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90s top music videos include All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (Heart), Blaze Of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi), Cradle Of Love (Billy Idol), Free Fallin' (Tom Petty), How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Michael Bolton), Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor), Poison (Bell Biv Devoe), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana), All 4 Love (Color Me Badd), Enter Sandman (Metallica), (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams), Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (C&C Music Factory), All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun (Sheryl Crow), Baby One More Time (Britney Spears), Loser (Beck), Nuthin' But A "G" Thang (Dr. Dre), 1979 (The Smashing Pumpkins), Everlong (Foo Fighters), Doo Wop (That Thing) (Lauryn Hill), Sabotage (Beastie Boys), Waterfalls (TLC), Around The World (Daft Punk), Creep (Radiohead), I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston), The Sign (Ace Of Base), Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden), Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) and Live For Loving You (Gloria Estefan).

And how about 90s videos such as Can't Get Enough (Winger), Cherry Pie (Warrant), Civil War (Guns 'N' Roses), Freedom (George Michael), Groove Is In The Heart (Deee-Lite), Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice), Justify My Love (Madonna), Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J), U Can't Touch This (M.C. Hammer), Vision Of Love (Mariah Carey), Wicked Game (Chris Isaak), Baby Baby (Amy Grant), Black Or White (Michael Jackson), Crazy (Seal), I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred), Losing My Religion (R.E.M.), Rico Suave (Gerardo), Something To Talk About (Bonnie Raitt), That Don't Impress Me Much (Shania Twain), Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve), Virtual Insanity (Jamiroquai), Buddy Holly (Weezer), Criminal (Fiona Apple), Closing Time (Semisonic), It's Oh So Quiet (Bjork), Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz), 3 A.M. (Matchbox Twenty) and I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys).

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People with (gas) mask crawling in an air shaft. 
People with (gas) mask crawling in an air shaft. Also there was somebody tied to a chair. And I think there was something in a bathroom also. I think …

Country song wishing you the best  
Blonde girl heading to the city to make it as a model

Father Can't Find A Common Ground with Son, Both smoking pot to deal with the feelings 
It was probably a video very late eighties, but more likely during the 90's. In it, there were all different scenes, but the one I can remember is …

In this mtv music video, it is a slow song, there is a bald guy. a bunch of people get sexual in the elevator

Mid-to-late 90s music video. Father Soldier home doing drugs in bathroom, daughter walks in 
I believe it was a music video from the mid-to-late 90s, either pop or Rock. I believe it was in black and white or at least partially black and white. …

black group 
black group dancing on stage

Clubland song Late 90s/ Early 2000 
Girls march around a man (possibly the dj) on a red chair. He is wearing a coat with shades on. When the beat drops he flicks his index finger towards …

Dance song  
All I remember is this dance song where people were wearing bright outfits and some were wearing ski gear and dancing in like a abandoned warehouse/factory, …

Dude with dreadlocks  
Different colors spot light on singer

stuck in the middle  
A beautiful dark-haired girl girl sings it in the road with a car in the middle of it; she's wearing pants and a satin bouse; the video is all in …

ambulance black man singing talking 
ambulance black man singing talking

I think 90s music video 
was there a video that had an overweight superhero ( guy wearing a cape) that eventually laid down on a bed?

Breaking glass  
Bald man strapped to chair rock somg

Love song in a cave filles Of candles 
Girl running after a man in a cave filles Of candle. Blue color, fire place, stars

Guys Dancing With Fans 
I saw the video on MuchMusic and it was in the early 90s. It was dance. There were 3, 4, or 5 male singers that danced with Spanish fans and one of …

90’s song, maybe early 2000 
Girl is in a forest, during the second half of the video she’s being thrown in the air by a group of people and being catched. It’s very sunny.

Heart-shaped goggles that let you see through clothes 
It could have been a video from 90s or early 00s. It was an animation. A woman puts on heart-shaped goggles that let her see through clothes. She wanders …

R&B song with black male 
An 'old' R&B song with a shirtless black male singing... The video was in black and white - can't remember anything else.

Jungle background with hands looking like snakes 
Jungle background Hands that look like snakes dancing

saerching slow duet song 
all i remember is that it was a slow duet song and the music video was in an apartment that slowy startet burning more and more

guy in trench coat tall pillars 
guy in trench coat walking through tall pillars starts with bass line and drums that go "dum" "dum"

90s r&b male group. The music video had a piano in the water. 
Black male r&b group. The music video had them playing the piano in water...thinking it was the ocean.

Female African american artist wearing a green outfit 
Female African American artist name starts with j In the music video she or the dancer or one person has a green outfit on Probably like 90s or …

Blonde hair girl dance songs

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Band riding in the back of a truck doing jumps and flips in a dark world. 
The band is riding in the back of a truck if i remeber correctly..And the truck jumps and does flips in a dark world, or from skyscraper to skyscraper. …

female singer 
ladies dancing in brown clothes. female singer

Song set in a bar 
In about 96/97 there was a song I liked but can’t remember the name. It was sung by a female artist the video was set in a bar and there was a gun …

serarching for a sad duet music video 
slow paced, filmed in black and white/grey scale. it took place in an air port. the woman was getting ready to leave and the man was racing toward …

Black bald woman 
Black bald woman rock

Music video of a man walking through a town that has pregnant blue-skinned women standing around. 
I remember this music video vaguely from when I was younger. I had seen it once or twice on MTV. It has a man walking through a town that's more or …

HELP! Trying to find a music video similar to REM and Collective Soul!  
Hi There! I am trying to find a music video that sounds similar to REM's version of Mad World or Collectives Soul's, The World I know! I really thought …

Some punk band? 
I remember it being a band or guy maybe. Singing on a rooftop at some point and I believe it was night time. I also vaguely remember the ground …

