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Who Sang That Song?

With Who Sang That Song, discover incredible listings of thousands of popular songs, the years they were out and who performed them.  

All popular music types are included: Rock music, pop music, hip-hop music, country music, rap music, disco music, soul music, oldies, new-wave music, alternative rock music, rhythm and blues music, doo-wop music, reggae music, punk rock music, etc.

These fun song listings span through all of the most popular music decades:  1950s1960s1970s1980s1990s2000s, 2010s and on. And with many of the listings, you'll even find some lyrics posted to help you recognize a song if you don't know its song title.

 - Do you ever perform a song title search or song title by lyrics search?

 - Do you sometimes struggle to find out who sings a certain song?

 - Do you want to know about Top 40 songs and more?

 - Are you looking to buy music products and add tunes to your music collection but don't know who the singers or bands are or even what the song titles are?   

- Would you like to know the artists or music groups that performed popular instrumental songs?

 - Do you ever hear old songs on the radio and wish you could find out who the singers or bands are?

 - Do you want to remember tunes that you loved but forgot even existed?

 - Do you ever listen to a current popular song and wonder "who sings this song?"

 - Would you like to know more about who sings the song that is especially memorable for you and almost seems like it was sung with you in mind - or represents a special time in your life?

 - Do you love music and want to learn more about popular songs and who sang them?

 - Would you love to have lists with names of songs and artists at your fingertips?

Well, this website will answer some of your burning music questions, increase your music trivia knowledge and help you find out more information to add music to your collection. 

Be sure to check the What's New page regularly for more postings! Plenty more of your favorite song titles will be added. And, watch for future fun page additions too!

So get comfortable, relax and enjoy finding out Who Sang That Song!  (And don't forget to bookmark this site and share with your friends and family!)

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