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Beat Of My Heart, The – 1988 

Blue Morning, Blue Day (blue morning blue day, won’t you see things my way) – 1978/1979 

Break It Up – 1981/1982 

Can’t Wait (I’ve got to find my baby ‘cuz we need to work things out) – 1988 

Cold As Ice (you’re as cold as ice, you’re willing to sacrifice our love) – 1977

Dirty White Boy (I’m a dirty white boy) – 1979 

Down On Love – 1985 

Double Vision (fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision) – 1978 

Feels Like The First Time (i guess it’s just the woman in you, that brings out the man in me) – 1977 

Head Games (I can’t take it anymore) – 1979 

Heart Turns To Stone (now it’s over and her heart turns to stone) – 1988

Hot Blooded (hot blooded check it and see, I’ve got a fever of a hundred and three) – 1978 

I Don’t Want To Live Without You – 1988 

I Want To Know What Love Is (I want to know what love is, I want you to show me) – 1985 

I’ll Fight For You – 1991 

In Pieces – 2009/2010 

Juke Box Hero (he’s a juke box hero, he’s got stars in his eyes) – 1981/1982 

Long, Long Way From Home – 1977/1978 

Lowdown And Dirty – 1991 

Luanne – 1981/1982 

Rain – 1995 

Reaction To Action – 1985 

Say You Will – 1988 

Soul Doctor – 1992/1993 

That Was Yesterday – 1985 

Under The Gun – 1995/1996 

Until The End Of Time – 1995 

Urgent (you’re not shy – you get around, you wanna fly – don’t want your feet on the ground) – 1981 

Waiting For A Girl Like You (I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life) – 1981

When It Comes To Love – 2009

White Lie – 1994

With Heaven On Our Side – 1992

Women – 1979/1980 

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