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Well this is where our site visitors come in. If you haven't been able to find a certain song title elsewhere on this site, you just may be able to get your answer here.

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  • What are some of the song lyrics, if any?
  • Is the song fast, slow or mid-tempo?
  • What is the genre, i.e. pop, rock, punk, hip-hop, reggae, country, rap, disco, soul, r & b, dance, techno, new wave?
  • Was it used in a movie or a tv show?
  • Does it have heavy drums, guitars, piano or any other instrument?
  • Does it have any unusual sounds? If so, in what part of the song do you hear these sounds?
  • Is the song sung by a male or female? Or is it an instrumental?
  • Does the singer's voice remind you of another singer?
  • Does the song remind you of another song?
  • Where did you hear the song?
  • What country was it played in?
  • When did you hear it?
  • Any other helpful information. Just about any details you provide could help.
  • If you are looking for help with something music-related that isn't a song, state exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Remember, the more details you provide, the more likely someone will be able to answer your song question (and the more likely your question will be found by search engines which will increase your chances of someone submitting the answer you are looking for)! So describe as much as you can! Also, check out the other song submissions. Maybe your question has already been answered!

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    Bob Marley 
    Bob Marley is the name of the song, i can't Find it on YouTube, i think it appear in 2018

    A song that was on a commercial between 2011-2013 
    A song that was on a commercial that was by an artist with blonde hair and was aired on tv around 2011-2013. Her album was influenced by the 80’s …

    Trying to find a rap song with people echoing in the background? 
    It’s a slow rap song with peaceful instruments and I swear someone says bruh in the background. And it sounds like the main singer says “ima go off" …

    Seeking a freak in a tight miniskirt 
    This was a London track which was mostly wrapping and the story line goes about a dancer falling in love with a beautiful female dog so on the dancefloor …

    Song help - dont know what 
    Song says something along the lines of “dont know what im looking for" or something like that. Lead singer has long hair and they are on a beach I …

    chinese song 
    it starts with violin opening and it sang by a chinese girl, mellow song

    Reggae song 2010-2011? 
    What's the song called that featured a very smooth beat? Along with the song features a man artist that is singing regage who has a smooth voice. …

    rock band with somg about old people f***ing 
    there’s one lyric that’s like smrh amrh echoes through the room kinda screamo rock, all of their cover art was rly ugly and hand drawn, rly small …

    French band? 
    loungey style jazz progressive song with high pitched feemale vocal. Progressive chorous

    "Only you" song 
    It's medium tempo romantic song. The part of the refrain is the words "only you" (after that woman adds something like "by your side"), then goes …

    Cause there life in the wind and it's calling my name 
    Cause there life in the wind and it's calling my name

    Possible remix of song 
    It sounds like a chorus or church choir in the beginning. The beginning of the song is at 5:14 in the video of the high school performing a Harry …

    Music video dance 
    Male dancers band dancing and running on shooting water fountain stage at night handrails top hats

    Party on roof 2005 
    Dance group song medium fast tempo late 2005 with song lyrics party on roof...

    Asian happy beat song with girl and boy 
    So the song has two asian people, one being a girl and the other being a boy. I can't remember if the lyrics were in english or japanese/korean/chinese …

    Music video had a blind guy in it 
    I cant remember for the life of me how the song went. However I know the music video follows a blind african-american man who dances on the streets …

    Song with guy shouting/ singing and like a backing vocal of a group of women making uh noises  
    So this song I have one specific part stuck in my head. So the guy shout sings WHYYYY and the group of people in the back go like UGH and he goes WHYYYYYYY …

    lyrics did you hear that train go clickety clack it's gonna bring my baby back to me 
    lyrics did you hear that train go clickety clack it's gonna bring my baby back. It’s gonna bring my baby back to me

    What is this music video/song??? note 
    I cannot for the life of me remember what song this is but I can remember the video fairly well. It s house music, something electronic anyway and …

    Punk/rock song from youtube. Curly mustache man 
    Song I heard years ago on YouTube from a reccomendation from Beartooth-In Between. Video is a man with a curly mustache moving oddly and singing with …

    Hold on 
    songs playing in clubs in about 1987 , could have been called hold on. A medium tempo soul song with a line in the lyrics such as - i can hardly …

    "sad song/bad day"- upbeat song 
    I heard it on the AJR pandora station. I "liked" it but haven't heard it in a long time. It was super funny about having a bad day. I can't remember …

