German music video in sepia about two kids getting split up an reuniting as adults

by Annya
(New Hampshire)

Basically the song I think was some kind of light rock, but I can’t remember.

All I really remember is the music video, which had two little kids playing outside, I think they were playing soldier or something.

Near the end of the video, one of the kids is about to be abused by the mother, but the other child stops this by breaking in the window with a rock. One of the kids ends up moving away and I believe the other chased down the car for a bit before giving up. At the end of the video, the two friend reunite as adults and I think they hug.

The entire song was in German, and I think it’s from the 2000’s, hence my posting here. I seem to recall most or all of the children’s scenes being in sepia or black and white.

If it helps, I got to it somehow by watching bands like Oomph!, Tomte, and Kettcar.

I THINK the person singing had tattoos, and the parts of the video that weren’t the children’s memories were clips of the band playing the song outdoors.

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