Looking for house/pop song about a break-up, starts with webcam tease ends with tearing a dress

by anthonius
(the Netherlands)

so I got it in my head I REALLY need to listen to this song again. I just don’t remember anything about it.

I do remember the music video. It was quite popular and well-watched at the time.

It’s a pop/house mix, with female vocals and some house-like melody (very avicii but not him).

I think it’s about a breakup and/or cheating.

It starts with a girl undressing in front of a webcam. Then a white blonde woman wearing a hoodie walks around the street with a friend. There’s stuff written on hands.

What else follows I don’t remember. The video ends with a woman standing in some forest tearing up a dress (I think a wedding dress?)

I’ve been searching for hours now. Please help me!

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