Blond singer murder lalala 
Blonde singer Background man Man dies Poison Lalalala didada

Country music video - tv 
In the video someone shouts out something about watching tv and eating corn dogs in your underwear. Seems maybe it took place in a court room maybe. …

Searching for a country music song (likely a Canadian artist) from the mid to late 1990s  
In one part of the video, the singer (male) is playing guitar outside a ranch-style house wearing a white suit (I think) and a cowboy hat. There are …

Country music video - fire 
Woman lighting a barn on fire for husband to find his way back home

Break Dancing Music Video 
Don't remember the song. I remember downloading this music video and it had various dancers doing break dancing moves on top of CGI columns. The spotlight …

music video driving a convertible muscle car, guy gets hit in the head with a rock, end with a car crash 
music video driving a convertible muscle car, guy gets hit in the head with a rock, end with a car crash

Girl group name 
White girl group early 90s maybe late 80s black and white video l, watches as their ponytail holder

Black male singing RnB song in the desert  
Black male singing RnB / soul song in the desert

MTV 1990s  
There is no singing in the video, it shows a lady walking down the street and she is looking at everything around her which is going in fast forward …

Music Video - Sugar Babes? Black eyed Peas? or one alike? 
I am not sure if it's a 1990's or 2000's music video. I remember that the music video took place in some kind of warehouse setting, with skeletons, voodoo …

90s Indie alternative rock 
this song was a really aggressive rock song where the band played in a room with people in animal costumes with giant heads.

Brand Nubian slow down  
Brand Nubian who was the girl Tropicana in the video slow Down ?

A sexy music video singing and performing by two groups of boys and girls 
Hi all! I'm looking for an attractive music video clip singing and performing by two groups of boys and girls. It is seemingly recorded in 1990s decade …

Looking for video i can't remember song or artist - cliff 
The video is tow native signers on the edge of a cliff performing the song Late 80s or early 90s

Looking for video i can't remember song or artis 
The video is tow native signers on the edge of a cliff performing the song Late 80s or early 90s

Old spanish music video that has a lot of repetative scenes 
Repetitive scene of woman knocking over a vase. Each time she is wearing something new and breaking a new vase, She cries after and theres a picture …

eletroic trance running night 
electronic trance running night

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Straight jacket 
Singer us sitting in front of camera in a straight jacket at beginning of song. Think hes in a mental institution singing about a girl he tried …

black and white video 
black and white video woman town night

A young girl with gap between her two front teeth 
It was a young girl with gap between her teeth with blonde long hair - i knew she sang baby baby - in the video a guy sip dry leaves with a broom …

Guy dressed in women’s clothing near a piano 
It was a guy dressed in women’s clothing, it looked like a piano bar. His hair was r Tied funny

2 guys in a pink room, one with a flute and one with a trumpet.  
Not entirely sure of age or anything else sorry

i fall in love 
song has black and white video girls walks across beach and in that song she sings like i fall in looooooove this song used to be on air …

Every Triple J Hottest 100 song since 1989 
Has baby doll in main chorus and the female singer talks about her gun.

Kids following a man with guitar. 
A man is singing the song with guitar. As he sings and walks through the streets, kids join in. They slowly enter a garage and the songs ends in …

Awkward blonde male ‘rapper’, driving along in car with girlfriend  
Really awkward funny video, awful blonde young man rapping, I just remember it being hilarious I know one bit he was driving a long in a car with …

Bald head cowgirl black and white video  
Black and white video bald head cowgirl dressed in black take a bath ki Der like a dance song n it said I like it ding ding or ur ting ting

music video - cape 
where a man with some purple cape and shine , moves with a cristal bowl and like a snow scene, im sure im not tripping i cant remenber more

Artist fir music video with boy braking mirror into small pieces 
In the music video, the song is perform by a woman, long white dress, walking down the stairs of a stadium. In the middle of the stadium there is …

I need help. Camera 
Music video, 1990's maybe early 2000's. Camera chases girl running away on a farm maybe. Possibly wearing a red dress. At the end she falls down and …

Music Video - Possibly Swedish artist/band but song in English 
The music video is from the 90s, there is a guy in his twenties(?) singing something like "if I had a blabla heart, I would blabla from the start, …

One hit wonder female teen country star 
Teen girl (blonde) country music song set in school library/computer lab. All the computers were the Mac rainbow computers that had just come out. …

Released 1994-1999, alternative rock band 
It’s a slower rock song. In the video the band is in a spaceship beaming things off a planet into their ship. they keep doing this until they beam …

Blue shade and a kid with a toy boat 
- It's probably a 90s song, because I remember it from my childhood. - The band has a female singer, with very similar vocals to Dolores O'Riordan …

Music Video - Song by asian singer (it was english) 
I saw the music video on youtube probably after viewing songs by the beetles. The singer was female, asian, probably had short hair, and was very energetic. …

The band levitates in a courtyard between apartment buildings. Has Keytar 
Saw it on MTS in Europe in the late 90's. This band had a keytar, in the video they ended up levitating either in a courtyard in the middle of one …

Blonde hair - Glass cube 
Topless Glass cube

Woman on beach 
Woman on a beach in a white robe singing older country song

Girl band black song video in the woods 
Black girl band in 90's song with video in the woods, slow song, all green forest and woods, pretty girls, were popular back in the day, popular song, …

Black man with a bald head 
Black man Bald head Blue setting

I need to know what song this is. losing a father 
It’s a song about losing a father and the man in the video has a beard and is holding up a photo of his dad, then there are loads of other people …

Video clip from 80s or 90s Woman singing soft and sad with very short dark hair, close up of her face most of the clip very thin face

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Black man with top hat and cane with half white face 
Black man with top hat and cane with half white face

Girl band video on beach (mostly white) 
This could be a song similar to Michael Jackson would Sing. All girl band, mostly likely with a 3 letter acronym. One hit wonders most likely - I …

help finding a song 
90's female lead/ video set is in a station wagon all the band members get rotated around in different seats in different scenes, drummer uses back …

Group with a young (early 20's) female lead. Music video was shot in a station wagon 
This music video had a band fronted by a thin young woman in her early 20's. She has short brownish hair. The music video was shot in a moving 70-80's …

pop video yellow 
two guys with guitar flying with yellow jackets

Set in desert 
Set in desert with people in animal costumes. Was originally a song from 80’s. Big chorus / ballad. Piano intro.

