Male rapper homeless businessman music video

So I’m looking for a young rapper. I can’t remebr any of his song or the words but I remember three of his music videos.

1: is about a homeless man who becomes a rich businessman but doesn’t enjoy it and goes back to being homeless and enjoying a simple life. In the video the guy gets a new haircut (I think he shaves it all off) and a suit and gets an office but ends up destroying it in a rage.

2. This video is all about being in school, growing up and bullies. I’m pretty sure in the music video the kid is a ginger kid who gets bullied.

3. In this video he and his girlfriend run away together. I can’t remember much apart from the fact they drive a bright green convertible to the beech.

The rapper is quite young and there is no swearing in his music. When I listened to him a few years ago he came up in my YouTube suggestions after listening to Mac Miller. I think they have similar names. Maybe they guy I’m after has Mac or miller in his name.

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