Love Song music video in an airport, probably late 90’s

by Yvonne

Love Song music video in an airport:

I’m gonna try to make this short.. I have to hear this song again or I’ll go crazy 😂

The male singer is a former member of a British boy band. The female I have no idea.. But for some reason the name “gooding” appears in my mind..

It’s a beautiful duet, pretty short song

The video takes place in an airport. It’s obvious that this is a couple who split up. Everything is in slow motion.

She’s in this airport, and she keeps turning around to see if the guy followed her there. He did, and he’s desperately looking for her. But they keep missing each other. She turns a corner just before he turns around, a crowd of ppl passes just as she turns towards him.. things like that.

They never see eachother, and I think the video ends with one of them getting in a taxi.

So, British singers, love duet in an airport, probably late 90’s. I don’t think it was a big hit. I’ve been googling for hours.. plz help me..

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