im dying to know this song please help! - by women

by steven

i was watching some videos and one of them reminded me of a song i used to play a lot.

I can almost only remember the music video on youtube, its from 2000+ but im not sure which year i dont think its older than 2006, in the music video there is a 30-40 year old guy sitting on a chair alone in a room with a whiskey and the song is i think talking about finances or something? stress?

it is sung by women i think a group of 3-5 i think 4. And one lyric I remember is that they keep saying something like 'just like a...' or 'like a ...' But im not sure:9. Its a slow song and not about love i think. The song is in English.

Please help if u have any idea tell me maybe i'll get lucky thank you so much!

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