    Song that slowly starts with "hey hey" 
    Slow, sung by a (maybe black) female, maybe used in a movie, pop song

    song that starts with the flower opera 

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    Song with See You Again in the chorus (not Charlie Puth one) 
    The song starts off quite slow and speeds up into the chorus where a female singer starts singing 'see you againnnnnn... i'll see you againnnnn' …

    Song - blond long hair man 
    *What are some of the song lyrics, if any? -No, i don't remember *Is the song fast, slow or mid-tempo? -mid-tempo *What is the genre, i.e. pop, …

    Spanish band sang song named vampiro  
    This Spanish song sang by a band of ladies, I sow it several times in Spanish channel called Fiesta that was between 2000 to 2005

    here we go 
    here we go now here we go here we go now here we go doo doodoo dodoo doodoo

    Lets go 
    Song starts with disco, techno then a guy shouts LETS GO and the beat gets faster

    2000s or 2010s music video? 
    It was kinda of a Pop style song that took place at a drive in movie theater.

    what is the name of this song 
    Sung by a young black male the deeper part of me loves the deeper part of you this is how i feel

    Rap song  
    A rap song from the last year that starts of with a man talking in a deep voice, and he’s like like baby and oh baby and that’s all I can remember. …

    Two Girls Singing Acoustic 
    I don't remember any of the words, but I think it's a love song. It has two girls (or the same girl singing both melody and harmony) with only a guitar …

    Make singer, slow song, break up song starts out like “home tight"

    Spanish Song 
    Notes: G# A# B C# C# B D# C# C#

    Spoken (not sung) meditative style artist 
    Hi. I’m looking for the name of an artist/band that makes meditative style music where all the lyrics are spoken (not sung) by a man with a low, …

    "whats on the other side is closer than it seems mm mm mm mm smoke up in the sky you take my key mm mmm step into my life remember be here cause i …

    Jaunty Song with Piano After (?) Chorus 
    I recently heard part of a song that I've heard several times before ( I don't remember where, though). It sounded older (60s or 70s would be my best guess), …

    Mellow Down. 
    Female singer, late 70s on a yellow label Things will have to mellow down are some of the lyrics.

    woman sorry for cheating  
    The video begins with thunder and a asian or Chinese woman who has a high pitched voice singing about how she cheated, the entire video is inside …

    90s dance song  
    I was home while you were out with your new boyfriend. That’s lie i saw get out of the car. Nah nah this ain’t no baseball game you only get one …

    Need to find this song that starts off with 123 go sang by a girl a pop song  
    Starts off with 123 go, upbeat pop song sung by a girl think it says something about flowers

    Spanish song - piano 
    Young man singing a song and a brown haired girl play on the piano, .... it’s on concert, it’s like a disney song but it isn’t from Disney.... it’s …

    a nastalgic rap song 
    I listened to it about 6-8 years ago in Washington. It was a rap song that I think had Rihanna or Kanye but I’m not sure. In the video there were …

    new song called aha 
    It some think like- shy ask if you love her and you say aha...

    female voice on autotune mid tempo heard it on kday radio 90’s

    Tropical island dance song 
    Female singer. 2018 release. Sounds tropical, dance, island. It’s repetitive and super catchy. Has unusual sounds where it seems like they’re yelling …

    Guys voice at a football game says “oooo"

    French Hip hop song 
    It was recently that I heard it. Maybe two weeks ago, but the song could be a few years older. The song consisted of just a string of words which …

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    girl robot voice 
    it is about a girl that tells a boy he wants to leave and let her heart. The videoclip is at a house with a few people in it and outside. At the beginning …

    You don't call 
    Fast catchy music- song must be a few years old. Female artist saying you don't call me? Mid tempo singing but fast music with heavy bass

    Just a videoclip 
    Okay, i just know the video of the song a bit. It starts with a guy in an office, a nerd, and he sings about a girl (maybe his girlfriend). And then …

    Love the song but only hear it for seconds 
    It was a black singer wearing white tuxedo looks running in black background all I heard was “ if you wanna.... take you..." I just heard it in meme …

    Deep voiced reggae song that has boom as the chorus 
    Trying to figure out the name of a reggae song. I have very little info unfortunately. It’s used heavily in GIF’s with sound. I know the chorus …

    80'S disco song with a female voice and a robot 
    Hi i'm looking for days for a late 70's debut 80's disco hit song with a female voice and a robot voice on it i'cant remember any lyrics except …

