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80s top music videos include Video Killed The Radio Star (the Buggles), Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran), Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Parents Just Don't Understand (DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince), Whip It (Devo), Here I Go Again (Whitesnake), Girl You Know It's True (Milli Vanilli), Take On Me (a-ha), Run To You (Bryan Adams), Heart Of Rock And Roll (Huey Lewis And The News), Private Eyes (Hall & Oates), Rebel Yell (Billy Idol), Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper), We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister), Stand Back (Stevie Nicks), Safety Dance (Men Without Hats), We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel), Physical (Olivia Newton-John), Little Red Corvette (Prince), Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield), Round And Round (Ratt), Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club), I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow), I'm Still Standing (Elton John) and We Got The Beat (the Go-Go's).

And how about 80s videos such as Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi), Buffalo Stance (Neneh Cherry), Come On Eileen (Dexy's Midnight Runners), Goody Two Shoes (Adam Ant), Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top), Our House (Madness), Need You Tonight (INXS), She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby), Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar), What's Love Got To Do With It (Tina Turner), Boys Of Summer (Don Henley), My Prerogative (Bobby Brown), That's All (Genesis), Walk This Way (Run DMC and Aerosmith), Sussudio (Phil Collins), Centerfold (J. Geils Band), Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics), Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx), Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses), Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads), How Will I Know (Whitney Houston), Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer), Material Girl (Madonna), Photograph (Def Leppard), Every Breath You Take (The Police), You Might Think (The Cars), Rosanna (Toto), Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins), Straight Up (Paula Abdul) and Jump (Van Halen).

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Bus stop nuns desert black woman rapper

video of young guy singing on hill 
the video was a young guy and I think at one point he is by the ocean and another on a hill or mountain

1980s lady  
1980s lady leaves or kicked out of house and then she's singing at night

Music Video set in a court room 
I remember watching a music video when living in Australia and it was set in a court room. It may have been an aussie band. I never took down the …

Black man dancing and taking off his shirt 
Hi, I'm keen to find a music video from the 80's where the song was sung by a black woman, I think. In the video there is a sexy black man dancing …

Suspenders juke box 
Guy with long hair wearing white t shirt and suspenders Black dude and white girl dancing by a juke box Vintage camera footage playing throughout …

I believe it was in black and white music video... 
Where a pregnant woman asking the man she loves to come back to her. All I really remember is a woman sang it and at the end the woman arrive at a …

It started off with Gumby and pokey 
I am not sure of the year, but it has claymation in it

80s, pop, USA, by a pool and often changing costumes 
This was at least a kinda popular music video. It was set by a pool at least at one part, and the 2 people in the video (white man and woman) and …

British group, 80' 
Music video: British royal palace, i think Some people wearing strange suits from 18 century, i remember one thing: there was a women with pink rose …

punk/new wave music video featuring little girl in pink and stop motion 
Used to watch local music video UHF channel (52?) in Los Angeles area in late 70s/early 80s in afternoon. Would play weird/obscure music videos like Laurie …

Black and white checkered floor 
The music was upbeat and the singer was dancing on a black and white checkered floor, which was filmed in an office building courtyard in the Denver …

Who sang in the 80's video taking place on a carnival ride? "Hold on, nothing's the same, tell me why I feel this way?" 
It wad an 80's video taking place on a carnival ride.... hold on, nothing's the same, tell me why I feel this way? What song and who sang it?

Black female singer with a few bright colored curls mixed in with her hair 
I remember a music video with a black singer dancing around and she had a lot of long curly hair but some of her curls were dyed different bright …

Pink jacket 
Guy wearing pink jacket pogoing

Cute female singer who wore 50s glasses 
Was from late 80s. We think she was baking gingerbread. Daughters think there was candy and cookies too. Was really fun video. I thought lisa loeb …

Old song two guys dancing in leather jackets with a lot of oh oh oh  
Two guys dancing in leather jacket and holding it like a wingsuit with a lot of ohhh ohhhhh oooo oooo ohhhhhh

80's rock video from max headroom with red car and helicopter 
rock video, remember it being sung by a female, consists of a red convertible car in the desert somewhere i think, towards end of video a helicopter …

Disco Song - carnival or fair 
I heard this song a kid, it's black female singers, wearing a sequenced hat. I don't remember any of the lyric and or the way it went, the music video …

Yellow background a man plays the trumpet 
A man sings. It rained with different things around his head. A painted ally in yellow colors. A clothesline and a trumpet.

walks out of club in the morning 
brunette female singer starts dancing in the club everyone joins in then at the end of the video she walks out from the club in the morning

Scruffy guy with glasses and bathrobe sings about staying at home 
Hi guys, I'm searching a song/musicvideo. It's from the 80s and pretty amateurish. In this video a lazy guy with crumbled hair, hornrims and a orange …

Mainly live action, some stop motion with artist mannequins  
Probable from the mid-80s, upbeat song, lots of unconnected clips edited together, including articulated dancing mannequins (the kind used by artists). …

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1980s video started with guy holding a football 
I think the first scene was on the front porch of a house. There was a guy holding a football. I think he was going to play touch football with …

band singing in the snow with kimonos 
Man Singing in the snow Probably with kimonos

Piano accordion 
Íts a slow,melancolic song from the 80's. piano accordion and a sandy beach are áll I can recall about its music video. it might haver been an instrumental …

Guy maybe long hair music video in a room walking around a chair 
Like a romantic song or sad song a typically well known singer , long hair male singer singing in a room a orangey hue

Music video female in white dress shirt only 
this kept me up driving me crazy. a music video from the 80s: a woman either fair-skinned, or light-skinned wearing an oversized male white dress shirt …

A man from the band playing a piano in the woods 
There were animals , fox etc A group that had a few hits Ballad like

80s possibly Phil Collins or genesis 
All I remember is a man walking down the street wearing a brown trench coat singing this song. It may have been raining, can't quite remember.

two girls throwing papers in a field 
two girls throwing papers in a field

4 or five men are singing and dancing in a warehouse 
4 or five men are dancing in a warehouse

woman singing in front of mirror 
song in the eighties. woman singing about love for a man and in front of a mirror in a room with sombre decor with spanish like voice. woman slender …