Suit and glasses 
I cant remember much other than its played in retail stores jow. But the guy singing has a suit and black glasses on black hair and hes doing a lot …

Weird science basically.  
In the music video I feel as though tit was about two guys and they are creating a girlfriend with their computer like the movie weird science but …

Pagan undertones, Popular vh1/mtv 
I remember there were women singing in higher pitched tones. People were dancing outside with weird wicker hats that covered most of there faces. …

Find music video with a skinny guy painted white, the band were reforming.  
I was in this video, it was released in 1995/96 and I’d love to find it. I was painted white also, I’d love to find it! Does anyone recall a similar …

male singer with brown long hair from the 1990s 
The singer was thin, not muscular, long brown hair I think sunglasses, hippie looking pants. There were guitars, and in the background there were …

I can see it but... 
Its a lates 90s song. the music video is teens running up a hill and jumping off a cliff a big name actress is in it. It was from a soundtrack I think …

Country dad singing about his blue eyed daughter 
Young blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes. Lots of close ups. Male singer. From the 90s. In color. CMT music video

black female singer in her car on the road with yellow butterflies 
black female singer in her car on the road with yellow butterflies

Girl short hair in fall wether  
Girl with short hair singer in fall weather

Rap video - white robe 
I thought it was ceelo but it had a guy in a white disco room with purple flowers and the chorus was annoying and he kept whispering it's that purple …

Country music video - wig 
1990s country music video with woman taking off wig, fake eyelashes, colored contacts and gets in jacuzzi

perfect blonde long spiral curls 
Help, Need the. Name of a 90s female country singer that had long perfect spiral curls. Pretty sure she only had one hit and the video was her singing …

Rappers stuck to camera 
I cant remember, they keep getting stuck to the camera while walking. At one point a bag sticks to one face and he pulls it off and keeps rapping …

Guy with no legs  
I walked into the living room as a kid maybe 3 and remember my dad watching old video it was rock/alternative and in black and white and it was …

Looking for an indie music video/song/band/model 
It was either late 80's or early 90's british pop indie band. Maybe just a one off song. Certainly dont know the band. The music video featured the …

Music Video - Starting to think it was a dream... 
Music Video A group of guys found a letter in their city apartment left by their friend; suicide letter I guess. They start driving around town in …

Emotionless woman in hospital 
The song is from 90's, maybe 96/97. A very rich woman enters in some kind of a hospital. She is emotionless and cold. After she goes to sleep in her …

running from police sinking into floor 
running from police sinking into floor

Scene from music video Dreadlock 
Dreadlock man turning water black

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Emotionless woman in hospital 
The song is from 90's, maybe 96/97. A very rich woman enters in some kind of a hospital. She is emotionless and cold. After she goes to sleep in her …

pop music video with a masked ball  
was a music video where 3-4 girls were in a masked ball, one or all of them wearing butterfly mask. at some point some blue butterflies fly up. maybe …

Music video. Either song or album was called saxuality 
Video took place in a bar type setting. Had s guy with dark sunglasses and a chick with a pink elephant tattoo. Either the the song or album was titled …

Looking for ‘alternative’ video - skater 
I’m trying to find a video (late ‘90s I believe). In this video, the viewer follows a skater-type guy as he walks around town, stopping off to …

Country female - storming 
Female singing about a man drowning in a river while it is storming

rock/metal late 90s animated music video 
Late 90s rock/metal music video that was animated and sorta creepy. Reminded me of a “Tool" type of song...

What is that music video on a boat 
On a boat Sunset yellow sky Dark haired woman Wearing white man

Black and white video 20s theme hip hop white rapper  
Was a popular song on jukebox network in the 90s. Video was hip hop style sang by a white guy. The video had a 1920s theme and the video rotated or …

boyband where some girl is showering after turning on a tv then the boyband sings. 
its a boyband where some blonde girl is in shower, i think it has blue background.and also the boyband is singing in the tv.

house party kid ods in bathroom 
big hhouse eparty kid goes to bathroon overdoesses

happens in space  
It's a song where in the music video a astronaut lands on a play by a structure goes inside and finds a object them had to fight a alien for possesion …

Red-head Country Singer Looked Like Tiffany 
Who is the young country singer that looked like Tiffany? I remember one video about her about being at an amusement park with boyfriend.

Dystopian soft rock  
Dystopian, people living in boxes on skyscrapers, female musician, soft rock, night time,

bald man on mountains 
english music video with bald singer dressed in robe over mountains

video clip from late 90 or early 2000 
its a female singer, in the video a swing and i thik that it was snowing.

jump boat river 
One man is running on a mountain, suddenly jump to a river from a high peak then he swam ang got into a boat from under platform

High school girl and boy in the middle of the song they meet in the forest girls parents were arguing 
High school girl and boy the girls boyfriend and his friends threw coffee at him on the roadside. They meet in the forest after the girls parents …

in venice gondola boy singing 
guy sits on gondola and singing romantic song

A man and a woman have a fight, its her birthday and she is Going out in a limo With her friends. Its r&b i think..  
I hardly can remember iT. Song is pretty old, i guess the 90’s. They are having a fight (in the kitchen?) and then its her birthday and she Goes …

Rock Music video with a girl dancing 
There was a music video -can't remember artist or song, I just remember it was really awesome- where, I think, he was playing the guitar and was showing …

music video - red dress 
one guy singing and playing guitar, lady walks into bar wearing a red dress he is singing go home to your husband and stop teasing me.