    Contemporary Rock/Pop Song 
    - Made in the late 2000s - Genre matches that of rock maybe slight pop to it - Starts with a man singing alone - First words I think he says is …

    help meeee - guitar 
    it goes do do do dooo do do do dooo on guitar,like two strings being plucked at the same time.Gives an indie feel and normally on the beginning of …

    70's song with if in chorus whohohohooo, whohohohooo, whohohohoooo

    Trying to find a soft slow song? 
    A soft slow song. I heard this song at a food show this weekend. Its a song with a slower tempo that's sung by a female artist presumably from the …

    wash your face 
    There was a DJ back in the 60s i think on KFRC radio in the bay area that started his morning show by singing wash your face comb your hair etc. anybody …

    Ive been looking for this song for a couple months now. I have a video with the song in it, but no title. This is the video with the time stamp. It starts at 10:08 and ends at 10:48. Female and Male vocalists, piano, …

    trying to find song - my name is... 
    female singer lyrics to the song was my name is arinana with something about waves or the ocean

    find a song -waves 
    the lyrics are my name is Ariana.. something about waves rolling across the sea, it was released in 1990's very beautiful female singer

    Island Vibes 
    The singer is black. one scene of the music video he was wearing a straw hat. He had a black female who he was singing about. She was wearing a long …

    Hindi melody song 
    It's a hindi melody album song with words labon pe. In which one handsome male singer and one female singer will be there. One hand drums and one …

    I saw it in a model video my friend had 
    It’s a slow song I think. It has a piano melody that starts the song and then it goes into a hip hop sort of beat when the rapper starts. And they …

    Girlfriend moved to new york 
    Probably early 2000s. Male singing. His girlfriend moved to new york. He's sleeping on the sofa. He talks about watching a squirrel playing in the …

    Man and woman sing it.  
    Lyrics are something like “tell me tell me tell me and I go crazy. Probably pop. Man has deep voice. Very popular

    Guitar intro boy voice

    "You will be gone soon" 
    Casting a wide net here but can anyone think of an (I think) alternative pop/rock song with the words, "you will be gone soon" (or similar) possibly …

    Help mewith this song - window 
    So I heard this song on the radio a few times and then never again. In the middle of the song, there is a guy rapping and one of the lyrics went like …

    Need name of song - group 
    It's a black group of men. They sing a lot of the same words in the song. There's a man who has a deep voice and then there's a man that has a higher-pitched …

    gentle voice then harsh manly voice 
    the song starts off with gentle, calming lyrics sung by a girl, then the next verse is a girl but her voice is husky and more like a man.

    Pink haired girl 
    So i saw the music video, it was an edgy looking girl with pink hair, i think it was long hair, she wore a skirt and the video was shooting in a club. …

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    Trying to find dubstep song - back 
    The lyrics before the drops say " you got to get back". Then the drop comes in.the voice is a Male voice and hes talking not singing

    ah ahaa ah 
    rock guitar scream

    Song - Planet... name 
    I’m after a song I heard from my dad but he’s dead so can’t go there anymore. So basically the song sounded like some music out of men in black, like …

    Looking for a song I heard in the gym  
    EDM style song with a female vocalist singing something like ‘bang like a drum’ or ‘bang on the drum’.


    Sad and melancholic song of a long hair guy playing piano and crying 
    Not much I remember, but I remember the video being like a small room concert in very dark scenario.

    I’ll Give it to you 
    Upbeat, 80s(?) Song with a female singer that sounds similar to Whitney Houston. The chorus drops and the first lyric is “I’ll Give it to you." And …

    What is this song? Japanese 
    It's starts off with dodo dodo and a drum beat and then a girl's voice comes in and says 1,2,3 go. The song is in Japanese and I believe it came from …

    Punk rock song 
    Its a short song. Starts out saying: I want Chinese food, I want Chinese food

    Find song - skate park 
    Female At a skate park Brown straight hair

    Alternative song that played on muzak in the mid 2000s 
    I am dying for someones help on this. In the mid 2000s I worked in retail and of course we had muzak playlists. Well every once in awhile this one …

    2008 boy band pop song with accordion intro 
    like it was in the late 2000s and it was a pop song with italian or white looking boys and the intro of the song had an accordion beat and sound and …

    1990's - early 2000's R&B and/or rap song.  
    My best way to describe this is to listen to "Work Out" by J. Cole. That "doo doo doo doo doodoo" in the track is either from the older song I'm …