White male singer on top of boat on a river 
White male singer on top of old boat moving on a river. Strong drum line.

ice skating 
black girl dancing

One girls in Pink Roomster pop 
One girl in Pink room pop

black lead singer, 4 person, band black and white video filmed in front of a curtain backdrop 
filmed in black and white on a stage in front of a curtain, there were 4 people in the band with a black lead singer.

green flashes on the screen techno or dance

Music video where the singer is dressed as an old style robber 
The singer is dressed as an old style robber he is going round searching all the locked draws on the wall

The video is filmed at night 
Well actuallyin the video the singer is singing around vehicle. The video was filmed in the 80'same. The singer had long hair (till the shoulder) …

young woman in front of mirror 
young woman singing in front of a mirror with blood down her face

What video clip is it - on a roof top 
I saw it on a gif as the camera zoom into the a beard guitar player he have a white guitar Before the zoom you see a violin player and it was shoot …

Prison chicks hair metal  
The band may have been called prison chicks. All female hair metal band singing in lingerie in a maximum security prison. The video once aired On …

sinking submarine with people onboard  
I'm not sure the video is from 80's or 90's, was still a kid.. They used to show it oftenly on MTV, I think it's a band with a difficult to remember …

who sang - set on a beach 
Video set on a beach it was either 80s or 90s . It was a group and the lead singer had on a leather jacket and had a small monkey on his shoulder

white woman with short hair (looked like ginger hair)  
white woman with short hair (looked like ginger hair)

find artists in 1988-87 pop music video 
I saw this pop music video in 1988 and have never seen it or heard the song since. The Video starts with a guy riding a motorcycle through the countryside …

An old rock song 
The music video starts with a guy and a girl inside a car mechanic shop, he is trying to seduce her and try to kiss her but she takes the keys to …

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All boy band with long hair singing song in a bus 
They sing the entire song on a bus? They arent hard rock. Classic song. Cannot remember the name of this song and video?

Rock video with teen blasting music in his room 
What is the music video (80s hair?) where it starts off with the teen boy up in his room blasting rock and roll and his dad yells at him to turn it …

Black man in yellow suit 
The video is from the 80's or 90's pop song. It starts with two men jumping in a weird possision one after the other following the songs drum rythm. …

Space suits numbers 
Space suits numbers

Animated guys singing on TVs 
3d animated characters singing 80s pop song on old tvs

Music Video on CMT - Man in a hat 
I think it was in the 80's. Man in a hat driving in what looks like a desert, stops at an old bar and goes inside and plays the piano and sings. …

1988 or 89 country video 
It's a ballad that starts with a girl phoning her friend to watch her ex boyfriend on television. he sings the song and we watch her at home crying …

Red lipstick women, ponytails, 80s or 90s 
Red lipstick women, ponytails, 80s or 90s slow temple somg, white shirt/ dress

Man running up stairs 
There's a guy running up several flights of stairs. He keeps culturing and hallucinating, seeing different disturbing animal images.

3 guys in green construction coats, silver care with hydraulics, bass, rap

Looking for this new wave video from the 80s or early 90s 
It had this lady and man singing. And a part of the video had the lady come through the door with her face on a crowd of people as they walk past …

Synth pop video circa 1984 
I remember a video with desert sand and fire, perhaps a hand stroking the sand leaving a trail of fire behind it (pretty cool!)... Music sounded much …

Woman sing it and takes place in western  
Woman sing it Takes place in old western People running around in video

80’s rock video 
Music video where band is on stage singing in front of a giant eyeball

Electronic Music video from 80's 
An electronic type music from 80's. There is an ambulance at song's clip. video has been broadcasted at polish channel STARSTV

Who sang this? Lazy 
Just heard this song on rock FM..lyrics start like this...."Lazy b**ch, I know you are out there ".Sung by male with a voice almost like Bon Jovi. …

male & female 
break up song both sat on a swing throwing food at each other 80s

young blond guy 
pulls girl into movie

Early 80s country music video, hitch hiking cowboy dropped off on dusty road near bar/cafe 
Drifter cowboy walks into bar/cafe in small dessert town, while older barmaid tends to cowboy's order, cowboy, walking around sees old piano, open key …

Music Video - Early 80s country Hitch hiker cowboy dropped off on dusty road at a bar/cafe  
Music Video Drifter cowboy exits 50 model truck, gets belongings, walks into bar/cafe, as older barmaid tends to cowboy's order, cowboy walking …

Late 80s animated music video  
Late 80s, very early 90s. Not an uptempo song but not a ballad either. Was a man singing. The video was a cartoon one of a man running and climbing/jumping …

need help with song 
caucatian male first-person-ish Location: in a warehouse containing a scene beige suit jacket dancing/ follow you around the scene …

Looking for a music video with a guy dressed in yellow t-shirt or sweater.  
Hi guys, I'm looking for an amazing music video. Video contains a boys band from the 80's I presume. It seems like their first TV appearance. I …

Popular rnb-hip hop video one of the artists wears skeleton mask 
Many artists signing hip hop rnb very popular old song one of them wears skeleton mask

Group hanging off ropes 
Group were hanging off ropes..they were a boy band/group from the 80s...very slick and stylish

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Hilariously bad 
What was the name of the romantic duet in the early 80s. I recall a somewhat large man and a blond woman doing a sort of Romeo and Juliet thing with an …

80s or 90s love song. Beach video guy dressed in all white 
80s or 90s love song probably one hit wonder situation. Video is all beach scene. Guy dressed in all white walking while singing on beach. Cynthia …

Small blond hairs man walking down street 
Small man the singer is singing to a tall women walking down a street There a popular groups late 80.

