Looking for 2 music videos for over 10 years!

Hi All,

Music videos – Hoping you will be able to help me find some classics 🙂

Unfortunately all i can remember is certain details from the music video (something not easy to search on!)

Music Video 1.

A guy is playing the original Mario on a CRT Color TV siting on a couch / chair. He is very engrossed with his game ignoring his girlfriend who is sitting on a longer couch to his right. She starts to sing while he keeps playing. During the video she becomes frustrated and ups a beverage of some kind (i think it was a can) and throws it at him. I vaguely remember one of the lyrics might have included the word “secret”.

I only saw this on youtube and don’t think it was very mainstream.

Music Video 2 (i think this will be easier as it was more popular).

A women is getting dressed in her flat with a bed in the middle and is part kitchen. During the video different men appear at the door as “suitors” but are rejected ( i think until the last one). The most distinctive aspect of the video was it splitting into 3 horizontal sections that became out of sync with each other and rejoining for certain parts.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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