French Song

by Jose

The song is in french and is kinda a dramatic type of song. The only part of the song is when the guy singing it yells “MARRRIIIEE".

But the music video is in B&W and was made recently probably in 2010+. In the music video there is this asian couple who take their son to the beach and in the beginning the son takes off his clothes and runs to the ocean water and the dad starts doing the same right behind him, while they’re doing this the mom frantically picks up all their clothes that they’re leaving behind and it’s sort of a bunch of angles of them playing in the ocean while the song plays.

Later the mom and dad are chilling on the beach laying down while their son plays in the ocean. It soon shows that the son is nowhere to be found and the parents panic and the dad runs into the ocean looking for him while the mom is on the dry sand screaming. They couldn’t find him and she crys on him.

She then wakes up and her husband and son are right next to her on the beach and she realizes she had a bad dream and quickly hugs her son.

I’ve seen this video on youtube so i know it’s on there somewhere just never been able to find it knowing that the title of the song is probably french since so is the song. If anyone finds the song please let me know, thanks.

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