Half-animated music video with black female protagonist 
Song is probably from the 80s or 90s. Either rock or synth rock, like Outfield or The Cars. Most of the music video is animated, featuring 70s-style …

Woman and guy singing and dancing to and up beat song at the dinner theater with live dancers and band 
Dancers have feather hats, jazzy band they start the video sitting at the table with friends and the woman starts singing

Guy kisses dog thinking it's a girl 
Hello, this is an 80's love song. Video is in color, guy is daydreaming and kisses a dog thinking it's his girl. The chorus goes something about "I …

girl with red high heels shoes 
I only remember the end of the music video... about a girl wearing a leather jacket and a pair of red high heels shoes walking slowly on a sidewalk …

Short Song, No Background Music, Lady Singing On Porch 
I'm trying to remember this song that is actually a really catchy song. It's an old song that has no background music but people these days play …

What 80s song had a music video in the library and he sings about the librarian 
The music video may have been videoed in the library and there was a librarian the singer was interested in

Black male 80s singer. Rest of band is white. 
Saw on tv. Lead black male singer. Rest of the group was white. Video was him on stage singing. I believe he had a red suit on

Bald, old person in hospital gown 
I think it was mid-late 80’s . Probably alternative. Saw it on Friday Night Videos. Looked like person was dying....was carried at end of video.

Music video - Horribly off tune male singer, female bass player, male keyboardist 
I have no idea how this band was famous. The lead singer I think had black hair and could not sing AT ALL. Anyone who has seen this music video or heard …

Three boys in a bed tosed by a car 
It’s a 80’s or 90’s Music Video in english

I think this is a 80s rock song - going down a drain 
I remember seeing it on vh1 pop up videos. It has these guys who are all sitting around this table in a sewer and the table and the chairs are all …

country music video campfire 
campfire other singers that's right

Band all guys video of them driving through Queensland  
I think they were a European band. The video showed them driving though Queensland, Australia in summer - think cane fields and lots of sun. Can’t …

Little Blue Girl 
I know it was a music video I saw on TV as a kid in the 80's in the USA. There was a little magical blue fairy or pixie like girl throughout the video. …

Guy playing piano as car goes off cliff 
Red car went off a cliff as this guy is playing a piano and singing. Sad 80s video from MTV. Maybe Alan parsons project maybe Billy Joel.

song - water 
Black woman dress men water

Music video van has broken down in desert 
80/90s Music video where van is driving through desert .

phil collins, in empty room with a stage and then he sang alone. after that he come back cleaned it 
phil collins alone in empty room with a stage, he sing and then back to clean it.

Dream sequence kidnap 
Dream sequence with a therapist hypnotist kidnapped locked in closet

80s music video - in the night 
Very popular 80s song, male band, video is in the night, its very dark, on road with blue neon sign as you drive past . The neon sign has the name …

Woman bathtub 
Woman bathtub

music video about cheating 
a girl is on the bed with her girlfriends. she gets a phone call (?) about her boyfriend cheating on her. he comes to visit her and she throws his …

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80's hair metal video 
80's hair metal video starts with a family (drunk dad, mom, teenager) in trailer home. The dad is b**ching about his loser son and mentions the cassette …

Music video - conversation 
Help find this music video. I think that the song is from the 80s. A guy is in front of his bedroom mirror putting lipstick on as he talks to his self …

Guy dancing and sweating 
He was wearing a suit, he was dancing and singing, the video had many weird edits that would put him in odd places and give weird backgrounds, he …

80's music video - rock 
set in a radio station, the DJ asks the traffic reporter to give a traffic report, the reporter is lying on the floor, gets up and starts his report. …

The singer was wearing white clothes standing on a cliff 
Love song Late 80's The singer wear white clothes and he was standing on a cliff

" highway" or : out on the highway" 
it's from mtv at the beginning of when they started showing music video's. it's either called "highway" or "out on the highway" the song sings the …

Sidewalk or Street song ... 
song would be mid to late 80s similar "tone" and release time to bands like Erasure, Bronksi Beat, Pet Shop Boys, etc. - male lead brit pop - …

Boy band films the music video while drunk 
A pop (-ish) boy band of 4-6 members. Video filmed in a closed made up room (set) with all the instruments. The band members were drunk while filming …

what song is this - girl sitting 
girl sitting in middel of room,surrounded by walls with windows and pictures, guy with curly blonde hair watching her through pictures and windows, …

country music video on top of a train 
in the 80's a country music group made a video on top of a moving train.

Music video singer leaves his girl to go sing 
He is late to his own concert and leaves his girl to go sing

black and white music video, a singer, she dances 
I remember only details which I gave in the title. she had a soft voice and she sang love song.

Girl. Eating in diner fancied by another woman  
Girl eating in diner ....shes fancies another girl whos going out with a guy. ...disco

Anyone remember an 80’s music video where a couple are making out on a beach 
It was at the same time The Motels Only The Lonely was out. It wasn’t “suddenly last summer" but it’s close to that exact idea. Driving me crazy …

Man singing with other man in a church  
Man singing in church with other guy both wearing suits one is playing a piano and it’s goes something like wind on my baby

Sounds like the song the sound of the the silence when distrubed covers it. 
I remember singing it in choir or theater, can't remember which one , but when the song is being sung the doors are open to a young handsome man with long …

Abusive man comes home walks in front of TV woman is watchinng 
I thought it was a version of Mr sandman. Female singer asking for a dream man. Her partner comes home that night ignores her walks in front of the …

Long haired guys performing their catchy, upbeat song at a castle 
A rock band, guys with long hair, with a song from the '80s whose video was shot in some castle; they had their performance there. Heard it a long …

80 romantic video  
im looking for old video clip song that the singer is in the beach wearing colour shirt, and som kids around near coconut tree

Music video of a french song  
its a french song maybe the late 80's or the early 90's it a white french male singing with an animated white bird flying in the music video and exploding …

half animated music video from late 80s or early 90  
half animated music video, starts with girl in room, then starts animation animated girl picks flowers and dog jumps to her..., it is not Enya for …

Music Video - guy angels in heaven tought it was sweet dreams.but.isn't  
Music Video An anxious guy is led by a little girl into heaven and is then sat down and sang to by a band there - all dressed in togas/wh and done up …

Old country - dad and his daughter(s) 
Late 80s country video, a dad and his daughter(s). He gets his child(ren)for visits? I remember a truck stop bathroom scene, msybe using the hand …

Set on a train platform. Naming stations in lyrics. 
Set on a train platform. Names stations on the line in the lyrics, pretty sure it's the chorus. In the night, or in black and white. I think English …

natural - girls playing instruments in the back 
guy singing with girls playing instruments in the back