    European Pop Song featured in films, specifically Car Chase films 
    Hey Im after a really famous European song. Spoken in English. Its been in several feature films, its always music for car chases. A very …

    Really deep male voice, My...My My My (?? something like that) 
    There was a song that was pretty popular in 2004-2005, not sure about radio but I heard it a lot around NYC, and years later in a club. Might have …

    2 guys sing it al 
    2 verse have the line let me go

    Driving me crazy 
    The song was sung by a woman. I heard it at a store that was playing other 80’s rock songs, so I would guess that is the genre. I think the main lyrics …

    The song played in a strip club and is probably an early 2000's song and the singers voice is edited heavily to kinda sound like a female robot …

    pretty melancholic song but beautiful 
    Hello! First of all the song is by a female singer, she has the most beautiful voice I ever hear, the song was pretty romantic kinda like a old …

    high tempo, upbeat 
    high tempo, upbeat song. female singing. can never make out the lyrics because it doesnt sound english but i have a feeling its an american group. …

    Song advertised on Facebook  
    So this song was advertised on Facebook recently.A blonde woman sings it.Shes wearing a white tshirt with a gold arm cuff. It sounds almost country …

    she is a female solo Korean vocalist. in The video i saw she was singing live. She had pastel yellow nails, green gem earrings, black long hair …

    Nah na na na nah na nah nah nah nah touch you touch you. 
    I think the song is from either the 60's or 70's. I heard it on the Bad Times at the el royale. It is driving me nuts. Can anyone help me. I thought …

    90's hip-hop RnB song 
    Oh people so Ive been looking for this song I guess from the 90's considering the whole vibe. It's a hiphop RnB song and there's this really catchy …

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    The Get Down 
    The song goes “you know (da) (da) (da) (da) in the get down" it’s up beat. I heard it at a party and that’s all I could get, but it was a sick beat …

    Animated movie flute song 
    It’s a song by a flute or panpipe that’s played in an animation of a boy walking down a grassy bank, possibly a dream sequence. Goes like doo doo …

    saxophone song with woman vocal 
    saxophone lyrics from womans voices that sound like she is shy .."hi"| ..... saxophone music..."i was wondering ".... saxophone music...."wanna have …

    Super heavy electric organ 
    A badass song with a super heavy electric piano or organ. The only lyric I can remember is “night of fear." And that’s pretty much the whole song: …

    Rocket ship 
    A gril sings it. I don’t know who sings it though. She kidnapps a guy and puts him in a rocket and the there is a countdown...

    an oldie duo 
    oldie song where two people fell in love at a circus

    Aye Aye Aye Ya 
    male slowly going aye aye aye, aye ya ya, aye ya ya fast tempo techno sung by a male 90s or early 00s. Very popular in Canada.

    HELP FIND 90’S COUNTRY SONG!!!! female 
    I am trying to find a older country song that a female sang on CMT around the 90’s and she is outside a restaurant and sees her husband sitting inside …

    Faded by Alan walker but some Asian deep male voice singing  
    It’s like the start of the song and then this man starts singing in another language most likely Asian it’s sounded like ko-wa-sa - ko-wa-sa I remember …

    Emotional blues/country song, sung by a big white dude 
    Back in the beginning of 2017 I was going through a difficult time and I randomly came apon a powerful emotional song which cut through heart and soul. …

    Woman Da da da... 
    A song from the 90s. You can consider a dance hit. Many remixes were made. The lyrics "sounded" something like "woman to what that?.... saying?... …

    Starts with a girl singing in another language. Think the rapper that’s in it is either chance the rapper or Taylor Bennett or someone with similar music style 
    Starts with a girl singing in another language. Think the rapper that’s in it is either chance the rapper or Taylor Bennett or someone with similar …

    Sports Annourcer in need of help 
    The song im looking to find starts out as a guitar rock pop solo and the band is a group singing the song and they say We dont wanna go home, we …

    Whistle slow/chill rap song?  
    Whistling in the beginning, a slow rap song, chill, the whistling stays constant almost through the entire song but it starts out with just the …

    hip hop song - vowels 
    likely released within the past 5 months, lots of elongated vowels i.e. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa in the words

    Can’t find this song anywhere! It’s pre 2010, electronic-ish 
    I think the song starts off with a clip from the nut cracker possibly “Marche" but then goes off into fast tempo electronic music. There are no …

    Don’t know the name of his son I heard at a concert  
    Deep maybe uk voice rapper holds long notes through out the song like daaaaaaaaaa daaaaa daaaaaaa, heard this song at listen in 2018 New Zealand. …

    New-ish Pop Song, Female Band 
    Somewhere in the chorus a female singer quickly says woo woo woo woooo. Often heard on the radio.

