Indie-Pop Song with a female voice

Hey everyone, I am looking for a song that’s been stuck in my head for a while. The song is sung by a female singer and most of the time it sounds rather spaced out. There are some drums throughout the song, rather heavy if I remember correctly.

The tempo of the song is mid-tempo, not slow but also not as fast as say fireball for example. The theme of the song is also rather heavy, I don’t know if I remember the lyrics correctly, but there is a part in the hook I think where she sings about “misery” and “falling apart”.

The most prominent feature is the repetition of “oh” multiple times throughout the hook, the oh sounding rather spaced out and having a slight echo.

I’ve been hearing the song from time to time for the last half year, maybe even earlier. I heard it the last time in Germany on 1live. Neither song nor singer remind me of anything I’m afraid, the singer just sounds very similiar to a lot of other female artists.

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