Modern song in Arabic with electronic music, band something like Madjeleis

by Cerberus

I listened to this popular Arabic song on Youtube recently. I remember the name of the uploader (and probably the band/singer) was something like Madjeleis, but I can’t find it.

1. It looked recent, maybe a few years old.

2. Male singer with some other people in the video. He looked like 30–50 years old.

3. The genre was a bit electronic, a bit rap-like, hard to describe. The lyrics were fairly sparse, lots of ‘instrumental’ parts.

4. One member of his group is a rather fat young man in a football shirt dancing. He features prominently throughout the video.

5. The people are often seen dancing as a group. Part of the dance involved slowly walking forward, throwing his head backward and looking into the camera.

6. There are some drawn/painted animations drawn over the people dancing, such as a line surrounding the singer’s shoe.

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