I know the tune but no idea who sang this song. It was a female and it was around 1983

by Angela
(London UK)

I first heard this song in 1982/83. It’s an American black female singer. Am not sure where it came from but it’s been in my head ever since and I sing it to myself all the time. It’s an R&B song and it may even be a B side. It came out around the same time as Terri Wells ‘You make it Heaven’:

I’m feeling crazy, nothing to it. As long as I take my business where I do it, I’m feeling crazy.. where to go, no need to show, nothing it as long as I take my business where I do it…

Some times the load gets kinda heavy but it’s okay cos I, but I won’t let it get to ya, no no. Cos when it’s feeling crazy, a litle bit hazy, I’m right there, right there for ya.

I’m feeling how I’m feeling, cos I’m feeling… a little, crazy… I’m laughing at how I feel, cos baby, can’t take that away. I’m feeling crazy… nothing to it.

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