Music Video Abandoned streets at night

by Mike

Music Video

May I present this challenge: I don’t remember who the artist was or even the song title itself. I only vaguely recall certain visuals, such as that the whole song was done in the middle of what looks to be an urban area that has seen better days. Empty streets with steam rising off the asphalt. Very bleak, melancholy atmosphere, though I don’t even know any of the lyrics.

I don’t think it was in black and white, but considering how poorly I’m doing with details I could be wrong.

My only real clue is that it was featured in one of Dateline NBC’s segments called “Timeline,” in which a short multiple choice quiz is presented with events/milestones/movies/music releases etc. that occurred in the relevant year.

I’ve been trying to find what this is for years. It’s a real longshot so I’m not expecting anything but maybe I’ll get a kick in the right direction.

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