Indie song from around 2012 – warehouse

by Eduardo Orellana
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

It aired in the radio here in Alberta, Canada. around 2011/2012 on the X92.9 radio station.

I later saw the music video on Youtube around the same year. It featured a guy walking around a warehouse of sorts and playing guitar and also all the other instruments. And I believe he also had an umbrella at some point and it was maybe raining. It was a very upbeat indie pop/rock song. The singer wad blond hair kind of curly but short.

I don’t know why I don’t remember the song and also so little from the video. I usually have a very good memory, but for some weird reason this song seems to have never existed or vanished somehow. Ive been trying to find it for 5 years now. Please help if you have any ideas. Thank You.

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