I’m looking for the name of a techno/dance song & the artist – female singer

Here’s the thing:

I know this group or artist was active in the 90’s. 99% certain it’s a group, but not precluding the possibility that it could be a solo artist.

They were indigenous Canadians who once performed for a live broadcast of a Canadian indigenous persons awards show (that I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember the name of either).

The *ONLY* song that I remember them performing, I actually can’t remember the name of either. All I remember was a female singer singing with indigenous chants to the words “hey na na ho ho hi-ey. (x2)”

I’m *PRETTY* sure the song was techno or dance music, it had a decent tempo to it & I liked the feel of the song, but I just….can’t…remember anything about it.

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