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Sad 80s video - Parents fighting 
Parents fighting in front seat of car, little girl in back with doll. Fighting gets scarier girl unlocks car door. Next shot is at a bridge with girls …

80s - Black and White - Man on train in city - he was looking at a woman outside - birds were featured somehow 
This was soft rock/adult contemporary. The man was on a train in a city. He saw a woman as he was passing by, and I think i remember pigeons or doves …

Lady receiving a flag of a soldier who died 
Female artist a daughter left behind

Music video in a warehouse with a lift and dogs 
I am looking for a music video that is from the 80s and includes a lift, warehouse type setting and dogs running wild at the end. I watched it on …

On the beach - black and white 
Love song, male singer, black and white music video

Solo male artist filmed near pyramids  
80s song. Maybe Canadian as that is where I first saw it. Man sings about grass on the other side. He is located in ancient ruins or pyrimids of some …

missing video - they reunite on stage 
band member has fight with girlfriend and he goes on tour and she's going to the airport and turns around and goes to where he's playing and they …

Black solo guitarist with black ballerina  
He is playing the guitar and she is dancing balletHe has a big Afro

The video starts with a skier finding an old abandoned cabin where he finds hidden pictures of the previous owners. The color of the video changes …

Alternative music duet on a spaceship 
1980s or early 1990s alternative or ballad song with a man singer and a woman singer and the video takes place on a spaceship. I think at least the …

Leather jacket with no shirt on 
Leather jacket with no shirt on Earring

black and white girl dance 
gilr dance black and white

Video of a guy in prision 
There was this video of a guy in a prison remembering his girlfriend, they guy was blonde with medium hair (shoulder), this prisons was most like …

Man at amusement park 
I though the song was house of the rising sun but can’t find it. It has Man at amusement park walking at the end it was a white roller coaster.

80s song with a guy walking down the park 
A guy walking down a lane in a park I think wearing a top hat and a red and white striped suit holding a cane

80s desert song 
I can remember a music video from the 80s but can't remember the song but feel like I loved it so want to know what it was! All I remember from the …

Vamipre video - in a castle 
Thin British guy with 80's hair seducing young woman in a castle

Female and doors 
I remember there were multiple doors and the singer was opening them. It was like talking about her imagination or something like that and the doors …

Rap - partly animated 
Rap, duo, the video is partly animated but there is also real people in it, the video has a lot of pink and they are driving a car

Singer walking through cloudy city 
He walks next to a wall with some grafiti, He has mullet but is losing hair on the front. He looks like Phil Collins. The whole video is set in …

What is this song?this girl is riding in a car, grtbout and jumps in the river. When the adults tunbtonthe side of the bridge all that is there is a doll floating in the wayer 
There is a little girl riding in a car. The car stops and she gets out and jumps into the river. When the adults look over the bridge rail there is …

Four guys on quad bikes 
Song has bagpipes but video has no bag pipes.

Russian blonde girl 
Foreign, possibly russian or ukranian , blonde singer in orange top and blue jeans, high pitched voice

Phil collins 
Video of Phil Collins driving a car through the desert with a Snake in the car. A gas station appears. What’s the name of the song?

Hip hop like song - in a vampire costume 
A black guy dances around in a vampire costume in a mansion

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Orange hair singer. 
The girl singing the song has Orange hair in the music video.

What is the female artis name - blue background 
Black Woman #1 Haircut Big mouth red lipstick singing in a house with blue background alone

Who is the rapper, or the name of the song, in a music 80’s or 90’s Rap video. There is a black male wearing dark shades in front of a brick wall ...maybe in an alley?  
80’s or 90’s Rap video a black male wearing dark shades in front of a brick wall maybe in an alley. The lyrics contains the words: I ... get buckwild. …

Help with Song and video - singers walking on a craps table 
Sorry I have little to go on. I saw the video in the 80s on Much Music (Canadian MTV). It would have a been all lead female vocals 2-3 singers. Possibly …

name of video - biker guy and rich girl 
biker guy and rich girl

Mid-1980's R&B Music Video - a bunch of kids lip-synching 
I watched this music video on a Richmond, Virginia music video show called "Soundtrack" hosted by Jay Lang and Norma Blalock on WWBT-12. The show aired …

80’s pop song synthesized dance song 
music video from early 80’s where guy is in room of mirrors being stalked by weird woman

A man with a white suit entering a gay bar with trasvities. There is a plump roman man who at the end of the video disrobes and is wearing a speedo. The singer gets on stage with a baby tiger 
The video starts with the singer in a white suit entering the bar. The bar is felled with men and transvities. He sings and people are dancing. …

"Still haven't found what I'm looking for" by U2, live music video on rooftop of skyscraper 
- Artist: U2 Song: "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" - Did you see it on tv? Or did you view it on YouTube? Saw video on TV - How …

What's the music video with the tuxedo guy doing the crazy dance? 
The video has a Caucasian male with a crew cut wearing glasses in a black tuxedo. He's doing a weird dance like getting on the floor and he has …

Featured two girls dressed exactly the same in two videos. 
They were in two videos and I think they only appeared at the beginning of both. I know they were in a hallway outside the studio were the band was …

80's Male lead singer band walking through a house 
80's Male lead singer band walking through a house

What song is it - ball 
A ball coming out of a window and goes bouncing down the street

80’s music video - trench coat 
I have been trying to solve what video I have described to family. I was a kid but I recall a guy in a trench coat (white guy) in black and white …

House where transparent/ghost people walk through house 
I think it’s a female artist from the 80s or 90s. Calmer music if I remember correctly. Transparent people begin to emerge from items like a pile …

in a library 
S guy in a library

Popular male 80 - lead singer is standing by a light pole 
The group is is singing outside on the steps of an apartment building. The lead singer is standing by a light pole. I thought it was the group "Troop" …

Popular male 80"s group - on the steps 
The group is is singing outside on the steps of an apartment building. The lead singer is standing by a light pole.

