Looking for a Song from the Mid-Late 2000s

by Anderu
(Seattle, WA, US)

I have a request to find a song I've been searching for. Now, I can only remember that I heard this song while I was in either my second or third year of high school and that it was between 1 to 4 years old of a song at the time; going by that, the song should have been released between 2005 - 2010.

It was a male singer in an Alternative band. I honestly can't remember the song lyrics, but I do know that it started off with the singer kind of detailing his boring life and how everything is now a routine for him, having a simple melody that's calm and slower in the beginning.

Once it enters the Chorus, which states something about "sometimes I want to.." right before entering it, the pace of the song speeds up and you can hear the guitarist hit the strings in an abrupt pace.

The singer is a little louder during the chorus and it sounds kind of like Fountains of Wayne style of playing, but once it hits the 2nd verse, it slows down again. The chorus goes on to state the things he'd like to do and I believe the ending is stating how he'd be ok with dying if that will be his life forever. I don't know why, but I remember a mention of a helicopter, but I may have just confused two songs.

This is an American song, and I had been searching for bands that were similar to OK Go! I believe, but I never heard it on the radio; the song was strictly just on the album for the band that I had downloaded. I only remember that I was in my room, downloading music, and this particular song stood out due to its story.

I'm sorry that I can't provide more information, but this is genuinely all the data I have remembered through the years - even after my computer was wiped, for some reason the artist had slipped my mind but the song hadn't.

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