    A rock song with some words at the end of the chorus being "I do". The song is slow  
    A rock song with some words at the end of the chorus being "I do". The song is slow

    indie song where the male singer sings "ahhh" really drawn out and very mellow 
    Indie song It's kind of more mellow compared to a lot of pop music played there, and it starts off with a drum, nearly plays for about a minute before …

    What song is this it’s by young t.o 
    I don’t know if things are going to change it’s still going to be the same sh** again again

    What song is this - again 
    I don’t know if nothings going to change it’s still going to be the same shot again again

    College dance party song 
    Pretty sure it was like trumpets and crashing drums but the sound it made was “da na na na na, crash, crash, crash, da na. It was super up beat …

    sun win down sun win down dun dun  
    the girl sings the song and the guy stop and sings something like" sun bun dow sun bun down" dun dun dun tone. girl part is in english and guy sounds …

    90;s dance tune with guitars in it 
    hardcore dance tune from the uk 1990's indtrumental wth guitars in it

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    It’s a high tempo song with a female vocalist who was singing “thinking about you thinking about you" or something along those lines.  
    Heard someone blasting it outside my window. Dying to know what the song is. It sounded recent. It could have been a remix. Very skrillex’y and …

    Song heard in a bar with a Springsteen feel 
    Sounds a bit like early Springsteen. Slow to mid tempo and the only lyrics I caught were (I think) "come on Lucy" which was repeated and "there …

    Portuguese or Brazilian song 
    It's a duet. A classic song. I think the man sings in English. It's a mellow song.

    New Wave song- woman speaking franch in the middle of it 
    Was played on Sirius radio station called 1st Wave. Song was mostly synth. There was a chorus that sounded like they were saying "We've made the …

    One brunette and one blonde we call them shaney and Sophie  
    Trying to find a rap/hip hop song where one of the lyrics is something like “one brunette and one blonde we call them Shaney and Sophie"

    cant stop me now cantstop me now o o 
    can't stop me now can't stop me now o o o

    Rap song 2018 
    I heard it in Arkansas, USA on September 25th, 2018 on 103.5. It is a male singer and the hook or chorus has the beat dun dun dun but the tone is …

    song - contain 
    guy soft voice sing contain you

    Older folk sounding song, maybe Elton John or Billy Joel,  
    So this particular part of this song is stuck in my head and I don’t remember who it is or any of the lyrics. I just remember the part which I believe …

    aahh aahh oh oh ooh 
    i heard the word support in there it's a folksy relaxing naturey indie song

    Male singer 
    Male singer medium pitch singing one word

    A rock song I can’t seem to remember  
    I can’t even remember the lyrics... I just remember the melody. I just know his voice is sort of monotone, and something I kind of remember was …

    Bearded singer sounds like adam lvine 
    The music video has a dude with a beard flannel shirt sing a song that is very Maroon 5 esque

    ssong with i think friday in the title lookS 
    all i can remember is this i'll never go dance salalsa but where in living oh im living in a free fall i think it was early 2000 that i heard …

    I need help finding this song. I'm obsessed  
    Its an r&b type song and I know in the beginning of it theres a woman saying something about the bass in a car, but other than that I'm stumped. …

    Song on radio  
    Really deep male voice

    Guy sings ahh for a long time 
    Guy sings ahh for a long time

    H&M Song 2018 
    There is a song that they played in H&M where a woman sing some sentences at the beginning and the rest of the song she sing all the time ,,Nobody“ …

    Tall blond guy  
    Tall blond guy singing a song some of it high pitch some normal it’s a Christmas song and he has Christmas hat on b

    foreign song 
    what is the foreign song with the chorus containing the words "vampiros hey"? i think it may be a portuguese song

    Dance/Club song 
    The song is sung by a woman and I think it’s fairly new, I don’t remember any words but the drop goes mmmm mmmm mmmm mm mm mmmm, it’s done by a …

    90's Female singer, reminds me of Eve's Plum, but isn't :( 
    Lyrics I remember: "I believe in truth, I believe in lies, I believe in everything I see" "I believe in sun, I believe in rain, I believe …

    Its driving me crazy but i cant find the titiel to this song but i know for a fact its a guy singing and there are high pitch notes through out the song  
    The song is a male singing, its a recent song I believe, and when the chorus comes on, there are high pitch notes in the background.

