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Do you need some extra help with trying to find a music video?

Are you trying to find a music video in which you just didn’t catch the name of the song title or artist? Maybe you saw the video on MTV, VH1, CMT, Fuse or another music channel or tv show. Or maybe you came across it on YouTube.

Music videos have been around for a long time and accompany just about every popular song. Dedicated music tv channels started with the popularity of MTV in the 1980s. New music videos are released continuously.

On this page, site visitors can help other site visitors figure out which music videos they are looking for.

Note: If you are trying to find out about a song and not a music video, go to the Find A Song page.

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You will be able to submit your music video question further down below.

How to find a music video by description: Be sure to describe a music video as well as you can when submitting your question. It is important that you provide plenty of details about it, such as:

– What is the music video’s genre, i.e. rock, pop, rap, hip-hop, r & b, soul, punk, country, reggae, techno, dance, new wave?

– Did you see it on tv? Or did you view it on YouTube?

– How old is the video? If you don’t know, then when did you see it?

– Can you tell if the artist is an individual – or is it a group?

– Where does the video take place?

– What kind of props are included in the video?

– What are some of the lyrics? Or, are there no lyrics?

– Is the music slow, fast or mid-tempo?

– What do the artists look like? What are they wearing?

– What do any other people in the video look like?

– Is the video in color? Or is it in black and white?

– Is it animated?

– Does the video remind you of any other video?

– In what country did you see the video? (Please note that we have site visitors from many different countries so this detail could be important)

– Does it include clips from a movie or tv show?

– Any other helpful information.

Be aware that the more details you provide about your music video, the more likely someone will be able to tell you what it is (and the more likely your question will be found by search engines which will increase your chances even more)! Also, check out the other music video submissions. Maybe your question has already been answered!

And be sure to help others if you know the answers to their music video questions!

Note: Links within the submissions are not guaranteed safe; so clicking on them will be at your own risk.

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