Who sings this song and what is the song called for this music video  
Young woman with long blonde and brown hair sat in middle of bridge with guitar and farm house in the background

Looking for an RnB music video in a gas station  
I think it was someone like Marques Houston; video was in a petrol/ gas station, at night, he has pulled up to a pump and then a girl pulls up next …

90s female singer washing boyfriend in tub 
Please help me. I’ve been trying to find this song for ages and have googled anything I can to find it but no luck! This is all I remember: …

1999-2001 maybe. Music video dolls in a jungle 
I'm wrecking my brains about this! The song reminds me of crazy town butterfly. Same sort of tempo I think. I just remember like a Barbie and …

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boy running naked in high school hallway - american -90s or early 00s pop  
it was either a male solo artist or a boy band. the genre was pop. there was a boy running naked in the high school hallway and he ran into 1 or 2 …

What Band or artist? car 
Black woman sitts on car. Some man driving that car. It was open car. They driving sand or road both side are sand. It was dance music or techno. …

Cartoon skeletons 
The video has some sort of animated skeletons, I don't remember whether they were cartoons or stop-motion skeletons. Also the singer is a woman and …

90's rock ballad I think. Video shot in black and white 
Video is shot in black and white and features a deaf girl. Chorus might contain "say something" or "just say something".

Music Video - Sarai? 
I might not have any part of this right but sometime in the mid 90s a music video was on mtv for just a few weeks. I think the artists name was saria or …

The video has coloured ladies maybe from a tribe and they are standing on rocks. It is a sunny day in the video 
The ladies in video are standing on rocks, they are coloured ladies and the song is in a different language i think. From the year maybe 1997-1998 …

looking for a song - desert 
filmed in a desert. guy with bushy black hair. not sure if it was curly. not sure if the car broke down. almost a voice like anastasia. funky song …

Robot and Anti Aircraft Fire 
I was a little kid when this clip showed on TV, it was a classic robot singing and between scenes there were clips with anti aircraft guns firing …

80s or 90s ballad/soft rock, man in coat on top of a building 
A man in a long coat singing on top of a high building. Possibly at night. A love song or ballad.

90s-00s Video of a woman lying disassembled like a doll and reassembling herself? 
So, I saw this music video once of a woman lying in a dark room in a literally disassembled state kind of like pieces of a doll and was singing the …

Girls group driving eclipses in their video? 
Video from the 90s . Use to be able to call in and get the song on mtv.girl group . And in the video they all pull up in a different colored Mitsubishi …

Stop-motion animated rap/pop music video 
- Stop-motion animated wax animals have some sort of race car competition, no live action shots - Verses consist of guys rapping, the chorus is …

house party 
weird lady wearing like a sequined gypsy style hat. male lead singer. funky song

Music Video - Country song, guy mistakenly thinks his wife is cheating on him. 
Music Video Ok, this was a country song that I saw on the TV in the USA in probably the mid-90's, it was on CMT a lot. I was young and it was long …

K-k-k-Karen whoa whoa 
Music video of a band playing in different rooms of a house. Singing "k-k-k-Karen whoa whoa..." seen on MTV back when they played videos, probably …

90s or early 00s rock song 
The song has cars with under glow that flashes. Take place at a convient store. A girl dances on a street light. The group sounds like sum 41 and …

Rapper hospital bed 
Black rapper singing the a girl in a hospital bed

Road trip shower 
Road trip two boys one girl shower

Girl group 
its a girl group in a snow cabin, i think they say when it rains when it rains forever

Filmed in a scrap yard 
Stood on a platform in some kind of yard

90s dance song 
blonde hair in buns white clothing

Woman - chair 
There's a woman (the singer) in a bar or somewhere and she sits on a chair maybe and the chair floats on air as she sings. And there's another woman …

Music video. Trance - suitcase 
Car driver puts hand in suitcase. Hand painted in blue color

Black woman in black dress. Black man shirtless 
Pop song. They both was singing.and dancing

hey sister soul sister 
Busty women driving jeeps in the desert

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Early 90s female pop/adult contemporary; tied to a tree in a storm 
I don't remember much besides what's already stated. I think she might have been Canadian, like Mae Moore.

Girl Photographs 
Girl driving fast to a mountain/hill and throws away memories of her lover

Female country Singer  
The video featured a blonde female artist wearing a white dress. The video also had a very large outdoor white bath tub with brown autumn leaves falling …

Video is regarding a gospel song or i might be wrong about a black man (angel or devil) taking the souls of those whose time have passed, only they …

1990s female singer - old house 
1990s female singer. In old house. Sad song. Alternative. Roaches in video. She has brown hair. And video on a light blue color.

