i can’t find a song for more then 10 years.. with flute

by stef

It is a ballad song with flute in it. Sounds like old rock ballad. Similar mood to the “moody blues – nights in white satin” with male singer.. Some of the lyrics that i can remember (if they are correct):

.. in the middle .. thousand of … now i the time to be born .. (the black and the white) – i don’t know that is for shore there.

The song was on old mc mixed radio recording tape. With song like some ot the queen ballads, moody blues ect. (so it must have been on the radio at one time) Someone just lost that tape and since then i am like crazy.

I try to google it, listen to many song, i try lots of songs by jetro tull or moody blues and few anothers that use flute

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