singer is a redhead.she sings to her son in nature, a boat is involved. She sings in a celtic setting, with a slow tempo. The music video …

latin or spanish 
one male singer wearing a blue shirt

Alternative music video that was filmed in the woods 
Group of guys singing in the woods blueish gray background

Rock video - roof 
There is a guy running & jumps off a roof & he drives a fast car it’s a rock video

3 girls search for a star in a picture 
3 girls search for a star in a picture

African American Rock/Metal Band 
Here goes....I believe I saw the video on Headbangers Ball. Rock/Metal style of music. African American band. 3-4 people in the band. They were playing …

Help me - two kids 
There are two kids running and hiding from a man in a house. As the song ends you see it's a doll house

Dance song with animated video 
So its a dance song, pretty sure from the early 2000s. I remember watching the music video on youtube as a teenager. Its a woman singing and the music …

School classroom 
The teacher walks out of class disco balls start going people dance on tables and music starts and similar type of music to s club 7

Indie Guitar song from a young band with a colourful video!  
I saw it on YouTube years ago - people used to have it as their myspace song as well. It was an indie song with a guitar lick at the start and in the video …

That one song that has a guy who steals lipstick stains from a coffee shop 
Looking for an early 2000s song in which a guy secretly steals lipstick stains that a girl leaves behind every time she goes to a coffee shop. She …

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Two girls singing reggae. Both dancing in the streets. Had on colorful outfit. Jamaican

Video lonely man in messy room apple orbiting the room  
slow song, soft male vibrating voice at times, girl has rejected him, he sees fruit or apple orbiting the room like a solar system