Looking for old song - come back to me baby 
I'm looking for an old song. All i can remember is the words come back to me baby come back to meee it was sung by a boy band and the video was a …

forbidden love 
70s or 80s music video where a black women loves a white man and they run away. They sit on a car and she sees herself in the video (with an afro) …

looking for a music video - blue dots on her skin 
im looking for a music video where a girl is singing in front to people in a school and she has blue dots on her skin and also there are three detectives …

What 80’s song music video? 
A man drives up to a building and watches a woman through a window dancing ballet

Wife is clueless but expects me to find it lmao 
80's soul or r&b with an African American singer in an armchair throughout the video

unhealthy love 
unhealthy love video in a kitchen wearing all white make singing

A guy and girl singing a catchy song on the beach. Some of the video maybe black and white 
A guy and girl with parts of this particular video of them singing on the beach with each other. It was kind of like a one hit wonder . Parts of …

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So lost 
In looking for a music video that had 2 black men and 1 black woman wearing all black robbing a bank at the end.. A Saxophone is playing along with …

you liitle 
girls walking up and down stairs

Creepy black and white video from the 1980s. 
So, the video was in black and white, and it features a group of people carrying blank placards back and forth across the beach. My Mum and I didn't …

Girl group with colored wigs  
The girls from the girl group are wearing differend colored wigs with curled hair. They are wearing underwear and are meant to be in heaven as far …

girl in a fur coat and a fur hat 
girl in a fur coat and a fur hat

london to new york 
English female singer, low voice set in london? boyfriend takes photos of girlfriend chorus includes lyrics, "London to New York"

80s country music video 
Filmed in the Mojave desert, Newberry Springs CA, rodeo scene, used local people, love song, filmed in an abandoned hotel, artist sang and played …

Is it Heaven 17? 
80s song/video of an English band, one hit wonder maybe. Singer/bassist was the catalyst, dressed as a clown, watching other band members go through …

80s music video - three guys party in their house 
70s/80s three guys party in their house mum and dad went on holiday

Whats the name of the song ? guy falls backwards 
What's the 80s video where a guy falls backwards onto a stone table that turns out to be a pool of water?

80’s or 90’s song - Jazz/crooner 
Black and white video clip, solo man singing, 80’s or 90’s, Jazz/crooner, love song

Black female, observatory, shadowy figure. 80/90s 
Black female, observatory, shadowy figure. 80/90s

late 80s early 90s female singer/duo fighting crying over a dying man, i think in space. 
My memory of this video is kind of shot, i was really young when it came out. The music video was from the 80's or early 90's. Pretty sure it was one …

80s video of a band fronted by a woman. I remember horses and a forest 
This video is very obscure. My sister owned it on a VHS - like a promotional video. I want to say the group's name or song title had something to …

80’s power rock ballad - drive mustang 
Guy and girl driving mustang. He leaves her at a motel in the rain and drives off in the mustang

Black women in white motorbike leathers 
1980s song where a black women is riding a white motocross bike in white leathers.

mirror dress 
video with girls in short mirror like dresses upbeat tempo fast and fun to dance to from the 80's maybe somthing with coconut?

A blonde male singer gets home, hugs and dance with a little girl.  
A friend told me about and old music video (probably from the 80's)where the main singer finds a little girl, hugs her and then both dance while he …

Possibly 80s/90s vid with old-skool visual effects - bench 
The video has shots of the singer, a black man in his 30s (I think) wearing a hat and sunglasses, sitting on a white bench in a white infinity-style …

Band with 2 members - bridge and streets 
Old band from the 80's or the 90's i think.... with 2 guys, one guy was a white man and the other one was a black man. the white guy had a long hair …

Late 80s, lavish military banquet scene... 
MTV or VH1, male vocalist alone with guitar, rock or pop, scenes of jolly military brass being served at lavish banquet, candelabras, pretty waitress... …

Music video with female singer - prison 
She was walking in a prison with a flashlight looking in the cells. That's about all I can remember. Probably from the 80's.

Video with neon sign 
Was probably from the 80's. Featured an animated neon sign of a walking dachshund.

80s-90s music video. Predominantly blue visuals, short haired female singer. 
A video I heard in the 2000s but I'm pretty sure the video was older (90s)... Anyway it was a female singer, short hair (almost shaved head)... the …

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in place walking guy jazz music video 
in place walking guy jazz music video on youtube black and white music from 80s

Guy in the desert building a stage . Came out in the '80's early '90's love song 
Love song . Building a stage in the desert . At the end it's like a concert . Sorry not much to go on . It's been awhile since I watched it .

Black and white video from 80's or 90's - laboratory 
The beginning is probably in a labarotary where a warning alarm activates. Then you can see how the car is going. This pop or rock song.It's not animated. …

Indie 80s style video - help? 
Back again,still looking for this video I saw with the shifting art goes from painting like style,3D animation,claymation,80s graphics. …

get out of my dreams and into my car 
singer had a brittish or austrailian accent - it was made in 1980's

Music video had 2 women dancing in front of wall 
May have been from 1980’s One woman was short and looked like Rhianna. Women were wearing lingerie and stockings

Throwback song that I cant seem to remember very well - cooking and dancing 
The song genre was either r&b or hip hop I believe I seen it on tv I song was made between 1980’s- 1990’s Its a indiviual artist It takes …

80’s music video - record album for a bottom  
80’s video with a pretty girl wearing a record album for a bottom

skeleton playing guitar 
hi its a video I saw on MTV in the 80s. it starts with a guy dressed in white in a morgue. there is a coffin with a body and then a clear skeleton …

80's New Wave Video-Dr. Feelgood Riff with Gray Background 
This is an 80's dark new wave video. I saw it at the 80's club. The riff was almost the exact same riff that is at the beginning of "Dr. Feelgood" …

1980s era MTV channel US rock/pop video's climax shows a white woman with a room full of body bags (of men only?). Bags hanging from the ceiling.She is a serial killer! 
I think there was alot of sythesizer (dramatic) music for the end of the video. Only impression was the song/video's ending, when it is revealed …

80's male sing group - on the porch 
In the video the group is singing a slow song while sitting on the porch. It is a R & B group, but can't remember the song or group.

