Help Finding a Bubbly Song/Music Video

by Colton
(USA United ,Oklahoma)

- What is the music video's genre, i.e. rock, pop, rap, hip-hop, r & b, soul, punk, country, reggae, techno, dance, new wave?

It was a bubbly song, so somewhere between pop, rap, hip hop, and pop-punk

 - Did you see it on tv? Or did you view it on YouTube?

 - How old is the video? If you don't know, then when did you see it?
It is at LEAST 7 years old

 - Can you tell if the artist is an individual - or is it a group?
It's a group of 3 guys

 - Where does the video take place?
It started outside of a club, and then was inside the club, and then was just at random places they went in the music video, I do remember there was also a gas station

 - What kind of props are included in the video?
None that really stand out, they just used things that were natural to the scenery, I believe they ripped open a bag of chips in the gas station.

 - What are some of the lyrics? Or, are there no lyrics?
There are lyrics, but I dont really remember them. I believe they used the word bubble often. Maybe bubble butt.

 - Is the music slow, fast or mid-tempo?
Mid-fast tempo i believe

 - What do the artists look like? What are they wearing?
Not 100% sure but i believe they were just dressed like the scene/emo/pop punk bands

 - What do any other people in the video look like?
There was 3 other girls that are with them theoughout the video.

 - Is the video in color? Or is it in black and white?

 - Is it animated?

 - Does the video remind you of any other video?

- In what country did you see the video? (Please note that we have site visitors from many different countries so this detail could be important)
United States of America

 - Does it include clips from a movie or tv show?

 - Any other helpful information. 
The video starts off with the 3 bands waiting to get in outside a club, they get to the front and 3 girls walk in and when the guys try to go in the bouncer says no but the girls come back and get them in they dance and party in the club and then leave the club and just go have fun at random places throughout the city,

they end up at a gas station at one point and are goofing off in the gas statin playing like hide and go seek etc, and I'm pretty sure someone rips open a bag of chips or some kind of snacks.

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