1990s country 
Female singer, young, waitress , bedroom, pink color mint green love

Music Video Alternative Rock 
The music video clip is from around 1994. I can only remember it was a heavy fuzzy guitar alternative sound. The videoclip got some rotation on …

Rock/Alternative. Guy who’s chasing/ stalking girl in a building 
A guy was chasing or stalking a girl in a building, and I remember the video had subtitles of the conversation the stalker / stalkee were saying as …

Woman tying a man up hanging him upside down  
Shes singing in a wharehouse area in a very hot place she ties him up and hangs him upside dow

Blonde short dreadlocks girl and red airplne 
Can anyone help? There was a video clip with a small blonde girl with short dreadlocks and a red airplane. If I recall correctly the lyrics include …

singer rides off with biker 
song was a Peter frampton cover song

Music Video 90s or 2000s: A red belly dancer dancing in the dark while a woman sings in Arabic. 
Music Video Being trying to find this white whale for a few years but to no avail. As far as I remember, it began with the silhouette of the belly dancer …

black and white music video. female singer 
it is a black and white music video. singer is a white female. I'm not sure if it was in English, but if not then it's either Spanish, French, or Italian. …

Guy playing keytar in 90’s r&b music video buy the pool  
There were two kids in the music video a boy and girl. Guy was following the scenes playing the keytar

90’s video in the desert  
video in the desert

Old Indian music video in which a girl returned to her old abandoned house 
An old Indian song in which a girl returned to her old abandoned The video as she explore the house she had different flash backs of past.some …

skateboarding park 
skateboarding park

gorgeous girl in a van with a guitar 
gorgeous girl in a van with a guitar

Video/Song in a tunnel 
The video of the song had a scene in a tunnel, cars were stopped and the video had a tint of green. I think there were 3 people singing, 2 guys and …

Music video possible french 
Artist is female - international not U.S. Late 90's mv or early 2000 Possible she had white or silver hair MV plot tragedy of a girl who ran …


hiya! the main theme was a punkish girl under a bridge singing PLAY! 
From an English band probably, early 90s, colourful, sexy, and catchy. thanks! (it was on a loop on the local mtv in Montreal)

Not american, had tractors and guys in a bar at the end. 
This is a video I saw on link tv in about 1999. It was northern European or russian and started out with a guy driving a tractor down the road. He …

Female Artist Riding a Futuristic Motorcycle Late 90's or 00's 
In the Video its a female artist I believe to be European seen on MTV back in the late 90's early 00's Only lyrics I Can remember are "All of my …

90s video on BET 
Music video r&b black girl with braids and she is dreaming of her missing friend. From the mid 90's.

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Instrumental song with kid saying "Made" 
Basically the song shows a bunch of clips from the desert, beach, houses, and some people like a guy with glasses, someone in a computer, a woman …

80s/90s African Song Dancing by a Waterfall 
This is a super happy song in an African language (?) that was huge in the US in the 90s. The music video 80s shot somewhere beautiful in front of …

What song was this - body part 
Late 90’s, probably pop or rock. Group of about 5 guys. The video was of the band performing and they would accidentally cut off a body part and blood …

Maybe Rock. A white guy dressed luxuriously sings about his life that's filled with girls. I hear. 
It's from the 90s or 2000s. It's heavily popular because i heard it in India a decade back. The video has the male lead playing a trumpet / sax. Entire …

A plane in water with a guy on top of plane singing 
I am looking for a music video of what I believe is either alternative rock or just rock - There is a man sitting on top of a jet. - The jet is …

Techno song from the 90's 
I'm trying to find a techno or trance song from late 90's . It started with a hairdresser(opening the shop i guess) the walls were green or blue. …

A guy finds his girlfriend cheating and kills himself

Electronic music where a guy picks up girls in a"party semi- trailer" 
The song was pretty cheesy and involved the artist picking up girls in a semi and I believe the artist was a one-hit wonder. To begin no it's not …

HELP!! light blue outfit 
This music video starts out with a white girl on a motorcycle and she’s wearing a light blue outfit. Eventually she walks into a diner. She’s very …

90s-00s female musician black hair 
Saw music video on MTV in 90s-00s female artist with black hair kids playing on a pier or marry go round / carousel. Any help would be appreciated …

Maybe not Saint Etienne  
Looking for a black and white fan video, looks like it came from a French movie from the 50s or 60s. Just a man and woman in the video, with a car, …

Blue drink 
Blue drink transformation

Girl group Arab song 
The song is Arabic,pop genre. It's a girl group of 3 or 4 I don't remember. They were dancing in a boxy thingy with blue lights on the walls. There …

A football music video with little children of all nations playing football with the flags painted on their faces. I remember the music being with …

Orange or red head lead singer underground parking lot  
This music video was on MTV btw 1996 and 1999 this is an alternative rock band almost sure is American although I could be wrong. In the video …

Black people in white clothes 
Black people dancing in white clothes on a green field, singing “african"

90s? Male singer, girls dancing on street 
Saw a video in a pub on a 90s playlist of kind of slowish songs. Male singer. Video switched beteeen different girls dancing on a pavement on their …

Cannae Remember Nothin' Bae 
Blonde, white guy walking down street in dark suit. Black and white music video, starts in small house. Falls in coffin for a while, then promptly …

What black and white music video is this? 
It is a black and white music video, set in one room, as night falls these stars start to come down and they dance. The artist i'm not sure but …

Please help me find a video about a blonde haired belly dancer in a blue bikini. 
I have been looking for this music video since I was young. It was about a woman in a black dress observing the performance of a blonde haired …

looking for a 90s music video / song 
fat manager following kid on skateboard through hotel corridors euro dance 90s

A talent show looking stage and a guitarist with a black shirt and a pencil mustache  
The shirt is black long sleeve with white pen stripes on the seam and on the curtains of the stage are hanging letters

Dance video - in London 
Dance music, 4 girls wearing short skirts and open blouses dancing on top of a building in London

Music video with a car going backwards in desert 
Music video with a car going backwards in desert I am pretty sure the singer is named Rose, Rosie, Rosa? She had short hair that was dark. In the music …

90s eurodance/techno with video of East-Asian girl walking through city 
This track was a pretty big hit in Europe in the 90s. Instrumental only, trancey-techno-style, and the video contained an East-Asian girl wearing …

late '90 early 2000 
Video is taking place in a bar singer has something like a cowboy hat and a scar on eyebrow.Its a band. the song is from late '90 early 2000

late '90 early 20000 
Video is taking place in a bar singer has something like a cowboy hat and a scar on eyebrow.Its a band. the song is from late '90 early 2000

