Help finding a music video >2010 – lots of red in it

by Shanbe

I am searching for a music video. Any help appreciated.

– At a guess, its 2010 or afterwards.
– It features a male rock band.
– Perhaps from Europe, maybe Germany or Netherlands.
– In the music video they take a goose (or a duck) on a leash into a brothel.
– The start of the video shows a band member walking this goose towards the brothel.
– The music video has lots of red in it
– The brothel resembles that of the red light district in Amsterdam.
– Also in the music video is a white pony or a white horse in the brothel as well.
– The song is catchy.
– The music video is provocative but not R-rated.
– It was/is on YouTube but because I don’t know any name details impossible to find.
– I think I found this band as the song “GayBar’ by Electric Six was playing and the the song I am looking for was in the recommended list, however that is not the case now.
The song is funny, the theme was about gay sex but in a funny way.
– The band is perhaps a gay rock band. I remember clicking on their name and they had another music video of the band performing a cover in a club.
– The attached picture is very resembling of the what the video looked like but its not the one.

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