Looking for music video – floating

by Benjamin
(Waikerie, South Aus )

The music video features a man (presumably one of the band members) floating in the middle of a big white empty room with bright white windows as the camera rotates at a fast pace around the room, focusing on the rotating man.

At one point, there’s a close up of the man’s head looking up as he’s spinning around, that when he sings ,”Yeah” as part of the song’s lyrics. Thorough out the video, there are several objects that disappear and appear around the spinning man, such as mannequins and musical instruments (speakers, I think)

Towards the climax of the video, the room becomes dark like it’s become nighttime and the camera spinning around the room continues. The whole music video looked like it was shot in stop motion and the song had sort of an eerie, mystical space sounding style to it, like the Presets.

Can you figure out what this music video is and notify me as soon as possible?

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