Music Video – a white guy and girl fall in love at a club

Music Video

a guy and girl meet in a club and hit off and have a great night. the girl goes to the bathroom and the guy waits for her. i think they’re both really high so they’re distracted and time is all messed up. he thinks she ditched him and goes looking for her. then she comes out and thinks he ditched her.

they never exchanged names or numbers so they have no way of connecting. towards the end, he’s outside of the club, looking for her. then she goes outside, looking for him, but they like… just missed each other.

i think it ends just really sad that they had this great connection in the club but will never see each other again and its this story about false love when your high and in the club and think you’ve met “the one” but when it comes down to it, you never even knew their name.

i think its an edm song and there’s female vocals.

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