"never cheated on my taxes never cheated on my wife" is in the lyrics 
video of a guy playing guitar sitting in front of a piano. it was just him playing his guitar , he was wearing a brown hat. one line of lyrics was …

Video of the 90s, animated black and white.  
Only instrumental music video in black and white (Pencil-Style) animated, mixture between indie and rock, hammer sledging sound, factories, not the …

Driving over a bridge in new york 
Rockish kind of song has a couple driving I've a bridge at the end of the video

90’s music video where the band is riding in a flying van and there is a guy on the hood steering it with reins 
Probably 90’s alternative or grunge band. They are riding in a crappy astro type band. A guy is on the hood outside the flying van holding reins steering …

1999 house Music videoclip  
Hello I’m searching for a old music video that was going on mtv house charts in 1999. The stile of the video it’s a black and white cartoon anime. …

Love Song music video in an airport, probably late 90's 
Love Song music video in an airport: I'm gonna try to make this short.. I have to hear this song again or I'll go crazy 😂 The male singer is a former …

Music video white line turns into man turns into shark etc what was name of song? 
White line back background. Upbeat song. Turns into different shapes.

sexy french girls in the boxing gym 
which band or singer had this song and what was the title of this song? it was definately from the 90s when I was a kid. girls were dancing in a boxing …

Video where kid chased a model airplane 
Think it was called Fly or flying or had that in the title Was a danse-y kind of song was late 90's

Singer wore a white dress with tassle 
Singer is wearing a white tassle dress with a white back ground was late 90s

80s or 90s dance video about two sisters at the club 
the only thing I can remember that it is about two sister, the older one is in her late teens/early twenties and the younger one like 7-11 y/o, they …

Maybe 80s-90s: Older White male singer in the middle of a club dance floor with scantly clad younger dancers 
I saw a music video in a pub in Ireland and I can't really pin down the decade but it was a medium-tempo pop song, an easy bop that could get stuck …

Black and white cartoon DJ 
He was a white (not the skin colour) DJ with black outline dancing around his White House pretty Sure it was drum and bass but it was that long ago …

Hi, im looking for music video of the '90s or maybe even '80s. In that video man (ghost?) is walking inside the old house, touching things. I thiks …

Wedding bride  
Bride wedding tourbus

Blind girl working 
Its a girl that is blind folded and is a worker,

90's rock song zombie apocalypse in hospital 
90's maybe early early 2000's my sibilngs wpuld watch this music video where it was a zombie apocalypse inside a hospital. I was young but it was …

Early 90s song where the simher slowly starts singing at the beginning of the song. 
It was a song where the guy slowly starts singing the beat comes and goes almost like a static sound but it's not static. If the remember correctly …

The music video a guy singing on a firescape kibd of a live song 
The music video a guy singing on a firescape kind of a love song

Trying to find 90s cartoon music video 
It's about two guys who help an alien/Angel girl escape the army, (castle in the sky) is one of the lyrics and I believe it was sang by two Asian …

Singer in the rain by the ocean 
The video was just a singer in the rain on a dock sitting next to a body of water.

Dance Off Video 
There is song which has a dance off between two teams. They are in a construction site on a floor. When a lady is dancing off against a man, she pulls …

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Spanish song  
Music video shows girl dancing in the club. She is young and has short dark hair. After that she escapes her small town, in red dress she runs and …

90's video - little girl leaving party in boxcar 
In the video a little girl leaves her party in a boxcar/go cart type thing. Possibly a Canadian band, not sure. Anyone remember this? What is …

music video clip maybe glam rock 
blonde guy painting a girl's portrait, a building in flames

90s music videos black lady dancing in bikini with female singer 
90s music videos black lady dancing in bikini and slow motion with female singer kinda like disco music

Woman sings in room filled with sand and she's got white dress

Cartoon rnb song  
Cartoon/animated rnb song 2 singers a girl who sings and the guy who raps while climbing a building the guy raps very loud

What's the name of the video - Instrumental 
Instrumental b&w girl car

Loot for song name, was around 98-2001 animated girl riding a motorcycle 
In this video, there was a animated robot I think it was a women, who ride motorcycle, and the song was kind of metelic robotic voice.

Mom washing car 
Mom washing car with boys playing in rock band

Space themed mid 1990. Two girls on a spaceship in video. What is song called 
Space themed mid 1990. Two girls on a spaceship in video. What is song called

Late 90s/early 2000s Music Video - hard rock 
The song is more punk rock/hard rock. Music video shows two story lines - about becoming confident/overcoming obstacles. A girl gets her groceries …

Band levitates at an appartment complex 
Around maybe 1999 - 2001 there was a one-hit-wonder with some kind of pop rock band that had a really catchy chorus. Singer has a keytar and is in …

Latin music video 
I think its a latin music video I think the singer is a black or latin guy(s) The only thing that i remember is a latin girl with white high heels …

Music video - Bride turns into a mermaid 
Back when I was a kid I remember running into this one music video a couple of times or more. While I don't remember anything about the music itself, …

The video was from the beginning of 1990s It was in black and white Young group of people on a small wooden yacht on a lake (in Italy?) I thought …

Rock video of a band playing on the top of a cliff and people are jumping off.  
Looking for the alternative rock band who has a video where the band is playing on the edge of a cliff. There are people running and jumping off the …

90s music video black and white with a bride  
It's not Toni Braxton's "Breathe Again", it's a more uptempo song

90s electronic song with limosine in the video 
the song is kindoff similar to sash- equador, they drive a white limo with a pool on it, i think the male vocalist is wearing a white suit and says …

1990's R&B video 
r&b music video where the singer is a detective chasing a woman end of video woman is on the ladder to fire escape surrounded by cop cars

Don t stop breathing 
Don't stop breathing was on the radio and it was a sad song that was dark in a dark mid 90s timeframe.