    Song - Ooh backing singers 
    I heard this song on the radio. It sounded like a 70s/,80s jazzy love ballad which has a similar vocal arrangement to Love Shack, as in female backing …

    female vocalist, electronic- "am I dreaming/let me go" in the lyrics? Thoughts?? 
    I heard this song on a USA Jaguar tv ad that is currently running. The lyrics as far as I heard them were something like: "am I dreaming? ...

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    Heard this song on Xxtentacion pandora at the gym 
    I couldn’t hear the words except for the word f*** a couple times, but it was quite soft sounding, kinda raspy, not too bad, there’s some other …

    Female voice softly ooo'ing three times 
    Bare with me. The song is slow, possibly indie, and starts instantly with a female vocalist singing/ooo'ing ""oooo oooo oo at a higher tone, then …

    I was watching this video for British Vogue called Waking Up With Ariana Grande and while it’s play I hear this smooth slow kind of song with a …

    weird song set in medieval times?? 
    seen it ages ago, looks as if it was recorded in the 80's. the main singer gets hung in front of a crowd of medieval english people. i've not much …

    80s/90s pop song 
    I don't know anything about the title or singer It's a female singer, possibly the Go-Gos but she sounds like you'd imagine a Barbie doll would, very …


    La da dee la da da la dee la da la 
    Female singer Pop singer

    Female vocalist, sounds like Toni Tenille, 'It's all right' repeated in song 
    Female vocalist, has 'It's all right' several times in the lyrics, sounds like Toni Tenille, 80s maybe 70s. Heard it on a subscription service, …

    High pitched inhale squeak 
    High pitched inhale squeak at fairly regular intervals while the rest of the song has very fast deep rap that’s hard to understand

    Song animated clip 
    I heard the song and saw the video clip on one of the music stations on TV. The song was more or less pop music. I remember that the video was animated …

    Need help finding a song - grandpa 
    A mid-tempo song by a guy. He kind of reminds me of simple plan lead singer, and it’s pop or pop-rock. Also I remember grandpa in the lyric but …

    Guy deep voice  
    He just goes uuuuhh in a deep voice and sings, new rap 2018 pnf

    Instrumental song from early 90's 
    I'm trying to find a song that played predominantly on Mix 106.5 radio station in NSW, Australia during the early 90's. It starts with violins …

    slow sad song about love, chorus sings ooooh over and over again....something about the seasons 
    slow sad song about love, chorus sings ooooh over and over again....something about the seasons

    It’s a love song  
    The song is by a male and female the lyrics say don’t want to let you go and a piano or guitar plays in the background it is a love song

    Who is the singer? - Older 
    Older female. Sings in spanish. Sounds like she is yelling/crying. Really aggressively beautiful sounding. When translated,the lyrics are really dark.

    Song with a characteristic intro 
    I think it's a song from the 90's, with a guitar intro, sung by a man and a woman, ends with the repetition of the same thing and the guitar intro …

    Walmart inside of me 
    This song plays in Walmart but I can never make out enough lyrics. It has “feel inside" and inside of me" or “in spite of me" it is sung by a woman …

    Song that goes jengachijingjingjing 
    Guy and girl singing. Video with a reddish/orange background. Upbeat music. Chorus goes something like jengajijingjingjing

    Hip hop/Rap song with Ah ah ah ah ah 
    It has heavy drums, not a fast beat. It has a guy who talks in the hook, then he stops and it goes 'Ah ah ah ah ah' exactly five times or so. Could …

    80s pop song with whistling and a young boy talking 
    80s pop song with whistling and a young boy talking. Can't really add any more.

    Song I cant figure out - walk 
    Song “Because everytime you walk by my side... hold you so tight" it might also say “wherever you are" But thats in the chorus, its a slow song, …

    black sun empire

    that song at the outro of the FWS EDMONTON 2018: UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup Final 
    i only know a few lines of the song, they go like this: stress keeps building its about to blow, im coming to the end of the line, check my watch man …

    1990s Spanish song with kids singing the chorus 
    1990s Spanish song with kids singing the chorus

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    Searching for the song and i got a link, please Help!!! 
    Please help me find this song. I've been searching for hours. 🙏🙏😅

    Rock song with high vocals in chorus  
    Rock/ alt rock song with male with a lot of guitar Chorus has the singer high pitch singing what songs like ""yyooooooooouuu ahhhhwwww I just wanna …