80s Music Video in black/white or sepia colors with propeller planes in the background 
Band sings and playing with guitars; in the background of this black/white or sepia colored music video you see a propeller plane. Thanks a lot !

80s split screen black and white 
I’m pretty sure it was and 80s video with one half of the screen was a guy dressed in all black with a white background and the other half was a …

80s video with Victorian era outfits  
I’m looking for a 1980s video that has a woman and two men wearing Victorian era costumes. The woman is wearing a wig and awhite dress that (I think) has …

80s music video androgyny 
I saw a music video a few months ago on the mtv 80s station and now I don't know what video it is. They were on a stage. It was a male singer singing …

Trying to find a song stuck in my head - black and white Animation 
I am unsure of the genre of the music video I Saw it both on TV and on Youtube The Video i would guess is from the 80's or 90's (unsure) heard …

Obscure 80’s video seen on MTV 
Had a military or war like theme. If I remember correctly some of the military/soldiers were skeletons. There was a little girl and she may have …

Music video from the 80s i saw on a tape  
I saw the video in the late 80s on a video tape i had from Germany. The video is about a girl in white dress. Everyone around her was in leathers. …

Video of the band in the back of a truck 
Rock song from around 1989 (UK) with the chorus ' heart and soul, just give it all you got yeah, heart and soul, give it baby, a little bit of heaven …

A drinking cosmonaut in a rotating capsule 
In the 80's, there was a video of a guy pouring wine(?) into a glass and drinking it while a Russian sounding song played. I thought the music was …

English kids go on party retro videoklip 
English kids go on party retro looking videoklip. New but looks like its made in 80' or 90'.

blond girl wearing red dress  
Looking for a song, where the singer. a blond girl wearing a red dress is singing what i remember being a sad song. red background as well that seems …

Looking for an early 80s music video with a pink background 
It's a rock-pop song with a good upbeat beat to it. Not jazz, but has a quick paced feel to it I saw it on YouTube It's definitely a late …

80s - bar 
bar blonde woman video in pictures

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Rock video set in gym? 
There was a rock song in the late 80s or early 90s. The video had a very attractive girl doing boxing training and working out in a gym. I watched …

Sounded like someone having sex but was really someone riding a bike 
Back in the 80s I remember hearing what I thought was the intro to a record but it may well have been a radio jingle. It was the sound of a man going …

singer in trench coat  
guy in light trench coat gives the girl a red rose. they separate. there is also smth like a school yard. from the 80s. he has long been hair.

80s acoustic rock ballad- two singers on chairs with white background 
two men with ridiculously long, damaged blonde hair. They sang an acoustic love, rock ballad. They were in front of a white background sitting in …

beauty and the beast concept music video 
music video is in a abnadounded house where the beast lives and a girl came there and was trying to find him. it's american song from '80s or '90s.. …

White & red cars, chasing one another, digital hearts, tunnel 
My husband remembers this music video from the 80s where a girl and a guy are driving separate cars (one white, one red) and digital hearts follow …

80s music video with high heels in a circle 
Mtv in the 80s. Psychedelic colors with high heels walking in a circle.

? Every time you go away 
I remember watching a music video in the 80’s and there was a man sitting on a chair or couch. Throughout the video, a woman walks in and out, and …

Music video where singer didn't want to lip sync, so he dropped his guitar pick to stop and pick it up 
There was also an actress with very wide set eyes, and it panned between floors of a building. Can't remember if it was 80s or 90s, but I watched …

looking for 80’s song and its driving me mad - 2 men in desert 
80’s, 2 men in desert rock like enviroment with keyboard trying to look like they make the music Pop Long hair, one dark and one blond Tight leathery …

Main act of concert notices two ladies in bed of red pick up 
This is a music video from after 1985, fast tempo, still popular in the dance clubs. Rap, techno, funk, but not heavy metal. In the night, on the …

Finding a 80's music video with women in green suits 
I've seen it on youtube. It's a catchy 80's or 90's dance song. The band is on a stage (someone is playing a keyboard) and all around them are dancing …

1980 Scottish rock video 
Bagpipes, black and white, filmed on a beach with large black cliffs or rocks found on a beach, possibly in kilts, pop/rock, the riff was probably …

old music video 
As I recall, the video is of a solo male singer who is on a stage sitting on a stool. He may be wearing a white hat. He opens the song, rock song, …

I saw a music video on MTV in the 80s but i cant remember any words only cords and a bit of the video. 
I remember a guy running through the streets or alleys of a city. There were animals that made him go another direction. At the end, he was on a …

80s or 90s song about the environment, pollution. Singer was a female with a backup chorus. 
80s or 90s song about the environment, pollution. Singer was a female with a backup chorus. In the end of the video she is standing on a big pile …

subway girl 80s pop

Love Song in the 80s 
Ok so I am trying to find this song from a video clip I saw a long time ago on TV. Here are the details I remember: - it's from the 80s - one male …

Old 80s or 90s video of sad teen 
80s or 90s U.S. video on TV and on a VH 1 casette for VCR. Either slow or médium paced song. Young caucasian teen girl had dark Brown straight long …

80s dance club quirky like Nu Shooz  
In the video, band members are in a box that is rolling down a hill or cliff. It may be a glass box. The repeated music line is four notes, played …

Mystery video with funky Latinos 
This video possibly came out in the late 80's. It had an old Mexican or Spanish song with trumpets (maybe) mixed into it with a funky beat. There was …

three girls and an police officer 
an old song from the 80s about two or three african american girls dancing together equly and ther is also a police officer impressed by them

Guys on staircase wearing tuxedos & snapping their fingers 
This video escapes me, but was played heavily during the mid to late 80's. There were Guys on staircase wearing tuxedos & snapping their fingers. …

snow white video in the late 80s or 90s 
Malé Singer. Beautiful ballad. Snow White modern story. She gets a drop of an oil on her lips in the end of the Prince and wakes up Thought …

VH1 duet (husband and wife) mid 80’s or early 90’s 
There was a song on VH1 in the late 80’s or early 90’s that was a duet by, I think a husband and wife. A love song, and the main wore a ball cap and …