90s kids hanging out and jumping in a pool  
There was a 90s music video with kids hanging out at a gas station store or something like that and then there were scenes from a party with some …

Rock Metal swamp vid 
Slower metal song, sort of softer than most metal rock. 90s or late 80s. Singer is in a swamp with fog around his feet

Singers are Woman in a red dress and a man, song in English but singers are not native speakers 
Singers might be Turkish or Spanish. Woman is blonde and wearing a red dress. Song genre Europop with some rap maybe.

Solve this mystery please! Music video - black and white 
This song has escaped me for years and I’ve never known the I seek your help...I’ve only ever heard the song a couple times in my life but …

Love song - in all white 
Hawaiian group in all white singing by the ocean in all white

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Late 90’s female singer flying a plane 
Late 90’s music video with female flying a plane while female(s) singing the song, kind of futuristic video I suppose.

What is the video which had car chase 
Boy band video, with someone flagging off the cars

Dogs chasing girl 
A music video, where a metal band was playing and in the scene there was a girl being chased by dogs in an a abandonned building, at the end of the …

Hindi video husband brings her exam boyfriend home 
He see him standing with rain. He helps him and takes him home

i don’t know the artist or the name of the song but i know the music video 
girl is singing to ghost boyfriend and then a death angel comes and sings wanting to take the boyfriend

Music video - Lady in a tub 
The music video was sung by a female artist i remember very little i just know liked it ... it had a boy giving a woman a sponge bath and think the …

Country Song - engagement 
It is a female artist with dark hair that sings the song. I remember seeing the video in 1991 or 1992. The video takes place of a couple walking …

Music video with a guy in a hospital  
The music video is a hip hop video. It has a man laying on a hospital bed, he's injured and bleeding and he's rapping. There's like a sexy nurse dancing …

CMT blue eyed campfire singer 
Hi On CMT in the US. Probably early-ish 90s. This was not a group. One man. I believe the video had other aspects but it kept coming back to the …

Old black guy with dreads 
There was a music video with an older man with colorful dreads singing. It was a song a bout smoking weed

Music Video Female singer in car with pigtails/plaits 
The only bit of the music video I remember is the girl singing is sitting in a car with I think 2 other people. The car is driving down a deserted road …

Music video, song from late 90’s 
The song sounded African, sung by an African smiley face male, mostly summer rhythms. Standing on a cliff or side of a tropical waterfall, a pretty …

2 women in a house. Possibly sisters 
2 Latino looking women singing in a house. Possibly sisters. Song has kind of a Mexican olay Olay Spanish sound.

90's song - jeep 
Anyone remember a song that was on MTV in the late 90s by a white bald dude driving around on a beach in an open jeep and at one point had a monkey …

White boy walking on streets 
Hi! I cannot remember for the life of me what that song was with a guy singing, and a white chubby kid walking on the streets of some country-esk …

Music video of nerd making girlfriends in basement 
Music video of high school nerd making girlfriends in his basement. First girl he makes is stolen at a house party. Second girlfriend is a cheerleader, …

electronic music video with TVs that have female legs 
i'm not sure if it's from the 1990s or 2000s so i'm sending this request in both. It's an electronic music video that's pretty repetitive. There are …

dance song asian cowboy 
this is going to be a needle in a haystack job but the song was in the late 90s (97-99) and was a kind of dance track and all i remember there was …

Spanish song 1980s or 1990s Two rap male singers 
Two rap male singers, video shot in a pub, fast tempo song with pop music.

Summer song blonde on a beach 
Very happy summer song in english, blonde girl on a beach - maybe some pole or a structure on a video too.

Naked people and lead singer with guitar aired on beavis and butthead 
Video that was played on beavis and butthead, naked people in the background with the lead singing (female, hair parted to the side) playing guitar …

Red Floating Balloon 
This was from a music video seen in Europe. It was either 1999 or 2000, not 100% sure which. It was a band, male lead singer 3 or 4 guys in the …

Acoustic guitar  
A woman dancing around a camp fire singer playing a acoustic guitar

Vocalist wears white shirt and sunglasses  
Vocalist wears white shirt and sunglasses . He is playing with animals in the grass.

R&B 90's Song? teenagers 
I saw it on a UHF channel late night as a kid that played urban music videos (rap & R&B). Two teenagers were having a date. The male in the music video …

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Late 80's or early 90's music video - car 
Music video The main singer has gap middle of his mustache..... One part of the video has about 6 people in a large stationary red convertible car, …

seen on tv mid 90's 
rock band (guitars etc.) frontman is bald. water on streets flooding everything.

2000s song - close to a car 
Blonde female singer, i remember there was a hot boy in the video. They where close to a car and maybe gas station. I think it was Madonna, but couldn't …

video with horses 
video from the 90's with horses running on the beach sung by a woman,kinda sexy! in the song there is a blowing instrument being used .

Hip hop yellow rain coats  
90s hip hop guys dance in yellow rain coats

Rock song - walking down city street 
3 or 4 men walking down city street with arms locked at elbows. I believe they had on suits, and they were stepping together. Long strides left and …

bald guy singing on the rocks 
music video from early 90's or late 80's - bald guy singing on the rocks on the sea, ballad made of some folk Irish or Celtic song

1990, heavy metal, band wearing gas masks 
Was covered in UK's Jukebox Jury on Oct. 28 1990 (the one with Robert Smith). Must've had close ups of butts.

