guy in a pink sweater with a band in front of the sea?

by Dino

i kinda doubt anyone here will find this because i saw this a while ago and it only had about 1 million views – not a lot relative to more popular music videos.

all i remember was that the guy singing has a pink sweater, and i think a blue guitar? and he and a band are all playing music on what i think is some rocky ledge next to a body of water, either the ocean or just the sea.

everyone in the video looks pretty young, probably late teens or 20’s i’m guessing? and it’s just that the whole video. the sky is also very blue, i remember that. that’s literally all i remember though.

maybe the title of the song had something to do with the word “boy” but i could just be pulling stuff out of nowhere at this point. i really have no idea but i wanna hear the song again.

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