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theme and group of a video clip of hard rock or glam rock music in which the group comes out with faces painted in fluorescent colors, play on a beach 
the music is eighties but the video seems of this century. All those that appear in the video have a painted face and are voodoo-type faces

lots of girls in a bathhouse 
80's video girls in a bathhouse

Country music video on a train 
Country music video Female singer with a band Video done on a train Song had a train theme Came out in the 80s She had red hair Didn't see her …

end 80's or begin 90's hit - clip: singer followed a woman 
Do you remember... In the clip, the singer (red? and long hair, small) followed a woman (tall with miniskirts) trying to seduce her but she didn't …

80's rock video ex lives next door 
80's rock video ex lives next door

An electronic song with video in restaurant from 80'/90' 
Hi! I'm looking for a song which I heard 2 years ago. I found it on youtube, it has a video with a girl (or a boy, I don't exactly remember) who is …

Older video, perhaps 80s or 90s 
It's a pop culture video, in which the guy singing/rapping is in a leather jacket with a red bandana around his head. The song is half Spanish half …

Music Video 
the video starts with a house and there is wires everywhere. The camera then goes up the stairs and into a room where there is like a control room …

80s or early 90s music video where kid witnesses sheriffs killing someone and hiding body in swamp. An uncle tells him to keep quiet and ends up shot at end of video  
80s or early 90s music video where kid witnesses sheriffs killing someone and hiding body in swamp. An uncle tells him to keep quiet and ends up shot …

Pop Music Video Likely From 80's 
I am trying to find a music video from my childhood that was likely from the 80's. It is a very bubbly, pop song as I recall with the artist or band …

It was slow and 80s 
It was in the 80s and the song was super slow. Don't remember much in the video but there was this one part where the singer opens the closet door …

80's country music video 
It was a 1980's country music video there were three, the singer wore a blue blazer and had short of the friends dies …

80s music video seems to be in a warehouse or hanger 
Mid 80s rock video on MTV in the U.S.. Can't recall the group's name. The music was mid-tempo to fast. I don't recall if it was colour or black …

its from the 80s 
all I remember in the video it was two woman who lived next to each other an when ther boyfriends/ husbands left for work they would go to one of …

Music Video: I think that was a 80s song 
I saw the videoclip once and I remember a concert in a sort of abandoned factory. There was also a stage in wich the group played the song with lights …

Man on one side of face woman on the other 
Trying to find out a music video from childhood. It was the late 80s... It was a guy (i think he was black, he would sing and the shot was a side …

It had a black woman in front of a fan and she had big earrings and it was from the 90s 
The music video was from 80s-90s, it was in black and white, and had a black woman with big and round earrings standing in front of a ventilator.

Song from the 80s 
I am from Austria. I saw this musicvideo on Mtv about 1985 or later. In one scene i can remember there was a female singer with long blonde hair, …

name of this songg 
train station subway 80s leather jacket king

Horse that lays down 
This is a music video from the 80s with a guy singing on beach maybe and there's a white horse that lays down or maybe falls down....

Guy singing on the street following a girl and her friend 
It is kinda similar to uptown girl and might include the word hey somewhere in the title or in the song? The guy singing has all his friends with …

What's the song? 
its a pop music video i think from the 80's, with black guy with afro hair, pink headband.. Afro on roller skates disco funk music video

Early 80's video male singer rolling around very spiky hair 
Early 80's MTV video male singer rolling around on floor, bed, ground? very spiky hair white face paint? Swooning voice,. like crying almost …

Swing, black and white video, circa 1980 
I think it was a black and white video, circa 1980 on Muchmusic Had someone on a swing

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80s White male in colorful poncho dancing in a canyon with his band  
It was a great song with a great music video... i think about being free and he is dancing around with his arms out and just slowing spinning,high …

80s Video with Bank Robbers 
In the video, the band is a gang of bank robbers from the 1920s. The lead singer is female and has hair that is two colors.

80's or 90's possibly love song 
I saw the clip on a WatchMojo video but cannot remember which one. There was a woman on a set, I believe she was wearing a white dress of some type …

late 80's or 90's punk acoustic song 
black & white video fat guy playing solo acoustic guitar about god or children

Color video but the set and band was only in black or white 
The band members and set was all black and/or white but the video was color video on MTV late eighties early nineties can't remember song or artist …

Old music video where boy and girl were childhood friends. Later he’s a nerd and she’s a model or actress I think? 
Old music video (80’s) where boy and girl are childhood friends. They meet several years later and he is a nerd and she is a beautiful model or actress …

Animated 80's video  
Classical piece - electric violins. Video is animated seem to remember faceless robots and Venice sinking into the sea in a glass bubble

White male group black and white music video 
Black and white music video All male group Either 80’s or 90’s

Guy playing piano on mtv, singing about his hurt 
Saw on mtv back in late 80-90. An older male singer with long hair, goes by one popular name. I believe song is about wife had an affair. Singer …


Music video, solo male singer, dancing girl in blue dress 
The video was from the 80’s and was played a lot on MTV. It was a pop song with a male singer and a dark haired girl was dancing somewhat slowly …

Rock music video from the 80s. 
It's a music video from the 80s where some nerds order pizza for a party and the entire high school shows up for a really wild party.

80's music video on VH1, about strange figures jumping 
80's music video on VH1, about strange figures jumping. they jump on one leg and punch eachother on the musics beat.