    80’s/90’s song. Female upbeat singer  
    There’s a song I’ve heard on the radio a few times now but can’t seem to place it anywhere. It sounds very much late 80’s, upbeat with a female singer. …

    Find a song? ya ha 
    Goes ya ha yaaaaaa ya ha yaaaaa ya ha

    Song that ends with "I love you"  
    It's and old song probably of the elvis presley era. The song was slow tempo song. In the end of the song the music stops and then finally in a very …

    80's rock song with small beep trills  
    80's rock song with small beep trills. This is a very famous song that starts of kind of sounding like sci-fi but then it becomes a rock song I …

    Techno Song - Black Grass Green Zombie 
    Just heard a techno song. Female singer. I believe I heard her say something about zombies (this is NOT the Cranberries Zombie song). One line I grabbed …

    I remember going on holiday in 2015 to Austria. My dad and I heard this song on the radio, it had an acoustic pop sound to it. It was a woman singing …

    every time i think of you 
    every time i think of you

    positive reggae music 
    Animated clip

    I'm looking for a hip/hop R&B song with lyrics like, "haven't seen you since 7th moon rise" or something similar 
    I don't remember where I found the song, but title was something like 7th moon rising. Had a hip/hop type feel with a looped sample in the beginning …

    "I'm sorry so sorry" with an opera group in the background 
    So i heard this at work the other day, it's a man and a woman who are both singing in the chorus that's the only thing i can remember and that they …

    what is the subway commercial song 
    instrumental this song is another version of the afro circus song from Madagascar heard it in a subway commercial played in canada

    High pitch female voice electronic/dubstep song 
    Song starts out with a high pitch female voice that sounds similar to Nanahira or Rizna and it sounds like its saying something about cats, bats or …

    Hey how you doing or something along those lines  
    Older song , maybe early 1900’s 1940. 4 black guys with only a gutair


    Dramatic piano fast tempo song 
    I was at my friends house back in 2010/2011 and her friend came over and played this song. Its a female singing it and its a very dramatic song. Its …

    black white romantic song 
    woman singing black and white lying down looking at sky sad

    im stuck - bald 
    a song sung by a female, but a group or techno artist that is a bald male, about not giving up on you

    Electronic music a police woman see clocks in the walls 
    In the video a police woman is pursuing a person who write the hour in the walls with green colour at the night. When finally the police woman see …

    Name of song where a male singer sings all night long in chorus  
    In the song in which the guy sings all night long in chorus. Its a fast beet tempo kind of electro music house i guess

    girls convertible  
    wow oh oh

    the chorus of the song is something like "youuuuuuuu- ooooooo"  
    the feel of the song is alternative and kind of tropical reminds me of rip tide

    can't find fast EDM-ish song with hard-to-discern lyrics, link in description. song clip is ADDICTING! 
    here is the song! sounds like the first words in the song are "feel it"/"need it"/"feel"/??? …

    Sad female voice popular during melancholy movie scenes lyric has I’m sorry 
    Sad female haunting voice popular in sad movie scenes. “I’m sorry" is in lyrics. Usually played during a sad conclusion

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    My loce 
    Black female singer

    Master P song  
    What song does Master P sing that starts off with what do you call a black guy run into a Central Park in a T-shirt sweats and a baseball bat?

    Vague "ah-ah" techno voice song 
    My nephew wants to hear this song and I know what he's talking about and I can hear the part in my head perfectly, but I don't remember anything else. …

    sad robotic voice late 90s/early 2000s 
    slow tempo, electronic instrumental, verses sung by sad male robotic voice and chorus by female singer, used in some movie

    I know the song is called The Sea 
    I found it on YouTube a couple years ago, but I can’t seem to find it now. It was sung by a French female singer, her album had some French songs …

    Hey you 
    the song looks like colbie caillat - bubbly meets train - hey soul sister and hey there delilah aired approximately in 2008 on french radio a man …

    Looking for the original of a cover. 
    Here is the cover. Does anyone recognize the original?

