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All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You - 1990 

Allies - 1983 

Alone (how do I get you alone?) - 1987

Back On Black II - 1993 

Barracuda (you'll have me down down down down on my knees, now wouldn't you Barracuda) - 1977

Bebe Le Strange (you look so insane, they gave you a name Bebe Le Strange) - 1980 

Break (break me outta here) - 1980 

Call Of The Wild - 1990 

City's Burning - 1982

Crazy On You (let me go crazy on you) - 1976 

Desire Walks On - 1993 

Dog And Butterfly – 1978 

Dreamboat Annie (oh Annie, Dreamboat Annie ship of dreams) – 1976 

Easy Target - 1987

Even It Up (come on and even it up - even it up - even it up) - 1980 

Fast Times - 1982 

Heartless (you never realize the way love dies, until you crucify your soul) - 1978 -

How Can I Refuse – 1983 

I Didn't Want To Need You - 1990 

I Want You So Bad - 1988 

If Looks Could Kill (if looks could kill, you'd be lying on the floor) - 1986 

I'm Down/Long Tall Sally - 1980 

In Walks The Night - 1993 

Kick It Out (kick out your motor and drive it while you're still alive, kick it out) - 1977 

Little Queen (well you're hot on the presses again little queen, making your passion play little queen) - 1977 

Love Alive (you gotta keep your love alive) - 1977 

Love Hurts - 1995 


Magic Man (try try try to understand, he's a magic man) - 1976 

Never (hey baby I'm talkin' to you, stop yourself and listen) - 1985 

Night, The - 1990 

Nothin' At All (when I ask you how you did it, you just say "it was nothin' at all") - 1986 

Perfect Goodbye, The - 2004 

Private Audition (come on let me show you what I can do, now it's just between us two in the grand tradition private audition) - 1982

Rock & Roll (it's been a long time since I rock and rolled) (cover version) - 1980


Secret - 1991

Straight On (I'm coming straight on for you) - 1978 

Stranded - 1990 

Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger (I need a tall dark handsome stranger) - 1990 

Tell It Like It Is (just let your conscience be your guide) (cover version) - 1981 

There's The Girl - 1987/1988 

These Dreams (these dreams go on when I close my eyes) - 1986 

This Man Is Mine - 1982 

Unchained Melody (oh my love my darling, I hunger for your touch) (cover version) - 1981 

What About Love? (what about love, don't you want someone to care about you) - 1985

Who Will You Run To - 1987

Wild Child - 1990 

Without You - 1978 

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