Haunting videography, beat: Abandoned city, B&W with camera jumps

by Michael
(Ann Arbor)

I'm looking for a recent-ish music video. The B&W video features the male lead singer, a woman with soulful eyes, an abandoned city with incredible architecture; palm trees, and perhaps some circular mirrors on the ground. The videography is haunting as the shot angles "bounce" back and forth in time with the hypnotic beat. The lyrics (though I can't remember one) are also in sync with the beat, further enhancing the hypnotic quality.

Filming of the male lead was done in at least 4 locations (all in slightly different clothes, with different lighting), and video "rotates" through these iterations.
The woman in the video with dark hair is sometimes seen moving forward, sometimes backwards in time, sometimes in slow motion.

I can't remember the name of the artist, but I seem to recall his first and last names began with the same letter; a lyric video of the same song existed which features cars driving at night under bridges, perhaps in NYC; he has another video-- different song-- that features a woman in a house, then poolside, in a desert.
Can anyone help?

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