    Spanish song  
    It’s a soanish somg tagt is faced pace but I belive here’s a remix taht has some soft piano playing in the background, few would say it doesn’t go …

    rap song that starts with a "surfer bro" 
    It's a song that starts with a funny over the top surfer bro talking about chilling on the beach kinda like a spoken word to a beat. The rest of the …

    Many-many tea-lights in the video, hansome guy with shoulder-long curly hair sings in white shirt 
    It sounds like an indie-song. A guy with shoulder-long curly hair is singing, he has in the one ear an earring with a cross as I remember (not George …

    Male singer new song genie in a bottle 
    Sounds like Jason derulo. In background of corus girls say ohhwoah and the guy says gene in a bottle

    Christian rap song 
    Lyrics: Baby l gotta run, run nah l can’t stay, cuz if l stay it’s gon be all bad all bad for me l like what l see Rapped by a male, from the early …

    river, indie musician, music video playing guitar on a boat 
    lyrics goes by the river ooh hoo hoo hooooo

    Rap - churches chicken 
    Song has a vers that say nevertheless churches chicken is the best I will put a shot gun to your bulletproof vest

    who is that singer? please help - train station 
    2000s hit song movie clip is made at train station short hair woman is singer

    What is the name of the song - funny voice 
    It's a disco song having fast tempo and with funny voice singing and the lyrics contain do it and wanna do it or something like that...

    So come a little closer.... I'm talking about dancing 
    Female voice, pop so come a little closer, we can do it on the table ... even on the wall, i'm talking about dancing USA 2018 might be a remix, …

    meteor, cafeteria, native

    Nah nah nah nah nah nah 
    Hey babe I love you song

    Help me find this song!! calm mood 
    sung in English by a female singer calm mood and minimal instrumental instrumental at the beginning: acoustic guitar, off beat bridge: mild trumpets …

    And I see you 
    Female singer, mid tempo with driving drum rhythm in background. Pop song heard in cafe in August 2018 although it could have been released earlier …

    female singer old western intro? 
    old western intro to a song with a female singer, it sounds like she says tonight from what i can make out, she says it a lot. the intro is on guitar …

    It's been three weeks...girl singing 
    So about three weeks ago I was in Panera Bread, and this song came on. It was a girl singing a song that had the same kind of vibes like the song 'Crazy' …

    mask robbers with shotgun 
    mask robbers with shotgun


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    Chinese/Taiwanese singer wearing sunglasses 
    Some of the lyrics include 'I wanna love you, wanna love you ohoh' and 'in my heart, in my heart, in my heart' the lyrics are English but the song …

    They know 
    Fun game to play whisper in ear they know

    Hard rock song with music video of guy being chased through forest 
    I saw the music video about mid 2018. It was a newer song, but not brand new. It involved a guy walking up in the forest peeling stuff off of him, …

    Our house 
    It either repeats our house or this house. It was a woman singing. Seemed indie and was very upbeat. I believe is also mentioned this town a couple …

    summer song about bike 
    summer song about bike song by female in the 70's

    Whats the name of the song? Arabic 
    the songs is arabic and starts slowly with male vocals repeating something like sadala madala.

    The first word of the chorus is yeah and it is repeated throughout

    Famous French song 
    This is a really famous song, it’s been on lots of commercials and movies. A female singer, soft, smooth voice, sings “quietly" if that’s a thing. …

    Song from forgetting sarah marshall the movie. 
    This is a song by a female singer in the very beginning of the movie forgetting sarah marshall. One of the lyrics is woah wo ohh. I dont know the …

    Indie song ooh ooh sad ish song HELP 
    "oooh, (lower) oooh, (flat) oooh, (lower) ooh" and then i think it says either "old love of mine" or "oh love of mine" this is a slow song, sounds kind …

    older song convertible car family sings catchy song 
    older song convertible car family sings catchy song

    What is this song please help?? - lady 
    It's a song with a lady singing. Lyrics are as followed:: oh oh ooo oh on and on , hold me down.. Also mid tempo , places on radio at work. I believe …

    Fast paced 70/80s dance song with super high pitched vocals 
    Heard this song at a club but didn’t have my phone to Shazam it. The singer had beegees type vocals but the song itself sounded more early 80s. The …

    newly release song 2018 
    song where there is a guy singing and during the chorus there is a high pitched female voice in the background going, "oh oh Ohhh" or something like …

    Fast and crazy party song 
    I don't know if it was a Spanish song, but I heard it at a party a couple of times. The first part is where everybody comes together in the middle …

    Country song.. cheap shades on 
    Okay I can not for the life of me find this song... some of the lyrics are something along this .. “She’s got her cheap shades on and we’re rockin …

    90' song hit MTV 
    italian or spanish, 90' hit, black and white video, romance, man with bear, in lyrics: compania

    Song with Electric horn line and chorus 
    I think this song is from the last decade. It's an electronic song with what sounds like a chorus singing a catchy refrain but the lyrics are unintelligible …