1990's dance tune, let me be your remedy in lyrics 
features a woman in the desert with a horse dancing around her, think 1990's dance tune with lyric let me be your remedy

Blonde on the road  
Red lipstick, pin up girl look

This song i cant remember 
Like there is this black guy and he has a hat or dreads or something characteristic about his head. in a car. i think its a convertible but its night, …

Ring shopping 
I'm pretty sure it was black and white American rock or alternative

Smaller on the outside 
It was a country music video. All I really remember is a couple looking for a place to live and the realtor showing them this little camper looking …

90s animated music video  
Music Video 1. Could be a rock, metal or alternative band/performer 2. Played often on MTV India / Channel V 3. The video was animated. More of …

hip hop animated 
hip hop animated

Music Video - card game 
Rob Zombie wins Asian girl in card game and drives off with her in his car - Asian men cahse after him

Big beats/house music video 90's MTV 
The music video contains images of a camera flying above a large lake surrounded by hills, while the music is playing, and there is nobody actually …

Music Video - White guy with curly afro and bulky glasses 
Music video Reminds of me Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite. I think it was a parody or something for SNL, but it was an R&B rap song, and the guy was …

90s or early 2000s love song  
In the video the girl is painting and the guy is singing the song

Help find a video 90s country 
90s country video takes place in big white house camera outside and people in video take turns running up to the camera artist has long dark hair …

ballerina dancer in front of a orchestra 
The song was maybe a metal or rock kind i am not so sure. But there was a ballerina on the music video dancing by her own. The ballerina danced on …

girl takes cardboard cut out to carnival music video And they go on rides

blonde male singing in a condo with windows 
late 90s condo with windows bright blonde male

English rock ‘90 
I the video had an English telephone box at the countryside... rock music band from the ‘90s

Jungle Moon 90s music video. 
The music video takes place in a jungle with a party going on. The main singers were wearing Hawaiian shirts (i think). A lot of the video was rap-like. …

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Music Video - Might have been a one hit wonder  
So the mood is very sad - I believe the people in the music video and the settings are made of paper? something like that. Black paper i think. Anyway …

girl band bathroom 
girl band bathroom video

Music Video with tank - band was driving the tank around the dessert 
Video with the band driving a tank around the desert. The vocalist was a bald guy, a guitarist was a black guy with helmet and there was a scene were …

Lady in a veil follows a coffin on a carriage then goes on a gondola with the coffin 
Looking for a 90's song where a lady in a veil follows a coffin on a carriage down a cobblestone road then goes on a gondola with the coffin

Music Video about a Bicycle race (not Queen!) 
The Video starts with a numb guy eating his cereals. When he's doing that, he starts daydreaming about competing on a bicycle race (I think those …

Opening of head  
late 1980 or early 1990s music video of guy sitting on chair singing, women comes slicing/grinding open top of his head, pulling objects from his …

90s R&B boy band in a barn 
black R&B boy band from the 90s who are singing in a barn at night

Checkered flag style jacket 2 tone green. 
Think it is a music video from the 90's. The singer is similar to Craig David. Is changing scene and clothing throughout video. One of the scenes …

country - traffic jam 
The music video starts off as a news coverage of a traffic jam. Band tour bus in a traffic jam. The group gets out to play for everyone. Country music …

Can anyone tell me the name of this 90s house/record. being chased by police 
90s dance/house tune, video is set in 70s with a white guy with a big afro in a leather jacket, walking round America city, being chased by police …

dance classic from the late 90s i think - sitting on a chair 
Hi folks Im trying to find the name of a dance classic , I would think the song is from the late 90s and maybe the Ibiza era. I keep hearing at the …

Band gets eaten by worms  
90s video where band gets eaten by sandworm or worms. Might be a heavy metal band.

Black female r&b singer on her front porch 
She is heavy set, curly for, she starts the video on her front porch

Woman red dress and cape 
The was a video that had a lady rise up from being bent back with a red dress and what looked like a cape swinging around I first thought En Vogue …

Music Video: Woman leaves boyfriend gets on old grayhound bus 
Music Video: County song girl leaves boy gets on a Greyhound bus and dances around in a really short mini skirt has all the guys old and young watching …

Running Woman 
All I can remember is it's a poppy/techno song, and in the clip there is a woman running, I think there is a house in a jungle/beach setting....maybe …

Woman sitting on the stage while some people cleaning it 
A female singer, (most likely with blonde Bob), sits on a chair on a stage of theatre or something, while it’s being cleaned by men with big brooms. …

slow song - woman lying on street 
woman lying on street everyone joins

Heart emblem 
A black guy and his group dancers which wear uniform with a heart emblem, are dancing . Two people try to move the singer out of stage. They pass …

Blonde dreadlocks 
Saw it in TV 20 plus years ato Took Palace somewhere underground with large ventos Single female singer Sony mid tempo Aline in the video Sears …

Female singer Blonde dreadlocks t-shirt chances color and print 
Female singer Blonde dreadlocks t-shirt chances color and print

red female wall 
red female wall stop light

butterflies in a basement 
butterflies in a basement

A girl that drives a away and the guy watch her drive away. 
I think the music video is in black and white, the scene I remember is in black and white. All I remember is this girl sitting in the backseat crying …

2 woman supermarket 
2 woman fight in supermarket throwing things at each other

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Girlfriend singing 
Bald dude on motorcycle with girlfriend singing

A 1990 song - the sea and a cliff 
Video clip featuring the sea and a cliff a jamaican or african singing in english and a woman in arabic Song of the 1990s

Song About A Couple Knowing They Shouldnt Be Together 
All I remember about this song is a man and a woman singing and the music video is of a couple living in a small apartment and not really wanting …

Black and white music video from the 90s 
Hip hop song that starts off with a white man singing what sounds like gibberish like "la blah blah blah" followed by a woman singing "I feel" and then …

woman in red dress - dressing room mirror 
Low voice Slow tempo Maybe a drag queen Brown hair medium length