Late 1980s, singer on studio stage, blonde in black dancing in background 
The song is from the later 1980s. I think I saw it on youtube, in a 1980s one-hit wonders complication video. I have gone back and watched a lot of such …

80s male country singer with black hair and cowboy hat 
All I can remember is he had shoulder length black hair and wore a cowboy hat and was sitting in the window of an empty romm during the video,, …

Video where guy in black jacket and guy in white jacket take turns singing song 
It might be the same guy in both jackets, two sides of one personality. Or it may be twin singers. Song is similar to "In the Summertime", but came …

80s video game style music video 
In the early 90s mtv played this music video constantly. It was 2 guys in an old fashioned style video game - this was before minecraft but they …

80's music video 
The story in the video was a criminal getting out of prison and being chased thru a parking garage and gunned down

Black guy on the beach with a fedora 
My wife said there was a black guy walking on a beach, he had a slight accent and was singing about girls but not in a raunchy way, and she thinks …

Very old music video dont Remember lyrics or melody 
The music video was about some guy who was enjoying spring and then monster appears and the winter comes on and they keep fighting. Unfortunately …

arrgghh! help! 80's band in a desert, covered in mud 
so the band are walking in a desert, maybe on an old jalopy, they all jump in a puddle of mud and are then playing their instruments in a white …

80s music video female artist plays a piano in a dock or port and sings 
80s music video female artist plays a piano in a dock or port and sings, male accompanist with a white pant dances in the background, there are …

Music video with singer walking through pictures 
A music video by male singer. At beginning singer breaks through full screen video pictures of fire, baby crying, etc. Video played on MTV in …

Band playing instruments with white background  
The band members are playing instruments. White background. A few blocks used for staging. Maybe wearying hunter green. Band clears set at end of …

A lost sad song 
The video I am thinking about is about a woman who is capture by a group of - I believe - mid-eastern men and is forced to live. The video is from …

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Crazy song fom 70s-80s 
Crazy guy, blond long hair , single in a room. Is wearring an white dress with some blue models on it. This video remind about: want to break free. …

Early 80's pop solo in a rowboat 
Late 1982 or early to mid 1983. Pop, likely a single, solo artist from what I remember. The main prop was a small rowboat that the singer was …

early 80's rowboat 
early 1980's song. A single and minor hit in early 1983 (I think). Video includes the singer by himself rowing a small rowboat either in the sky …

girl singer with red hair and black rapper 
I think this was a late 80's or 90's fast beat song with a white girl singer with super red (shorter) hair, singing with a heavyset black rapper. …

80's video him in black corvette her running on a beach (roxette?) 
Played on much music often in the 80's. The couple looked like Roxette. She seems to be running on a beach while he is in a black convertable corvette. …

80s heavy metal song in Catholic girls boarding school 
Band playing rock on a spaceship lands at Catholic girls boarding school and starts playing music which starts transforming every women into a …

80s - 2 black women singing  
2 black women singing and dancing together police officer walking by near end sing while on a runway

For some reason this 80s music video was funny to me. It was one guy singing. Think it was a a love song or about missing someone.. it starts with …

80s video big hair band walks into a restaurant starts singing 
80s video big hair band walks into a restaurant from a tour bus. starts singing.

Band like the cure. Guy is wearing a dress and kisses another guy 
Trying to figure out the name of song from 80's or 90's. The band is like the cure- shot in spooky house, two guys dressed like women - I think …

Black and white video 
It was a country music video from the late 1980's. I thought it was by Blackhawk, but not so sure about it, as I can't find it listed anywhere. …

Girl dancing on the beach, lying on the sidewalk 
I think it's an 80s song. I saw it on youtube. In the video, the girl dances in the kitchen, on the beach and down the street

Fast paced, light metal video, camera goes through walls from room to room of what appears to be a crack house 
Was on MTV back in late 1989 - early 1990, I was in college at the time and it would always be on the 5pm show on MTV when I got home from school. …

8o Rap song with a girl on the beach 
80 slow rap love song with a girl on the beach

Music video 80's 
Black guys in suits singing and dancing with skinny ties.. the early 80's

80's country music video  
Early to mid-80's. In color, guy walks into dusty barroom, he's got a hat on (don't think it was a cowboy hat), sits at upright piano and sings …

80s/90s song 
okay, so i dont really remember this, cause i saw when i was a kid. but from what i can remember: the video definitely is from the 80s, there's …

Sad song with lead female singer maybe 80s 
the music video has a lead female singer with a male guitarist by her side. The song was sad and i think it was during 90s or 80s

Music video from late 1980s 
Genre: Pop but it's somewhat of a mellow tune (if I remember correctly) Aired on Mtv or VH1 sometime in the late 1980s Artist is an individual - …

Female Singer, has man in bathtub dying 
The video is from the 80s or 90s and had a female singer. Her lover is dying and she's begging him not to give into the darkness. There's scenes …

MTV video 
Female singer in front yard with picket fence has wavy hair brown was on MTV in the 80's90's pop song mid tempo

late 80's early 90' video- falling from roof 
possibly chicago or billy idol? the girl falls off the top of the buidling. I want to say she is formal dressed. Ive searched everywhere and …

A R&B Duet from the 80's maybe the 90's. This Video Aired Mostly on BET's Video Soul  
A lady and man are outside in the night singing. One particular scene I remember about the video is the lady is standing in the street singing, a black …

I Don't Remember The Artist, Only The Music Video 
I remember the music video, but I can't remember who sings it or even a lyric. It's an older music video, 80's. It's more of a slower love song/breakup. …

80s white shirt beach cheesy 
80s white shirt beach cheesy

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Man with microphone signing outside house, stairs in the background

rock video with girls filming the band 
There was a video by a hair band in the late 1980's or 90's and there were maybe 10 girls that they had pulled out of the crowd that was filming …

Man in front of fireplace 
A guy is singing a love song in front of the fireplace. Probably from the late 70s early 80s.

Video a priest a church and a girl 
This is Rock from the 80's, in a small country church there's a priest, every day a beautiful girl passes in front of the church riding a bicycle and …

Can't Remember 
Love Song from the 80's/90's, pop song I think. Sung by a woman who wore white, mostly a white flowing dress against a silvery/grey backdrop. Was …

Asian new wave leaving red lipstick  
80/90's new wave with asian girl in red dress that leaves red lipstick on items and people. Slow trance like melody but has a scream or screech …

White guy and black guy singing together  
Its a pop music video i think from the 80's, with a white male singer featuring a black singer and the music video looks like something behind the …

Guy meets girl but has to go back to work then three women appear and help him get to her

I need help 
Music video from the 80's ...a woman leaving a man (he's well dressed) she takes his watch off his wrist, a cigarette gets dropped in a glass...she's …

MTV 1980s male and female in a house 
A guy is playing guitar and singing. He's leaning against a wall next to a fireplace. There is a drink on the mantle. A well dressed woman is directing …